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    Choir dress

    Yes. Yes we are. I don't know why I find their dress so disturbing. I think the colors are flat, there are too many of them, and the women look informal next to the men in suits. It's the same thing when the missionaries sing. The sisters' blouses just strike me as odd and jumbled next to the elders. I didn't even notice the men's ties, I was so wrapped up in the sisters' blouses. I can always find something to complain about.
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    Confession box

    Shhhh.... I secretly want to eat one of Pam's gumdrops.
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    This is mean to be fun, so I'll start. MARY POPPINS was likely Pentecostal. She occasionally operated in the supernatural, and her response to much of life's difficulties was to sing.
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    Chi Hong (Sam) Wong - Saturday a.m. Session

    I kind of wish they had just used sub-titles so that we could just listen to the native language.
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    Eternal Families

    All the repentance and love that a person has for his ex would not negate the choice of the ex. If takes both parties to agree to being together. If one party does not want to be with the other, in this life or the next, they won't be together.
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    Confession box

    I am really going to have to watch you closely now.
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    Confession box

    Not sure if this counts as a confession, but... What a great show. :)
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    Confession box

    Be it therefore known to all nations, races, kindreds, tribes, and tongues that I am hopelessly in love in Judi Dench (formally known as Dame Judith Olivia Dench, CH DBE FRSA) and that I would be overjoyed if I could meet her just one time to thank her for the enjoyment she has given me. And she's a very devoted Christian (Quaker), too. By the way, if your Netflix queue is scraping bottom and you like Britcoms, try "As Time Goes By" (also available on Amazon Prime streaming). Oh, and I have a 2nd confession as well. I am a gentle man, slow to anger and endless in patience... but I totally lose it when I go to a salad bar and get stuck behind some bozo who moves down the line at a glacial pace, uses the tongs to transfer one pea at a time onto the plate, and slowly ponders every vegetable and dressing with more contemplation than I do when buying a new car.
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    Pa Pa

    Not another garment question

    We take them off to swim...so wear something else and change.
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    Two missionarys knocked on my parents door in 1970 when they lived in peterborough NH. My father let them in because of how clean cut they were. Who knows how history would have gone, but i am a member of the church today because of how they looked.I am not advocating BYU students dress like missionarys. But the way you dress means something, al least it meant something to my father.
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    No, you're not justified and as Leah said your thoughts are your own responsibility. You mentioned therapy but was it for you to voice your frustration or to understand where your wife may be coming from? Huge difference! There are all sorts of reasons a spouse may be uninterested in physical intimacy: - past trauma (molested/raped), - physical pain, - unsatisfied/unfulfilled sexually (so why bother), - tired, - depressed, - doesn't feel attractive, - been offended (porn...), - personality (some are more interested in sex than others - check library for 'Life Colors' by Pamala Oslie), - etc. Until the root cause is acknowledged/addressed, "a sustained period" doesn't matter. Two questions to consider: ~if she were in an accident that rendered her unable to be intimate, would you feel ok leaving her? ~how would you feel if it was your wife wondering about leaving you because you haven't met her timeline or expectations?
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    Am I Justified to Leave for Lack of Love?

    Your "bad thoughts" are your choice and responsibility. You cannot shift the blame of your own thoughts or actions to someone else. They are solely YOUR choice responsibility no matter what the circumstances are. If you choose to have those thoughts or choose to act on those thoughts, you are the only one to blame, you cannot shift that blame to someone else. Infidelity is never justified.
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    Why did you marry an abusive man? You said it's been happening your entire marriage which is troubling esspecially because you then new he was abuse and had two subsequent children with him? Did your therapist ask you why you had two children with an abusive individual? From how you've described your husband he sounds like a very shallow person. He also disrepects garments and that is a spiritual red flag. Advice--pack your bags and start the transition to divorce endless he changes behavior. A toxic relationship like that will only hurt your children as well. He needs theraphy and has a lot of unprocessed trauma. Good luck.
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    I think Severus Snape was Wiccan because he practiced magic and lived with witches.
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    What is so hard with following rules? Really. Why is it so difficult for some people to understand that some rules are in place just to see if you will follow them? It's a simple concept called h u m i l i t y..... ...so just shave for crying out loud. It's not like you are being asked to cross the plains again. It blows my mind that so many people freak out over the beard thing but don't seem to give a bleep that our government is openly and blatantly breaking major established constitutional laws. Again, mind blown. (...and yes I had a bad day at work.)
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    Outsider view--lobbying to allow beards at BYU does not seem that substantial, on the surface. However, if successful, administrators probably fear a slippery slope. What will they ask for next? Are we loosening our standards? If that's the fear, I have to wonder what next indeed? There isn't a whole lot that students can lobby for, given the church's strict standards. As for the "take the standards or go elsewhere" line--isn't that a bit dismissive? After all, BYU holds a special place in LDS culture. Graduates likely can expect a certain measure of favor from employers with LDS ties. It is a prestigious school in the greater education world, but an especially prized one for LDS. So, to insist that anyone studying there either stay shaved or transfer out seems harsh. That may be the end result, but is it really the height of rebellion to lobby for permission to wear a beard? I would hope the worse that could happen would not be dishonorable removal from the school, but rather a definitive, "No, we're not changing our standard." Then again, the school might just decide it is time to jettison this particular grooming standard.
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    BYU students protesting no-beard policy

    I've always known you were just sick and twisted.
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    Mormons and Gays

    Lusting after and being attracted to are related but not the same. One could be attracted to another because of poise, cooking, financial stability and so forth, while physical attraction is also possible. Physical attraction and lust also differ. As a married man I can notice that women all around me are beautiful, but not connect that to untoward desires or imagining myself with them. For me this is the difference. There is nothing wrong with noticing that another human being is blessed with attractive features, it is when you take that acknowledgement and start coveting or imagining a sexual/romantic relationship that it becomes lustful.
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    You're supposed to tell us why,,,as in "Mufasa was Buddhist because he saw balance and harmony, rather than good and evil. :-)
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    Forgiving when action keeps occuring

    You aren't helping him improve by taking his abuse, either. He might say he won't be changing, you need to say you won't be accepting it.
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    Forgiving when action keeps occuring

    There is a major difference between forgiving someone and allowing them to continue hurting you.
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    Forgiving when action keeps occuring

    Seriously. Why are you still married to a guy who has told you he plans on abusing you forever?
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    Forgiving when action keeps occuring

    That's some pretty evil stuff, if you ask me.Yeah. Evil. I said it.
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    The book of revelation says that the two prophets in Jerusalem will preach for 1260 days. Since they don't seem to be preaching yet, we have at least that long.
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    I think I could be a pretty darn good Bishop. Comments and why not bashing about women and the Priesthood starts at 3......2......1.....