The Perks and Pitfalls of Happy Valley


Happy Valley has been the nickname given to the Utah County area, and the reasons why are pretty well debated. But to many Mormons, living within this area is an attractive appeal.

Although to some, Happy Valley is at times, just that… happy. But in other times, Happy Valley seems more like an oxymoron than the truth.

Here we’ve collected some of the perks and pitfalls of living in Happy Valley.

1. Truth: Mormons are everywhere.


Being surrounded by people who share the same values and traditions, or at least understand them, can make life a little more comfortable.

This can also make finding friends easier, seeing that most of the people around you are striving to do what you believe is right and they can support you in this endeavor.


Being surrounded by people who are very similar to you can make you feel like just one of the masses. Finding your uniqueness and individuality is a quest only God can truly answer.

Although most people have the same standards, it can be easy to fall into the trap of “Well Johnny is doing it, and he’s Mormon.” This can lead to lowered standards or judgement and criticism of others. We must be careful to remember to follow God’s commandments for ourselves and understand that everyone is at different points on their journey home.

2. Truth: The Wards are Full.


Having a full ward means usually full activities and lots of people for friends and resources. There is definitely no scarcity in service!

With so many people in a ward, there are always opportunities to get to know someone new or get to know someone better.


Sometimes in such a full ward, callings may not be available. One may feel like they are not needed in their ward. Yet God has taught time and time again that each of us has a purpose and we can serve and bless those that surround us.

3. Truth: Marriages on Marriages.


Such swells in marriages almost everywhere in Utah can be inspiring and beautiful to witness the happiness and joy that comes from starting families.

Free cake. Or desserts. Or dinner. Basically free food is almost always a perk.


Sometimes when living the single life or dealing with struggles in a marriage, seeing happiness and joy among other couples can leave one feeling empty or jealous. We must be careful of these feelings and trust that all things happen according to the Lord’s time.

Food. Yes, too much food means buttons flying off the pants. And that’s no fun.

4. Truth: Temples are super close.


Uhm, the temple is the best place on earth, so, yeah. Peace, love, joy, awakening, all that in one building!

Having them so easily accessible makes for more frequent visits and greater opportunities to serve and learn.


Sometimes having them so close can make us complacent in thinking, “Eh, I can just go later.” Don’t put it off! Or soon too much time will pass…

On the other hard, we must balance and not spend everyday in the temple, while neglecting other responsibilities.

5. Truth: Everyone tends to be pretty happy.


Being surrounded by happy people tends to make oneself pretty happy. Happiness spreads pretty quickly.


Sometimes the happiness here can seem like a facade, which sometimes it is. But truly, the gospel of Jesus Christ brings joy and we can find it!

Happy Valley can be a Happy Place for you

When it all comes down to it, wherever you live you can find the positives and negatives. Much of it depends on your perspective and if you choose to place Christ at the center of your life.

Although Happy Valley has earned it’s nickname, a happy place for you can only be earned by you.

What other perks and pitfalls have you seen from living in Happy Valley? Share in the comments below!

Kayla is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is currently an Intern at MormonHub. She studies Journalism and Spanish literature at Utah Valley University. She laughs her way through life and finds beauty in the small things.