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    Adultery preferable to pornography?

    Quoting new scripture - Perversions 1:1 "In the beginning G-d saw darkness and declared - Hmmmmm this must be normal!" Perversions 37:22 "And then Jesus said, If thy right eye offend thee - do not be concerned. It's normal!"
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    Church re-evaluating Scouting Program

    That's what a scout troop that is overly focused on rank advancement without learning the actual skills, that isn't run by the boy's, does to a program....
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    First Freedom under attack

    I don't disagree with the basis of what you're saying, but the attitude seems cynical to me, which is the opposite of helpful. We have it great today. Things are awesome, in many ways better than they ever have been throughout recorded history. Bemoaning the evils present today is of limited usefulness. Even when we know we are fighting a losing battle (short-term, anyway), we should always and in all cases be the happiest and most optimistic of people, knowing that the Lord is with us and will sustain us if we are faithful.
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    First Freedom under attack

    I agree with the sentiment, but not the tactics suggested. Gay rights activists spent forty years carefully developing their case while we on the right spent most of that time saying "This is nonsense, it shouldn't even be on the table, and we're not discussing it." Then we lost--and we lost fast, and we lost big--because when the crucial moment came, we were largely left sputtering "that's just the way things are!" without being able to articulate why things are the way they are. Nothing is sacred in modern American society. We need to re-think every single one of our modern values and practices, and get to work making a case for the existence of every element of the status quo that we think is worth preserving. That includes fundamental and formerly unquestionable "American" notions like life, liberty, property ownership, worship, free assembly and association, meaningful participation in the government process, and--I believe--even, ultimately the right of parents to raise their own biological offspring and perhaps even the right to be sexually autonomous (at least, insofar as one uses one's sexual autonomy to remain chaste). Because there are, always have been, and always will be highly intelligent forces seeking to undermine all of those foundational values.