LDS Blogger, Al Fox Carraway, Starts Inspirational Clothing Line

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Al Fox Carraway, a well-known blogger and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, launched a new inspirational clothing line last week. Teaming up with her husband, Ben Carraway, the couple has created a business called Believer Clothing, Co.

Together, the Carraway’s hope to “unite believers of all kinds and to inspire others to keep believing.” The loving duo kick-started the website for their new clothing early last week and were blown away by the response they have received since then, as Al Carraway told KSL:

I feel like people have been hungry for another outlet to show their faith and belief so they caught on really quickly, which is awesome.

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Currently, Believer Clothing consists of six different t-shirt designs imprinted with different inspirational sayings. In the future, the couple plans on creating sweatshirts and gender-specific designs. Although anyone is welcome to purchase and wear the shirts, all of which the Carraways design themselves, the shirts are geared toward teenagers. Al Carraway explained to KSL that she and her husband have found that some teenagers have a difficult time sharing—and sometimes living—their beliefs for fear of their peers reactions. But the Carraways hope their new clothing line, featuring trendy designs, will help teenagers feel comfortable sharing who they are and what they stand for:

We want to make believing cool again, because it is so cool and crucial and important.

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Ben Carraway stated that ever since he and Al met the two of them have wanted to do things together. Although Al Carraway first started Believer Clothing Co. in 2011, she discontinued it for the past three years as she was unable to keep up with the demands. The believing duo felt that after a three-year break, it is now the right time to bring the company back for another run:

We started this company simply because we are Believers, believers in our Father in Heaven, in ourselves, and the way our life is.

The Carraways are open to hearing ideas for t-shirt designs and messages. To submit an idea or purchase one of their designs, visit the Carraway’s website for their clothing line at

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