Video: How a One-Handed Surgery by Russell M. Nelson Saved This Woman’s Life

Russell M. Nelson (Mormon prophet) and Trudy Olmstead.

You’ve got a tumor in your lung. If you don’t take it out, doctors say you’ll be dead within three months. Also, you’re pregnant. With twins. Carrying twins with a tumor in your lung may kill you. Aborting the twins may save your life. What do you do?

That’s the situation Trudy Olmstead was facing. And that’s what this video is about. Spoiler alert: The twins survive. You might recognize one of them. Her name is Heather Olmstead, and she’s the head coach of BYU‘s women’s volleyball team (ranked 12th in the nation).

But Trudy’s story gets even crazier, pulling then-heart-surgeon (now prophet) Russell M. Nelson into the mix. Check out what happened in the video below:

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