The 13 Kids at Every Primary Program

Children sing in primary

1. The kid that shouts in the mic and comes THIS close to bursting your eardrums

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2. The kid who’s too shy to go up to the mic

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3. The kid who’s so tired that she just CAN’T EVEN

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4. The kid who goes off script and the parents look around like “That ain’t my kid”

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5. The kid who knows that primary program = DANCE PARTY

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6. The kid that’s about to graduate primary and knows he’s too old to be up there doing stuff like this

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7. The kid who just wants his mom

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8. The kid who just REALLY needs to go to the bathroom

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9. The kid who memorizes his line and nails it

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10. The kid who waves at his parents the entire program

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11. The kid who’s had enough of the boy next to her’s nonsense

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12. The kid who thinks no one notices he’s picking his nose

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13. The kid who’s staring at you and ain’t got no shame

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Happy primary program, y’all! It’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaar!

Amy Carpenter served a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Denver, Colorado, where she learned to love mountains and despise snow. She has a passion for peanut butter, dancing badly, and most of all, the gospel.