Come Follow Me – Book of Mormon Come, Follow Me for October 12–18

Come, Follow Me: October 12 — 18

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3 Nephi 20—26: “Ye are Children of the Covenant”

Jesus miraculously provides the sacrament and prophesies (3 Nephi 20):

After the people had prayed, Jesus miraculously provided bread and wine for the sacrament, which He administered to His disciples, and through them, to the multitude (verses 1 – 8). After the people had partaken, they were filled with the Holy Ghost and gave glory to Jesus (verses 9 = 10). Then Christ cited the words of Isaiah, many of which prophesy of the gathering of Israel in the last days. (See verses 11 – 46). See if you can recognize passages from Isaiah in Jesus’ sermon to the people, or do a scripture chase from the footnotes.

What does Jesus say about the gathering of Israel? What does President Nelson say about the gathering of Israel? You have this scripture before you with what Christ said about the American continent and what He said about the gathering in the Last Days. You live in the last days. How do you see these prophecies being fulfilled?

Prophecies for the Americas (3 Nephi 21):

In verses 1 – 2, Jesus talks about “a sign” that the final gathering before the Second Coming is beginning. It is the Book of Mormon coming forth among the Gentiles. The Church was originally organized with 6 members. Now it has more than 16 million. But the numbers don’t matter. The Church is still small compared to the population of the world. What if there were only 1 million members by the time Christ returned. Discuss why that would that still be OK.

Who will bring the gospel to the remnant of the seed of the Lamanites? (See verses 3 – 6.) Why is this a blessing for the Gentiles? What will happen to those who reject the Book of Mormon? (See verses 11 – 21.) What will happen to those among the Gentiles who repent and accept the Lord’s words? (See verses 22 – 25.) In verses 26 – 29, what is in store for the gathered of Israel? How do you know that you are of a tribe of Israel?

Zion will be established and Israel will triumph (3 Nephi 22):

Jesus goes on to quote from Isaiah about the gathering of Israel in the Last Days and the building of Zion. Do a bit of research and answer this question: Will Zion (New Jerusalem) be established before or after the Second Coming of Christ?

Why does Jesus quote from Isaiah instead of teaching these things anew in “His own words”? What is a stake? How do we enlarge our tents? Why are we begin taught by Isaiah and Christ to enlarge our tents and strengthen our stakes?

Look at verse 13. I once heard an Evangelical pastor preaching that the people who survive the Second Coming and live during the millennium will be “saved,” but their children will not. How is this teaching false? What happens to children who are born during the millennium?

Jesus adds to the scriptures of the Nephites (3 Nephi 23):

Jesus commands the people to search the words of Isaiah (verses 1 – 5) because they are so great. How do you feel when you read the words of Isaiah? The people of Nephi had trouble understanding them. Do you? How can you search these words and increase in your understanding?

Then Jesus told Nephi to bring forth the scriptures so He could examine them (verse 7). Imagine that Jesus asked to look at your journal. How would you feel? Have you kept a journal? Are there things missing from your journal?

Look at verse 9. What was missing from the Nephite scriptures? (See verses 9 – 14.) Why was this important to record?

They add the words of Malachi to their scriptures (3 Nephi 24, 25):

The scriptures that Lehi’s family brought with them from Jerusalem were right up to date, even including the words of Jeremiah who was currently preaching and prophesying. Malachi was the last prophet whose words were recorded in the Bible and he lived after Lehi’s family left—and wrote his scripture about 400 B.C. We have no later Old Testament writings than his.

So, Christ dictated Malachi’s prophecies to the Nephites to add to their own scriptures. Read 3 Nephi 24 and 25. Why was it important for the Nephites to have these words? Why did Moroni quote from Malachi when he visited Joseph Smith?

Jesus teaches all things from the beginning to the end; children say miraculous things (3 Nephi 26):

Knowing all things “from the beginning to the end” is something that we are not yet worthy of, and the parts of the Book of Mormon that include these accounts have been sealed and hidden away until we are indeed worthy. Accounts that are hidden include scriptures from Joseph who was sold into Egypt, John the Beloved, and John the Baptist, and others. (See verses 1 – 7.)

Look at verses 8 – 12. These are the words of Mormon as he compiled the book. Why did the Lord command to leave these precious things out of the book as it has come down to us? Look at verses 14 -16. What could little children and babes have to say to us that they can’t normally say? Some people don’t like it when our children bear testimony and say they KNOW the Church is true, because they haven’t learned enough and aren’t old enough to know. Can a babe actually have a testimony?

In verses 17 – 21, what did the disciples do and how did the people proceed with their lives. Again, they were able to teach things we are not worthy to receive.

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