If Minions Served as LDS Nursery Leaders . . .


Serving in Nursery is awesome!  You get to play with toys and have snacks every week.  The cutest people in the ward show their appreciation for all of your efforts by giving you love, hugs and kisses.

Here’s the calling, if staffed by Minions.

Being Issued the Call to Serve as an LDS Nursery Leader

Accepting the Call to Serve as an LDS Nursery Leader

Bringing Reinforcements to Nursery Class

Consoling a Worried Parent

Banana is the New Nursery Snack–For the Leaders

Nursery Singing Time–Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes THIS!


Practicing Animal Sounds with the Children

Getting a Child’s Runny Nose Remnants Off Your Face

Updating the Toy Closet for Nursery Activities

Getting the Children’s Attention for a Nursery Lesson

Nursery Teachers Showing Children how to Share

That Occasional Time You Feel a Bit Overwhelmed

Mandatory Nursery Nap Time Implemented

Bible Videos for Nursery Time

Cleaning Up the Nursery Room

Realizing You Get to Go Back to Nursery Again Next Week!


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