Funniest Mormon Facebook Posts


Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints know how and when to take life seriously. Dress us in a white shirt and tie or a skirt and sit us in a pew and—once we hit about 12 or 13 anyway—we can sit through the solemnity of talks and enrichment meetings like possibly no other people on Earth.

I mean, staying happy and positive through 3 hours of church every Sunday? Who does that?

Lately, though, the world has had the privilege of witnessing another side to the “Mormons” that rarely emerged outside of our culture before the advent of mass communication and social media.

We are a self-proclaimed “peculiar people,” and perhaps nowhere is that more evident than in our status updates.

Put any Latter-day Saint on Facebook for an hour, and even the fiercest disciple of Jesus Christ will devolve into a steady stream of punny hashtags and “angry cat” memes.

In honor of those who proudly disperse Church-related quips and the inside jokes of “Mormonism” for all their non-LDS friends to frown and scratch their heads over, here are 8 hilarious Mormon Facebook posts courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Mormons.

1) “When the Devil goes to bed at night, he checks under his bed to see if Elder Holland is there.” – Anonymous


2) Church Ball

LDS church ball meme


3) Jailbreak

Children in sacrament meeting meme


4) “That awkward moment between the premortal existence and your resurrection…” – Anonymous


5) First of the Month

Fast Sunday


6) What Does it Say?

 The Liahona recalculating its message


7) Uchtdorf

 funny Uchtdorf social media meme


8) True Story

Norris hies to Kolob meme


Seth has been an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since the age of eight. In his youth he tried to kill his poor parents by deliberately involving himself in more extracurricular activities than either of them had time or mortal energy to drive him to. Luckily for him, his parents are superhuman. Seth played soccer, hockey and any other team sport that involved arms, legs and fast-moving rubber spheroids, wrote short stories, poetry and music, and was far too involved in his High School's drama and mock trial programs for his social life's own good. Ice hockey stuck. So did writing. Seth doesn't know everything--but he knows that God and Jesus Christ live, that They love us, and that They always keep Their promises.