Your Dog Rocks These 8 Christlike Qualities



loving dog with ownerDogs love you no matter what you do. Even when they fall for the fake throw for the thousandth time, they still love you. They love you for who you are and they don’t care about your faults. We can definitely learn from our loyal pooches on that front.


patient dog being squished by a small childIf you’ve ever seen dogs with children, you know what I mean. They put up with ear pulling and tail grabbing with hardly a reaction. Similarly, we can learn to be patient with those things that might drive us crazy.


childlike dog with a fake nose and glassesCaring for a dog is like caring for an eternal two-year-old. But the way they follow commands is a great example to us as well. Now, no dog is perfect—mine certainly isn’t—but it’s the idea that counts. We should be submitting our wills to the Father because we know He will reward us with blessings every time.


hopeful dog begging for scrapsAnytime I walk into the kitchen, my dog will follow. She’s always hopeful for a treat or a crumb, even when the puppy-dog eyes don’t work. It’s the type of hope that never dwindles and is eventually rewarded. I am weak, I know.


humble dog tied to a bikeDogs don’t need much. They aren’t concerned with whether they have the latest diamond studded collar or Egyptian cotton dog bed. They are content with what they have and they don’t make a fuss over it. No pride cycles for your loyal hound.

Appreciate the Moment

two dogs running through the water with a stickDogs live in the moment. They don’t dwell on the past or stress about the future. Every moment spent napping or playing or eating is lived fully. We should follow our dogs’ examples and stop to smell the flowers every once in a while.


a dog wrapped in a blanketIf I’m hurt, my dog will be there. Whenever I am overwhelmed, I know I can throw myself on the ground and my pup will come sit by me. Dogs can reflect emotions, so you know they are always on your side. The next time one of your loved ones is distressed, make like your dog and “sit.”


dog shakes a woman's handDogs can be amazingly trained. We can learn from their exactness in following commands. Remember no dog is perfect, just like no human is perfect. The goal is to keep going until you reach success. That’s how my dog learned to jump when I say “Wingardium Leviosa.” That and carrots.

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