What you Need to Know about Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE)

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A new curriculum for sexual education is coming to your school, and the more you know about it, the more easily you can make choices for your children. As with the legalization of gay marriage and the application of transgender rights in schools, CSE originates from government, and not from parents or teachers.

What is Comprehensive Sexual Education?

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International Planned Parenthood text for kids

CSE was devised by the U.N. and International Planned Parenthood and is being pushed very hard by the U.S. Government for adoption all over the world. Because conservative nations are pushing back, the American government is attaching the adoption of CSE to the worthiness of conservative nations to receive aid from America.

There are a few things that have led to people thinking CSE is a good idea.

  1. The failure of traditional forms of sexual education to account for the fact that young people are indeed having sex. Historically, there was little information on contraception or protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  2. The seeming failure of abstinence-based sexual education to keep youth from having sex.
  3. The legalization of same-sex marriage, elevating homosexual sex to an equal level of respect as heterosexual sex.
  4. The decades-long process of divorcing sex from parenthood.  With contraception and abortion readily available, sex has increased its orientation toward pleasure and decreased its orientation toward procreation.
  5. The turning away of much of the population from a traditional marriage commitment toward cohabitation and more temporary relationships. Historically, sexual education for children focused on the marital relationship and preparation for it.

CSE is sometimes called by other names, such as human rights education, gender equality education, or sexual and reproductive health education or information. The curriculum may also be called an “abstinence plus” program. CSE is typically taught to children at the youngest of ages, often without the knowledge or consent of their parents. In most schools there will be no opt-out opportunity for parents.

It is interesting how often CSE is disguised, so that foreign nations, various ambassadors, and even local schools are not quite aware of what they are promoting. Descriptive language often focuses on respect for people of all gender orientations, as well as women’s rights.

To put it bluntly, CSE is meant to train your child to learn how to employ sex in all its varieties for pleasure. Beginning in kindergarten children are encouraged to explore their sexuality. The curriculum begins with teaching kids to masturbate, then to include another child (as soon as they feel that desire), and then to move on to other forms of sexual fulfillment. Books and other materials contain drawings and illustrations too explicit to include in this article.

The Core Philosophies of CSE

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  1. We are sexual individuals from birth.
  2. Sexual rights should never be interfered with, and indeed, are our most important rights.
  3. It is healthy to have sexual experiences often, either through masturbation or with another person.
  4. Children have the right to experiment with their sexuality without the interference of their parents.
  5. There are many norms in society and religious beliefs that negatively interfere with natural sexual pleasure.
  6. Children have a right to all sexual information, uncensored and without parental consent.

In a United Nations speech, Dr. Marian Grossman stated,

Who came up with the notion that it’s necessary to teach the world’s children about high-risk sex acts their parents never heard of? Planned Parenthood and the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). These groups portray themselves as guardians of our children’s health and claim to provide students with all the information and skills they need to make smart choices. Their curricula, they declare, are comprehensive, age-appropriate, ideologically neutral, and medically accurate….They tacitly endorse early sexual activity and multiple partners as well as sexual experimentation, which are the very behaviors that fuel the epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, abortion and emotional distress.

What’s Left out of the CSE Curriculum?

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Marital commitment used to be the focus of sexual education

There are a few things missing from the CSE Curriculum.

  1. Emotional health. Many studies and personal confessions have revealed the real emotional damage of casual sex.
  2. Commitment. Nothing in the curriculum orients children toward long-term commitment or marriage.
  3. The good of society. The CSE curriculum is totally oriented toward self-gratification. Starting with 4-5 year olds, children focus on sexually gratifying themselves. Such selfishness in a realm that is supposed to be reserved for the most unselfish of institutions, marriage, can destroy a generation.
  4. Physical health. STDs are radically increasing, even though some millennials now seem to be avoiding sex. This will only get worse if a generation is thoroughly taught to seek pleasure at any cost.

Harmful Teachings of CSE

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via comprehensivesexualityeducation.org
  • CSE teaches children to masturbate.
  • CSE encourages acceptance and exploration of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities in very young children.
  • CSE promotes high risk sexual behaviors (including anal and oral sex) and teaches they are safe.
  • CSE promotes sexual pleasure and promiscuity as a right for children.
  • CSE promotes abortion as safe and without consequences.
  • CSE encourages children to experiment sexually with individuals of their own sex or the opposite sex.
  • CSE claims access to “comprehensive sexuality education” is a human right.
  • CSE teaches children and youth they are sexual from birth.
  • CSE promotes condoms to children without informing them of their failure rates.
  • CSE promotes disrespect for parents and religious and cultural values.
  • CSE promotes sexual counseling, information or services to minors without parental consent.
  • CSE trains children to advocate for their “sexual rights” in laws and policies.
  • CSE encourages “peer to peer” sexuality education (from comprehensivesexualityeducation.org).

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Now Add a Cup of Porn and Mix

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Kids are seeing porn at younger ages.

Studies show that children as young as 7 – 9 are being exposed to porn and can become quickly addicted. Studies also show that young boys assume that the violence toward women they see in porn is normal and natural.

On its own, pornography is already poison to the human soul. But when combined with Comprehensive Sexual Education, it becomes more lethal than ever before. This is a coming tsunami that everyone needs to either prepare for or prevent — awareness is the first step.

A Scenario for the Future

via motherjones.com

A liberal sexual agenda is coming at us like a steam roller, with parental consent being crushed in the process. As this huge machine rolls on unabated, the Church has begun to establish its own educational system that could provide parents with an alternative, family-oriented place to go.

Beginning with grades 7 through college, the system will eventually serve the younger grades. Founded on the principle of self-reliance, respite from an immoral world is not mentioned by the Church, but certainly is on our minds.

The first step in heading off this threat to our children is to become aware, and then to become involved. Vote for officials who support parental rights and refuse to surrender them to the government. Make your school accountable to parents and not to a liberal sexual agenda. Make your voice heard in your schools, school district, local government, state government and federal government.

A FEW QUOTES FROM Planned Parenthood’s CSE agenda:

  • “Young people’s experiences of sexual pleasure are very important … Ensuring that all young people understand they are entitled to sexual pleasure and the diverse forms in which pleasure is experienced is of primary importance for their health and well-being.”
  • “Establish a sex-positive approach for all programmes and services, which emphasizes the diverse possibilities of sexual pleasure.”
  • “Discussions of sexual pleasure must always emphasize diversity… Young people should not be made to feel that they need to experience sexual experiences in a certain way.”
  • “RNW media, creator of the Love Matters platforms, found that posting content related to sexual pleasure is fundamental to attracting young users…”

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