Mormon Channel: Helping the Refugees in Kurdistan


After hearing about the devastation that war brought to her country of Kurdistan, Dr. Newman decided to return home to help.

Mormon Channel published a video to their YouTube channel, featuring Newman and her experience helping refugees who have fled to camps. Wanting to do more than provide basic health care, Newman taught herself how to make bread for 15,000 refugees. With the help of volunteers, Newman feeds the masses bread twice a day.

LDS Charities has also stepped in to help, sewing special clothing that many refugees wear as part of their culture. Newman explains that refugees don’t have money to buy the material to make the clothing, and they can’t find them at the market. In the video, Newman explains how special it is for the refugees to receive the clothing that LDS Charities donates. She said,

It’s very special for them… It’s a simple gift, but for them, it means a lot.

Watch the video, posted above, and find out how you can help at

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