LDS Woman Featured on National Magazine Bears Testimony of Word of Wisdom and Weight Loss


This article was originally published in LDS Living by Janessa Armstrong. Below is an excerpt. 

When a concerned doctor suggested Sandra Munroe* go to the ER as soon as possible, she knew something was wrong. Once there, she discovered her blood pressure was 233/138. “It was amazing that I was even alive,” she said. She started taking medication to lower her blood pressure, but she knew that it was time for a bigger change.

A month after her diagnosis, Munroe found out about Joy Bauer’s Live Longer & Stronger Challenge. The challenge was designed for women with a connection to heart disease. “Since I had just found out that I had high blood pressure, I qualified for this program. I typed up my submission and had it sent out in minutes.” After being contacted by the officials, Munroe learned that she had been chosen to participate. “It was a now or never moment,” she said. “If I couldn’t do it now on this program, I never would.”

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Giulianna is an international student at Brigham Young University where she studies Broadcast Journalism. Originally from Uruguay, Giuli has lived in the United States for four years (time passes by so fast!) and she loves it (except for Winter). She loves working on TV but also likes writing because it is something she can do in her pajamas.