Blessings From Reading the Book of Mormon


There are so many promised blessings from reading the Book of Mormon. What blessings have you received?


There are even more blessings than what I have listed here. What blessings have you seen in your life from studying The Book of Mormon? What blessings does God want for you as you study this year? Blessings from reading The Book of Mormon Compiled from General Conference talks: Deeper witness of Jesus Christ and what he has done and continues to do Communion with Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. Resist temptation. Soul filled with faith. Successive generations of faithful Christians. Avoid deception. Receive direction for your life. Protection to our homes. Answers to your questions. Stress taken away. Increase in knowledge and faith. Realize divine potential. Prepared for responsibilities. Make better decisions. Spared needless suffering and grief. Know mysteries of God. Your children will be men and women of faith. Greatest spiritual return. Receive Heaven’s help. Appreciation. Increased love for family. Love more intensely. Added measure of the Spirit. Fullest measure of peace. The power to heal, comfort, restore, strengthen, console and cheer our souls. Added revelation Overcome challenges. Spirit to attend you in callings Stronger testimony Enriched lives Healing of soul Greater family unity Deep Conversion. Accelerate physical healing. Enlarged memory. Commitment Strengthened. Eternal Perfection. Understanding. Sweet whisperings of the Spirit. Greater happiness. Heal emotional challenges. Help to repent. Motivation for change. Competence to defend and proclaim Christ. Greater resolve to obey. Families Fortified. Power. Family security and bonding. Immunized against evils. Confidence. Overcome doubt and fear. Hope. ***ASK GOD WHAT BLESSINGS HE WANTS FOR YOU!*** #thebookofmormon #promisedblessingsfromstudyingbookofmormon #blessingsfromreadingthebookofmormon

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