The Best Mormon Bloggers Online

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Everyone has a desire to connect, and the internet is the perfect tool to do so.

It’s no wonder then that the internet sensation that is the “mommy blog” gained popularity so quickly. Mommy bloggers share their lives online, and the honesty of that makes for instant connection. Not to mention the tips and tricks that they may post are pretty cool.

The appeal is especially strong with Latter-day Saint bloggers and their readers, no matter their religious beliefs. These bloggers have gained fame by bridging the gap between people who may feel differently on social issues. They share their children, their lives, their thoughts, and their trials.

These popular Mormon bloggers are some of the best online. Take a look!

al carraway screenshotAl Fox Carraway took the spotlight with her incredible conversion story, and gained fame with her biography, “More Than the Tattooed Mormon.” She continues to publish her thoughts and stories on her personal blog, along with pictures, videos, and answers to questions her many fans send regarding her beliefs.

Is the LDS Church for You?

I Hope You Feel Empowered


normans screenshotDedicated to proving Mormons are normal, this blog addresses anything and everything that people might question about Mormon culture and beliefs. The writers tackle a range of topics, sharing their views and trying to myth-bust the many misconceptions about Mormons.

Finding Hope After Rape

Finding Grace in Adversity


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“In Hebrew, Segullah signifies a cherished personal possession that is set apart and diligently cared for; it is a term the Lord has used with affection to describe His covenant people, and one we use here in remembrance of the blessings and responsibilities we receive in relationship with Him.” The blog focuses on promoting faith and connections between Latter-day Saints, with pictures and writings that are meant to inspire and uplift.

While You are Sleeping

Dear Body

NieNie Dialogues

stephanie nielson screenshotIn 2008, Stephanie Nielson and her husband survived a plane crash, and Stephanie spent months in the hospital recovering from 3rd degree burns. She shared her story online through her family blog, and captured the hearts of many with her struggles and triumphs. She continues to give updates on her family and their lives, and her kids are adorable.

St. Patricks Day 2017


The Daybook Blog

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The Daybook Blog is run by Sydney, and focuses on her life with her husband and two kids. She focuses on her photos to tell the stories that every woman has experienced, and with lots of style. The Daybook Blog is sleek and the photos are absolutely lovely.

12 Things Parents Forget that Normal People Do

Why I Make My Kids Go to Church


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LoveTaza is a classic mommy blog, focusing on their family, food, and traveling adventures. Their life in NYC is captured in her video posts, and Naomi shares her favorite recipes and family moments as well. She focuses on photos and stories, and once again, the kids are amazingly cute.

Spring Has Sprung


Design Mom 

design mom screenshotDesign Mom is a blog “all about the intersection of design and motherhood.” It covers everything from food to family, travel to style. She also tackles her religious beliefs, like when her son went to serve an LDS mission. It’s an all-in-one blog perfect for your mommy blogger lists.

So What is this “Mission” Anyways

Mental Health Update

What do you think of our list? Are there any blogs that you enjoy? Share in the comments below!

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