Come Follow Me – Doctrine & Covenants Come, Follow Me for January 18–24

Come, Follow Me: January 18 — 24

D&C 3 – 5

My Work Shall Go Forth

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Our editor’s pick is a Come, Follow Me podcast by Melanie Stroud called, “Come, Follow Me for Us.” According to Melanie’s “About” page: “This podcast started out as a simple idea to record my thoughts for members of my family and maybe local members of my stake. I had no idea that it would be shared as much as it has been shared, and how much it would bless my life. This is such a joy for me…And fair warning: this isn’t like most church podcasts.  Sometimes I get pretty crazy and say silly things. Occasionally my ADD takes over and I’ll include some random tangents.  But every time, it’s full of practical applications to the chapters we are studying for the week. I know you’ll feel the spirit as we talk of the beautiful truths available to us.”

come follow me for us melanie stroud podcast

With over 1800 reviews and 4.9 star average on Apple Podcasts, the Come, Follow Me for Us podcast is a popular resource for many Latter-day Saints. One reviewer states, “I love how relatable she is. How she keeps it focused on gospel principles and helps me better see how these concepts relate to me personally and can be applied in my life. Best podcast for Come Follow Me!”

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