Church and Community Members Join Together to Lend Syrian Refugees a Helping Hand


Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Virginia, are joining forces with their community to provide aid to Syrian refugees.

Six congregations of the Church in Northern Virginia collected, sorted and packed more than 4,100 donated boxes. The boxes contained thousands of blankets and coats to help the refugees keep warm during the cold months, according to Mormon Newsroom.

Scott Wheatley, president of the Oakton Virginia Stake, expressed gratitude to be able to help. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this effort to help the refugees in need,” Oakton said. “We are also grateful for the spirit of community and fellowship we all felt as we worked together, side by side, in a common effort. We have been uplifted and unified through our participation.”

The donations of coats and blankets weigh more than 124,000 pounds and filled seven large moving trucks.

In October, the First Presidency of the Church wrote a letter to members asking that, if reasonably possible, they assist in the efforts to provide aid to the refugees in the Middle East. The prophet and his counselors concluded the letter, saying, “May the Lord bless you as you render Christlike service to those in need.”