Successful Doctor Sees Blessings Unfold in Life as She Puts Family First


Vivian Munoz, a successful doctor and nutritionist featured in Mormon Channel’s new video, believes that prioritizing family above all else brings true joy.

Munoz, a mother of seven, said,

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has helped me see the priority in life that brings true joy. It’s the family.

As of a few years ago, people in Chile would not go to the doctor in the morning. Doctors would work in hospitals during the day, and then work at their private practice in the evenings, when the patients would come. Munoz said she made a decision to be with her family and raise her children, so she broke the system. Munoz was one of the first doctors to start seeing patients during the day, while the kids are at school.

“I feel so much peace knowing that if my family is alright, everything else will be alright,” Munoz explains. “I can’t neglect my family.”

Watch the video, posted above, to see how Munoz relied on the Lord to help her practice succeed, while going against the norm in Chile.

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