10 Worst People to be Stuck With at a Linger-Longer

Linger Longer

We’ve all been there before…stuck at a singles linger-longer wondering when we can stop making small-talk with the weirdo and instead flirt with that hottie who gave the Sunday School lesson. Stay on the look out for the 10 worst people to be stuck with at linger longer to increase your flirting time.

1. Bishop


mormon bishop

Be careful…or just make sure you have a talk on hand and are ready to be called as the new Elders Quorum or Relief Society President.

2. The Playerhow you doin?

He took out your three other roommates within the last week and you may just be his next victim…

3. The Hygiene Master

bad hygeneThe one who has forgotten the value of soap for the last couple of years. Make sure to bring your own Febreeze if you ever get stuck going to his apartment…

4. The One-Upperone upper penelope

Have a cool story? Received a good grade? Met a super attractive girl? No, you didn’t. 

5. The RM who doesn’t realize he (or she) is home gif missionary

“So this one time on the mission…” every time his (or her) mouth opens.

6. The Wife Seekerwife seeker

Deverl… enough said.

7. The Sweet SpiritSweet Spirit

Just try being mean to this person and your conscience will haunt you forever.

8. The Trapper

Won't Stop Talking

They just won’t shut their trap. Give them a “hello” and they’ll take an hour until “goodbye.”

9. Peter and Molly

image via ceecilismyhomeboy.blogspot
image via ceecilismyhomeboy.blogspot
You’ll be called to repentance before they even know your name.

10. The Jack-Mormon

Hide Your Roommates Hide Your Sistas

Hide yo’ roommates…hide yo’ sisters…just kidding…He won’t be there.

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