10 Fantastic Cooking Hacks to Save You Time

Cherry tomatoes

1. Cut cherry tomatoes in half in 5 seconds. This is amazing!

2. Separate eggs using this method.  So fast and easy.

3. Open a can without a can opener.

4. Watch soda freeze itself. Instant Slurpee.

5. Make your own dry ice.

6. Store food in soda bottles.

7. Use ice cube trays in new ways.

8. Tell if eggs are bad or good.

9. Bake your bacon, but also make it shrink less.

10. Peel garlic like a pro.

Gale Boyd is the managing editor for ThirdHour.org. She is a Jewish convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has lived all over the world. She has raised 6 Third Culture Kids and is always homesick for somewhere.