Why Mormons Would Thrive in a Jane Austen Novel


The parties. The manners. The fantastic characters. What’s not to love about Jane Austen’s novels? Well, whether you’re a die hard Austenite or a simple appreciator, chances are you’ve got more in common with Austen’s characters than you know.

Here are fourteen ways Mormons mirror the world of Jane Austen:

We’re used to preparing for unexpected guests.

the bennets panicking about home teachers

So you forgot that the home teachers were coming—it’s okay, we’ve all done it.

We’re all musically talented. That’s right, all of us.

elizabeth bennet and georgiana darcy in pride and prejudice

And if we won’t say we are, someone like Georgiana Darcy will on our behalf. “#awesome. Now tell how I cried when she said no to me.”

We’re pretty good at sports, too.

Jane Austen Gif of Jane Austen playing cricket

You didn’t think we built gyms in our churches for no reason, did you?

We’re already used to wearing formal attire

mrs bennet and the bennet sisters

Heaven knows we own plenty of it. #SundayBest

. . . and we know we look good in it, too

the bennet sisters introducing themselves in pride and prejudice

Modest is hottest, after all. Seriously, though, where can I find a dress exactly like Jane Bennet’s?

. . . despite what some critics may say.

Elizabeth Bennet looks medieval

You can’t please everybody, right? Walk it off, Elizabeth, just walk it off.

We’ve all been forced to display our “accomplishments.”

mr nobly from austenland in a road show

Road shows, ward choir, musical numbers—you name it, we’ve done it. A for effort, Mr. Nobly.

We’ve all been a victim of stake dances.

mr collins and elizabeth at a stake dance

He’s only creepy if you’re not interested, right? (Sorry, Mr. Collins.)

Unless you’re lucky enough to find a “tolerable” dance partner.

Jane Austen Gif where elizabeth bennet sees mr darcy

Believe us, it does happen. You’ve just got to keep your eyes open.

We’re used to communicating via letter.

missionary letter in jane austen movie

Writing missionaries gives us plenty of practice—although my fountain pen skills could use a little work.

We’re kind of awkward sometimes.

mrs bennet winking

Henry tilney is awkward in Jane Austen gif

mr collins acting awkwardly

But awkwardness can be endearing, can’t it? We think so.

We’ve all had to own our relationship status.

Jane is a single mormon in Austenland

Ah, family get togethers—the perfect place to get bombarded by your relatives.

But we all firmly believe in “happily ever after.”

elizabeth bennet believes in happily ever after

Read President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk “Your Happily Ever After” to find out why!

More than anything, though, we adore our families.

Mormons love their families

And who better to set the example than Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy himself?

We all have our favorite Jane Austen characters, but which character do you think you’re the most like?

Marian is a seasoned traveler and third culture kid, having spent most of her life in Australia and Southeast Asia. She recently graduated from Brigham Young University in English with an editing minor, and is passionate about all things beautiful, meaningful, and edible.