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    GOP sweeps the nation.

    I think I'm happiest when both houses of congress are on my side of the fence, and the president is on the other side of the fence. I'm very much not happy when Pres and congress are all on the same team. That doesn't go well, even when it's my side in charge.
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    Scout troop advancement problems

    Our troop has all the required admin positions staffed and operational----well at least there is a living, breathing person in each position. This has been going on for about a year now. It isn't time sensitive yet, but will be eventually. The entire chain (SM, COR, Adv Chair, et al) is aware of this and has been since this time last year...some of them less (like last spring). The issue is not whether the scout earned it or we are lacking documentation. Everything is done, just no one is actioning it despite being reassured time and again that they are. I am a former advance chair so I know how easy this is to do---difficult if you are lazy. Chronic problem here. Don't really want to go to the stake because they have other troops in similar situation, but it isn't important enough to fix apparently. I will tell you though, our scouts can play a mean game of basketball.
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    Three "truths"?

    Agreed, and on top of that the presumed idea that the two types of matter are equivalent is also false.
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    GOP sweeps the nation.

    I think this is true. Some of the best conservative reforms of late took place during the Reagan years and the Clinton years.
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    GOP sweeps the nation.

    “Let this be a lesson to the nation that we’re not interested in dividing Americans based on gender, race, social status. We are more interested in the integrity and honesty of a candidate, someone who is going to return power back to the people and away from Washington.” ~ Mia Love The awesome is strong with this one.
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    GOP sweeps the nation.

    Republican winners include youngest female ever elected to Congress, first black Republican congresswomen (Mia Love), first female Senator from Iowa, first Black Senator to serve from the South since Reconstruction. I personally hope they completely lock this administration down. No discussion, no concessions. Nothing. My dream (and unfortunately I think it's just that) would be for the us to de-fund this war and weapons supplying to the evil raging in the middle east. Shore up this border and actually reform Healthcare..meaning reform the "reform". But I prefer nothing get done then to continue this march towards fascism.
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    One more thought: are you Considering staying for the baby's sake or your girlfriend's? Marrying requires you want to be with this girl forever, not a baby that isn't biologically yours. Do not make this decision solely on what's best for the baby as you have no real obligation there.
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    Just So You Know

    my family was the adams family a few years back...
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    Special Stake Conferencce

    When our stake was split we sustained the changes but not the Bishoprics being changed. That was done in the wards as you wouldn't be sustaining a Bishop that was not to be yours. That's an individual ward thing. So what Palerider is describing is what I've seen.
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    Scout troop advancement problems

    If it isn't time sensitive, and has not been too long patience with gentle reminders might work best. That doesn't sound like the case though. There are also sometimes problems with awards if the troop wasn't registered. If this turns out to be the case you will need to speak to bishop, stake, and council. Bishop and stake to solve registration, council to find a way to properly get a boy an award if he worked on it.
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    Scout troop advancement problems

    On the scouting side of things: Before speaking to the council you should speak to the unit committee. (Assuming there is one -_-' ) If there isn't a unit committe speak with the COR (Charter Organization Representative) before petitioning the council. If the scout troop is registered there must be a COR. (It might be the bishop, young mens president, etc...). You will want to talk with your local scouting district's, district executive from the council. I personally would try petitioning, in this order for the redress of issues, Scout master, then young mens president, advancememt chair (part of unit committe, not all troops have an advancement chair), committe head, bishop, then stake, then council.
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    Just So You Know

    The month of October is a big fund raiser for the Volunteer Fire Dept. my Hubby has been in for forty years. We have two houses and a outside maze. I help with the monsters . We have the crazies in the first house. We have the movie monsters in the back house and the maze is full of zombies. I do the make-up :) then I help the ladies in the concession that puts us in the right place to watch all the fun. LOLOL I do not go back into the houses and maze after I do my painting and help with the make-up. Nope, no way, no how....:) it is just too scary. Funny story: Five men go into the first house and come out running and laughing. Two of them sit on the ground. I asked them what they thought was scary. One of them confess that he dropped in the third room and crawled the rest of the way as fast as he could. He went through 6 rooms on his knees. :) I do not think his friends are going to let him forget this one... They then started talking about bringing their girlfriends back. I looked at the young man on the ground. I asked him was he coming back. He said no way she was worse then he was about these things. He would never get her out of there. She would drop and start screaming. lololol I also remember when we had one girl come out of the house after her boyfriend made a fast exit. She came out the house saying over and over , "He just left me there!" One of our firemen caught up with him at the parking lot and reminded him that his girlfriend was still at the house and not to leave. This is all done in fun and for a good cause. It is put on by the firemen, school groups, and members of the community.
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    First, she has no stewardship over you; so you are not bound to accept the revelations she believes she has received. And second, as Joseph Smith taught, Don't be afraid to just take her experiences and say "I don't know if that's true or not; and I choose not to worry about it at present". Now, if she starts getting all offended at that--you've got a problem, but it's not a theological one and it's your friendship, not your soul, that's at risk. Incidentally: Visions of Glory is highly problematic. See, e.g., this review.
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    I'm usually HUGELY in favor of going to a bishop to resolve things like this; but your situation seems extraordinary to me in that a) you're a teenaged female, which makes things awkward anyways; b ) your mother sounds like the type who will actively oppose your discussing this with your bishop, and c) your bishop seems particularly untrustworthy. If I were in your situation, I would think hard about simply not taking the sacrament, not participating in temple ordinances, and waiting for a new bishop to be called to your ward. In the meantime, I would probably approach my parents with something along the lines of "I know what you said; but I'm worried because I feel like I can't control it and I don't want this to dominate my life. Is there a counselor or therapist that you can make an appointment for me to see?" Openness and accountability to third parties are extremely useful when dealing with a masturbation/porn habit. Once you get in the habit of talking maturely and openly about the issue, the prospect of bringing it up with your bishop will sound a lot less intimidating.
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    You mean like this picture from lds.org?
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    It's just not fair...

    that we still have a real long ways to go...
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    Sorry I don't have time right now to read all the other posts...but, my first thought is... The baby already has a father. He may not be in the picture right now. But, at some point in the babies life, the father will appear and possibly want custody. Maybe even want a paternity test to prove the baby is his and want the baby to have his last name. Are you willing to give up your Mission for a child that is not yours and maybe have the father come into the picture? Also, what if he does reappear and your girlfriend and the bio father could decide to get back together? You are trying to take on a HUGE responsibility. Are you prepared for that? Education... job... security for the mother and child and maybe more children to come? A chance of it all blowing up and you end up with no girlfriend, no baby, and no mission! I pray you really think this out. Pray like you've never prayed before. I actually feel a little afraid for you. I pray all things come out good for you. Just my thoughts.
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    Views on non-BSA Scouting?

    There does tend to be a BIG difference between LDS-BSA & just plain old BSA. Anyone who works for BSA will tell you that on the computer system there is LDS-BSA & there is just BSA. There are politics in both arenas, some of the politics are the same (like costs) & some are different. One issue related to costs, the LDS Church has policies regarding fund raising, what can & can not be done to raise funds & a limit of the number of times per year, etc ... church policies are more restrictive then are those held by BSA regarding raising of funds. As a result, the costs all too often fall to the parents in LDS-BSA whereas with non-LDS groups there are frequently sponsors (i.e.: local businesses) that will work with the troops & cover or help raise many of those costs. So some of those politics you are tired of may actually be tied into the LDS sponsorship of BSA troops rather then with the functioning of BSA itself.
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    You need to speak to your bishop, you are not the father and can prove it so no worries there...per handbook 1 Members are not eligible to serve missions if they: 1. Are not worthy as outlined in 4.5.2. 2. Would have to leave dependent children in the care of someone else. 3. Have been members of the Church for less than one year. 4. Are in debt and have not made definite arrangements to meet their obligations. 5. Are on legal probation or parole. 6. Are HIV positive. 7. Have been convicted of sexual abuse. Not your kid, not your dependent. Don't ruin your life go on a mission and if you come back and still feel the same way, well make an honest woman out of her.....
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    The biological father is an important piece of this puzzle. Where is he, will he support Mahonri, and what happens if he rekindles a relationship with the mother? They have a lot in common now (the child) and you can't just airbrush him out of the photo as if he never existed. Well, you can try, but it's unclear how successful you will be. So let me get this straight: you are afraid to talk to your church leaders for fear they will accuse of you lying and of fathering a child out of wedlock? What would tempt them to think this? Is there more to the story? (If I were them, I'd be more curious about how your girlfriend concealed her pregnancy for so long.) Anyway, you've got the trump card here. It's called a paternity test. If anyone accuses you of lying, you can prove your innocence for a couple hundred bucks. But I doubt you'll have to prove anything if you approach your bishop in a spirit of humility and truthfulness. Other people here might give you wisps of advice and a few suggestions, but you need to talk to competent authorities who can evaluate this situation and give you the best counseling. Listen to your parents and maybe all of you go see your bishop, unless there is more to the story that your email didn't discuss. I think you're being very noble, but if I did the math right you've only known the mother for 8 or 9 months. The worst thing you can do is let your mission call pressure you into making a big decision. The second worst thing you can do is blow off your parents just because they are urging you to do something that part of you resists. Your parents know you, and they probably have a lot of battle scars from the school of life. Ignore them at your peril. If there is no chance the biological father will return, there's no harm in helping your girlfriend understand her legal rights and options. After you're over that hump, spend some time in deep reflection and prayer deciding whether marriage with her is the best for everyone, not just you, and whether marriage now is better than marriage later. Get input from your parents and church leaders, and make sure you understand all the consequences of whatever you decide. Finally, you sound like you are unnecessarily torn about a dilemma that doesn't really exist. If you decide to go on a mission, that won't destroy your chances of having your own family some day. (In truth, it will probably raise the chances.) P.S. Even if you don't marry the mother, it doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to them forever. There are wonderful ways to be part of their lives without marriage. But my heart smiled when I read about your feelings for the baby. We should all have fathers with feelings like that. Godspeed.