8 Types of People at LDS Institute According to Harry Potter

  1. The Scripture Master

    Young Hermione GrangerYou know, that person whose hand always shoots up before the question’s finished, even if it’s rhetorical. They always come prepared, and know the exact reference for what they’re quoting too, even if it was Elder Franklin D. Richards’ talk from the 1971 April Conference.

  2. The Obscure (often False) Deep Doctrine

young Draco MalfoyThese people often sit in the back so they can be the mysterious all knowing voice. While they occasionally have insight, be wary of their seemingly ‘new’ doctrine. Can often be identified by their constant references to the fact they are ‘pureblood’ relations to past Church leaders.

  1. The Blank Stare

young Ron WeasleyThe second most common attendee at Institute, it is still under investigation to determine if there are any signs of intelligent life in these young adults. Even when directly called upon to answer a question, they will look at you as though they’ve been placed under a Silencing Charm. Or, ask you to repeat the question — and then still say nothing. The shrug is common.

  1. The Quiet Testimony

young Neville LongbottomSome don’t even realize these people attend Institute, but they’re one of the most valuable additions to any class. Most of the time they don’t say much, but when they do, you can be sure it’s been well thought out and meaningful. They’re always willing to stand up for the truth, even to their friends.

  1. The Dreamer

Luna LovegoodThis is that person who always raises their hand. ALWAYS. This in and of itself is not bad; believe it or not, participation is encouraged at Institute. But the dreamer always has a personal story that rarely seems to have any relation to the topic being discussed, such as the relationship between nargles and Kolob.

  1. The Foodie

Crabbe and GoyleWe all enjoy the food at Institute, but it’s obvious whose primary purpose for attending is a magically free meal. Their first question in any class will be concerning the nature of the night’s refreshments, and they may not even know what their class is studying. Or how to read.

  1. The Date-Hunter

Lavender BrownDANGEROUS. DO NOT APPROACH UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Actually, if you bring your wand and know a few hexes you might be okay. These people use Institute as their primary hunting ground for dates, turning a fun social experience into a ‘I’d rather be stuck with Aragog in the Whomping Willow’ night.

  1. The Average (Awesome) Attendee

young Harry PotterThe most common type found at Institute, these are your average Harrys that seem pretty average until you get to know them. That’s when you find out they’re actually extraordinary beings preparing to defeat the Dark Lord through the power of scripture study and prayer.


Jennifer is a wanderer who loves traveling around the world and to other locations like Hogwarts and the Isle of Berk. She is a life-long follower of Jesus Christ who loves rediscovering Him everyday. She also has a special place in her heart for the mountains and would make everything she owns smell like pine or berries if it were socially acceptable.