Do Mormons Wear Magic Underwear?


Magic Underwear and Mormons? Correct term – Garments of the Holy Priesthood. Is it magic?


Magic Underwear and Mormons? Correct term – Garments of the Holy Priesthood. Is it magic? Technically yes because idk how but my life has exponentially changed since I’ve been endowed & wore mines. I think anything is weird if you lack perspective and understanding. For me it’s simple It’s a reminder of my covenants.. my covenants lead me to focusing on the Savior.. my focus on the Savior helps me in every facet of life both good & bad … handling both with awareness & care. That process has made me a better man. I have the humility to know where I lack & the hope & vision I can and will be better . Also shoutout to the women .. y’all the realest ‼️❤️ #churchofjesuschrist #lds #batchlor #batchloriv #ldstemple #JesusChrist #enlightenment #CapCut

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