7 Ways Your Time in a Singles Ward is like a Pixar Film


Of course we love Pixar films because of their cutting-edge animation techniques and unconventional storytelling. What’s more, they’re incredibly relatable. Sometimes Pixar movies can feel exactly like real life. Take these six times when Pixar characters perfectly express what it’s like to be in a singles ward, for example.

1. When you gotta to dress to impress

But you can’t find anything, because your roommate decided to clean up all of a sudden.

2. When you’re in charge of FHE

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And you’ve got some wholesome recreational activities in mind!

3. When you’re just there for the refreshments

Not that group speed dating doesn’t sound like a riot, but I’m just here for rice crispy treats and coco #tbh.

4. When someone’s clearly out of your league

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But you’re flirting with them any way, because we’re gluttons for punishment, I guess.

5. When you’re clearly out of someone else’s league

And you already let him down easy, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

6. When you’ve just got to endure to the end

Sometimes it seems like there’s no end in sight, so you take a page out of Dory’s book and just keep swimming.

7. When you finally meet the right one

The moment that makes all the nonsense you put up with in the singles ward worth it, when you meet your eternal companion. And you finally get to leave.

What movie best describes your YSA experience? Tell us in the comments below.

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