Recovering from Sedation, Future Missionary Shares Heart-Felt Testimony

wisdom teeth

A young man who was sedated for a medical procedure is featured in a video, recorded by his mother, sharing his heart-felt testimony of Jesus Christ.

The video, posted to YouTube and shared by Deseret News, shows Josh McBride recovering from sedation following an appointment to have a tooth removed. The young Latter-day Saint man quickly decided the song from “Lava,” Pixar’s short-film, was his favorite to sing, and proceeded to perform it for his parents.

After outbursts of emotion upon forgetting lyrics and misunderstanding his mother for saying God is in his mouth, McBride shares how excited he is to serve an LDS mission and teach people of Christ.

There’s nothing better to know than I will carry the Savior’s name on my chest. Others will see me as a representative of him.

Watch the video on McBride’s YouTube channel.

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