10 Things I Love About Mormon Men

A young man studying his scriptures

Ladies! Want a guy who will give you the respect you deserve? Want a guy who is kind to others? Want a guy who knows a foreign language along with some mad wilderness skills? If you said yes to all three of those questions, then I know the man of your dreams. You know who he is too: a Mormon man. Men who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints keep the commandments of God, hold the priesthood, know the importance of families, and according to the Boy Scout Law they are also trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. You can’t deny that a man with all of those stunning characteristics is a man worth having. Today I give you the master list of the 10 things I love about Mormon men.

10. Chivalry

Whether it is holding open the door or pulling out a chair, Mormon men are taught to be polite and to respect women. They don’t show chivalry because they are misogynistic and think a woman can’t open the door herself; they show chivalry because they recognize how amazing a woman is and they want to honor her.

holding open the door

9. Commitment

Mormons are encouraged to date and get married. So while non-mormon men may shy from the commitment of a long-term relationship, Mormon men won’t because they are looking for someone to spend time and all eternity with.rexburg idaho temple


8.Served a Mission

Not only does serving a mission for two years help a Mormon man learn how to live independently, but he also becomes super spiritual and knowledgeable of the gospel. Plus, if he serves a foreign mission, then he will return bilingual and with an accent (which is always attractive).


7. Kindness and Service to Others

While non-mormon men try to be macho and tough, Mormon men know the importance of kindness. The savior was kind and served others, so Mormon men (and women too) try to emulate him. They serve others on their mission, through their callings, etc. And despite popular belief, girls do not want a bad boy. They want someone who will treat them with love and respect.


6. Healthy

Not only do Mormon men keep their bodies drug and alcohol free, but they exercise too. It’s called church ball!

basketball net

5. Love of the Gospel

You can tell that Mormon men love the gospel of Christ in all they do: missionary service, church attendance, fulfillment in callings, etc. A woman could ask for nothing more than a man who truly loves and follows the gospel.

scripture study

4. Know the Importance of Family

From the teachings of “The Family: a Proclamation to the World,” Mormon men know how essential the family is to God’s plan. They want to raise a family in the gospel someday. They not only seek to date and marry, but they will strive to get a good job as well in order to support a family.

family home evening

3. Cleanliness

While men of the world are often rough and uncouth, Mormon men will always be clean. Their cleanliness is seen in their language, dress, and actions. Mormon men won’t swear, tell dirty jokes, drink, or do anything to make a girl feel uncomfortable.

recreation and dating

2. Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America have always been closely associated with the Church. Because of this, many Mormon men grew up being Boy Scouts. They earned a myriad of skills by completing different merit badges. Not only are these former boy scouts notoriously good for helping old ladies across the street, but they have mountain-man-wilderness-skills as well.

Boy Scouts

1. Hold the Priesthood

Having a worthy priesthood holder in the home is an incredible blessing. A man who is a worthy priesthood holder can preside, perform ordinances, and give blessings. He is able to use the power of God according to God’s will.

Members of the Church exercise the power of the priesthood as they give a baby blessing.


Abby graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelors degree in English and an emphasis in Writing Studies. She enjoys reading, writing, baking good food, and eating it too.