Top 20 Signs You are Really Getting Old – Mormon Edition

old man

1. You used to go to church in the morning then again in the afternoon

2. You were a blazer scout

The name Blazer Scout was replaced by 11-year Old Scout


3. You attended General Conference in the tabernacle

4. You remember going to Gold and Green balls

Beaver Stake Gold and Green Ball Queen and Court


5. You remember the light blue, wispy cloud copies of the Book of Mormon

6. You remember the building fund, the temple fund, etc, etc. and you remember actually doing the construction on a church building


7. You used to be able to name all of the temples


8. You read the Improvement Era

The Improvement Era later called The Era was the church’s official magazine from 1897 to 1970. It was replaced by The Ensign (for families) and the New Era (for youth).


9. You remember all of the LDS references in Battlestar Galactica.

  • Kobol – Kolob

  • Quorum of the 12

  • 12 tribes

  • Married – Sealed

  • Adama – Adam

  • Cain, Lucifer


10. You remember watching Jonny Lingo on a film strip and listening to the audio on cassette tape


11. You know who Kresimer Cosic is

12. You watched Danny Ainge beat Notre Dame


13. You watched Gifford Nielsen play football

Watch his conference address

14. You cried like a baby when you first heard the song and saw the filmstrip, “I’ll Build You a Rainbow”


15. You remember that the old words to How Firm a Foundation were “You Who Unto Jesus” They were changed to “Who unto the Savior.”

For an explanation, Middle-aged Mormon Man has some analysis. And here is the new version sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.


16. You remember when it was easy to get into BYU


17. You watched the Tom Trails series in seminary

18. You have seen “The First Vision” Stewart Peterson edition.

19. You know any songs by “The Jets”


20. You used to (or still) say, Flippin fetcher, Oh my heck, freak.


Top Eight Signs You Are Getting Really Old – Mormon Edition

1. You were a Master M Man or a Golden Gleaner 

2. You played in or watched a regional church basketball game

3. You watched Kresimir Cosic play

4. You were a Blazer Scout leader

5. You watched a BYU basketball game played in the Smith Fieldhouse

6. You were alive during the George Albert Smith presidency


7. You blessed or partook of the sacrament in a foxhole

8. You went to the old Saltaire at the Great Salt Lake

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