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    Gun opinions

    I've focused on one gun, one holster, one right way to do things. My duty - gun only exists in three places: My person, locked in my car, or in the gun safe. If it's anywhere else, I'm failing in my duty and being an irresponsible gun owner. I focus on mindset. I think about all the times I'd much rather risk injury than use my firearm. Me and my family go with this: 80 ways to not be there in the first place, 10 ways to run the other way, 6 ways to hide, 4 ways to take action to stop the threat. Wife and I went with matching Glock 26's. After gathering eight bajillion opinions from countless people, I found more value in 9mm low cost, lower kick, specialty ammo's effectiveness, and Glock's quality, smaller frame, and easy maintenance than I did in the valid selling points of other setups. I find myself unable to enjoy shooting and carrying like other folks. The weighty matters are just too sobering for me. But while there may not be a lot of fun involved, there is plenty of resolve and confidence.
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    Gun opinions

    Last year I got my conceal carry permit. A brother at the church was teaching the class, so I decided to take the class. I had not owned or fired a handgun in about 15 years....maybe more and the only handgun I had previously owned was an inexpensive Llama .45 1911 style semi-auto. So, I decided I would like to start shooting on a regular basis and maybe even carry sometimes.I purchased a Sig Saur Sp2022 in 9mm. Sig Saur makes excellent handguns, most notably the all stainless P models, like the P226 used by the Navy Seals. I opted the polymer version, which is also the side arm Sig contracted to make for the French Police to be used for 20 years until year 2022....hence the name, SP2022. It is a nice DA/SA hammer fired weapon, with a 15 plus 1 capacity and a decocker.I like it alot, but may trade it for the stainless P226...or keep and buy it anyways. I also purchased a Taurus Tracker in .357 with a 4 inch barrel. Nice looking gun and fun to shoot, but, the cylinder has froze up on it a couple of times after firing and apparently this has been an issue with this gun. It may be traded soon. I also have a Ruger LCR chambered for .357. This is an ultra lite polymer revolver that I CCW in a Fobus holster. Very nice little piece. I may acquire a Kahr CM9 for CCw as well. I am also looking for a striker fired semi and am considering the following in this order: 1. H&K VP9 2. Sig P320 3. Glock 17 Any thought or suggestions....I know Mirkwood loves Glock :-)
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    Hi there

    Hi everyone, My name is Matt and I am from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. I was baptized as a member of the church when I was 15 (that was 16 years ago), and I was quite active in the church for years. A few years ago I have become inactive, mainly due to study and also work. However, I have realized that those are just excuses, and I became inactive due to the oil in my own spiritual lamp running low. I am going to try and reactivate myself, which I understand will be a process in itself. I will need to fill my lamp back up with metaphorical oil.
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    So, what do you say? Was Santa Claus a Republican or Democrat? http://www.christianpost.com/news/is-santa-a-republican-or-democrat-heres-what-prominent-politicial-minds-in-washington-think-131649/ Perhaps the funniest response from the article was that Santa was obviously a Republican, because with him, "If you like your gift, you can keep your gift."
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    This article was shared on my Facebook feed (http://www.theonion.com/articles/few-more-items-knocked-off-list-of-desirable-trait,36412/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=LinkPreview:NA:InFocus) and I found it to be a bit depressing. I'll agree that not everything listed is vital but some preferences will always be preferences, and if you go with something else, you might be setting yourself up for a failed relationship in the long run. I guess you just have to ask yourself what you really can and can't live with. So when do we start lowering our expectations? Is it when we think there's no one out there? And we're running out of time with our biological clock ticking? My husband was 40-years old and had never been married. He'd been setup on lots of dates by friends and family, but was never interested enough to commit. For years, his mother said he was too picky and needed to lower his expectations. Shortly after, we met and had a pretty good connection, good enough we got married. Needless to say, we're both glad he hadn't settled. If he had, we wouldn't have the life together we have now, or our beautiful daughter.
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    Talking with an Anti LDS -- Friend

    That's funny. Did he give you an answer? M.
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    Should have driven to Utah.
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    Gun opinions

    My wife and I have our CCW. We currently have a Luger 9mm semi with a laser. It's a small gun and fits my wife's hand perfectly. Will be buying another one soon for me.
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    How do you pronounce "sherbet"?

    It's spelled sherbet.. but it's pronounced "Raymond Luxury Yacht" ... no... wait...
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    Dr T

    I wonder...

    Charley Brown: I wonder why they always call him a "blockhead" when his head is round/circular?
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    Cheating in school..

    I'd like to chime in my assent to what lagarthaaz has already said. Whether or not you follow the specifics of what lagarthaaz suggested, there is great wisdom in this suggestion to do the work. It has less to do with dishonesty and more to do with what we sometimes refer to as "the law of the harvest." From the way you've been speaking it sounds like your parents and leaders have already taught you something about this principle. You're worried about getting rewarded for something you didn't fully do. It's unjust... not fair that you should be rewarded for something you faked when others had to work for it, right? Yes... it isn't fair to them... But perhaps the angle you need to consider is how much you cheat yourself when you don't do the necessary work. There is no real substitute for doing. This life is about learning through doing. It's what we're here for. Nobody can go through mortality for us. Even our Father and our older Brother, Jesus, cannot do this for us. We have to do what we can and we have to make the pivotal decisions. This is agency. It's crucial to the entirety of the Father's plan. Yes... our older Brother did already make up the difference.. he paid for what we can't do. But that doesn't excuse us from doing what we can and are supposed to do ourselves. Ok, so what can you do now that the grades are already in but you're still worrying that it's not fair that you're getting something that you don't feel like you've completely earned? ... Well, start from where you are now. The Lord has already forgiven you for your shortcomings. You've admitted ... been candid with teachers... you're a good kid.... you've gone through the repentance process. So what happens now? Now... what you can do is to do your best not to cheat yourself in the future. Learn to love work and learning for it's own sake. As you decide how you're going to proceed in your education and in life in general, do your very best. If you were building a house for yourself and your future family, you'd want to use the very best materials so that the house would be safe and comfortable. You wouldn't buy or use shoddy materials in its construction because you know you're going to live in that house someday and you don't want it falling apart on you or your family. Treat your life and your learning experience as though it's that house you're building... because, well, it is. Do your best and trust the Lord to do the rest. It doesn't matter that others around you are cutting corners and that they seem to be getting away with it... eventually it will catch up with them. Be glad you're learning this valuable lesson while you are still young. Merry Christmas, my young brother. You are on the right path and the Lord is proud of you for making good decisions. Keep it up! :)
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    I assume you know that The Onion is a satirical site, and that the purpose of the article was to get you to laugh out loud. In that respect, it was far from the best Onion article I've ever read, but it was pretty good.
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    How serious a sin is stealing?

    Crime and sin are not the same thing. Stealing is a crime, yes, because the statute books (which are imperfect) define it as such. But sin is based on a less easily defined standard of what is right and wrong. For example, Oskar Schindler was a criminal. He broke the laws that existed in his country in his time. Do we regard him as "a sinner" because of it? It's no answer to say that the laws of Nazi Germany were themselves criminal; if they were, then it is only the judgment of history which makes them so. Oskar Schindler had no such historical consensus to guide him; he had only had his own sense of right and wrong. He knew he had a duty to uphold the law, but that he had other duties besides. And even "crime" is not absolute; to take an axe to someone's front door and smash it to pieces is in normal circunstances "criminal damage". But if the house is on fire, and people are trapped behind that door who will otherwise burn to death, will the person who breaks the door be prosecuted?
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    God made me this way!

    Or, maybe we could answer them with loving kindness, trying to understand why they feel the way they feel. Both seem like good options, I think.
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    Tax = theft?

    To suggest no one has a duty to care for themselves is to advocate a slavery - based system.
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    Let's talk about White Privilege

    This is helpful, though it seems like continually bringing up white privilege only makes matters worse. We complain about the nastiness of white privilege attacks because we have only seen it as an attack. It's dividing and helps no one.
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    Let's talk about White Privilege

    I really hate that for some reason, there is no inversion of discrimination. Discrimination isn't strictly a negative term. It simply means you are treating things differently, whether you discriminating for or against something doesn't make it reverse, inverse or any other verse of discrimination, it's just discrimination. Why do I wear green shirts more often? Because I discriminate for them. It simply means I'm noting the difference between things and making a judgment call. /end off topic rant about misuse of a word.
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    I oppose gambling, but two-parent families are like the favorites in horse racing. They don't always win, but they are the better bet.