Top 10 Weird Things in Mormon Prayers

Family saying grace before dinner

1. Praying for Moisture

This cake  is moist…

This towelette is moist…

This soil is moist…

This is rain…

This is snow.

So what do you want when you pray for moisture, Betty Crocker or precipitation?

2. That the refreshments will nourish us

3. That we will travel home (usually about one block) in safety

4. That the players will play to the best of their ability

5. In the name of (something, something, mumble, mumble) amen.


6. Bless the hands that prepared the food. (Please bless my face next.)


7. Bless that no harm or accident will come upon us (…or fall over us — depends on the kids in the family and their choice of prepositions).


8. That those who are not here this time will come next time.

Mormon Congregation.jpg

9. That we’ll be able to get something out of the lesson.

Asleep in class.jpg

10. Thank you for my family.

Mormon family playing.jpg

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