Church Updates Resources to Help Individuals Overcome Pornography


More than a year ago, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints launched to help individuals who struggle with pornography addiction. Just recently, the Church has updated the site and added some new recovery and prevention resources.

Mormon Newsroom reports that the site now has updated information to help local and general church leaders respond and understand an individual’s struggle, as well has help him or her with preventative measures. However, recognizing that addiction affects the family of the individual as well, resources are available for leaders to help the spouse and family of those who struggle with pornography.

The site is focused and built around finding healing through the Atonement of Jesus Christ as leaders of the Church try to find a balance between prevention and treatment. Howard Bangerter, product manager for the Church’s Welfare Services Department, told Church News:

There are both spiritual and physiological aspects of this. [While we focus on healing the spiritual], we also need to focus on the rewiring of the brain that is essential for recovery.

Experts say that an addiction to pornography has the same effects on your brain as alcoholism or drug abuse. There is a literal change that takes place in the brain of an individual who struggles with pornography addiction. The Mormon Newsroom reports that most children first encounter pornography by the age of 11, and 80 percent of those first encounters are in the home.

The Church has released a few videos about families who struggle with pornography, like the one posted above.

Visit or for more information on overcoming pornography.

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