His Grace: Finding Peace after Substance Abuse and Prison


The Mormon Channel released a new video in the “His Grace” series featuring Scott Harman, who overcame substance abuse and alcoholism.

Harman was introduced to drugs and alcohol in high school, trying to numb the pain that he experienced from abuse he suffered as a child. After years of severe alcoholism, Scott’s world seemed to fall apart when his wife left him.

“I always believed in God, but for a huge portion of my life,” Harman said. “I didn’t feel God’s love. I felt unworthy of His love.”

As a result of Harman’s illegal drug use, he was sentenced to six years in prison. It was in prison that Harman started to read the scriptures for the first time in his life, which started to fill the void he had felt from the pain. Three years into his sentence, Harman experienced the warmth from the Holy Ghost when he was sitting in the prison chapel.

“This is what I want,” Harman resolved. “In this chapel in this dark prison, this is where the light is. And I wanted to continue feeling that light that only comes from God’s love.”

To watch more videos in the “His Grace” series, go to Mormon Channel.

Bridget is a newsroom writer at LDS.net. She graduated in April 2015 from Brigham Young University in communications with an emphasis of public relations. She served a Spanish speaking LDS mission in McAllen, Texas. She is a skilled pianist and an expert baker of chocolate chip cookies.