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    I hate my husband's calling (Bishop)

    I'm sorry this is happening. I've not had this issue. As I thought about practical advice, my inner rebel kept piping up, "Don't stop going to church! That means they win! Go to church and be cheerful and smiling so the old biddies will have to work even harder to push us out!" Maybe the sentiment isn't good, but I think the actions are good. Focus on people who need a friend or a kind word or a smile. Support your husband and be even kinder to him--his burden is greater due to the actions of these people. Choose faith--and sometimes it is a choice--and rely on the Lord even more.
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    No great advice here; but lots of sympathy and (virtual) hugs for your family. People can be really awful sometimes.
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    This is one of the last pictures of President Thomas S. Monson. You can learn alot about a man from looking at his surroundings and seeing what he holds dear to himself. When I first saw this picture it brought me to tears. Elder Monson was called as an Apostle of the Lord in October 10, 1963. I can tell you from experience that he likely spent the majority of his last remaining months in this room. This is no doubt his favorite comfortable chair. The library behind him is full of books that he is currently reading. The walker behind the chair is his primary means of locomotion. Likely the microwave was used to reheat food that was brought in by friends or family. And family, lots of family, that really love and respect him. Notice his uniform. We believe in prosperity. Our prosperity is just different than what you usually find in the "Prosperity Gospel" https://www.ibtimes.com/thomas-s-monson-net-worth-mormon-church-president-had-no-salary-2636353
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    If I were there in the class directly, I would have said something, not from a "you're wrong!" standpoint, but from a sharing a perspective. Honestly, I don't think the teacher's viewpoint was literally "if you died unhappy, you're forever unhappy". Having you say something would have been a great opportunity for class discussion and him to clarify his actual thoughts (which were probably not what was being communicated). As to what to do now... if this is really getting to you, perhaps talking with him in person could be a way to do things. Or perhaps this goes down as a "better way of handling things next time" lesson for you.
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    I hate my husband's calling (Bishop)

    My husband was recently called as a ward bishop, we are relatively new into the ward and, to make long story short, some people don't like my husband. Among those people, there is this family that has been in the ward like forever and is giving us a real hard time by spreading gossip and bad intentioned comments. My husband has already talked to the Stake President but, in my opinion, they care way too much about what this family has to say and keep on questioning my husband about his way of doing things. I'm deeply sad because I have even thought about quitting church. I see how members stop talking to me and somehow avoid me. I feel alone and struggling... What can I do?
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    I would guess that more than a few people would have been grateful if you had asked the question in the class after he said it.
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    I won’t go into detail of the doctrine cause I just don’t want to, but to me, the teacher’s interpretation and explanation was grossly over simplified and missed a greater explanation that could lead to repentance. I would probably be incredibly annoyed by the ignorance of the comment had I been there. As far as correcting our teachers and leaders. I don’t know about you, but I am a member of the the Church of Jesus Christ, not the church of *insert leader name*. If anyone teaches false doctrine, it is our duty to correct it. Now of course respect is needed and there is multiple tactful ways of going about it. I would not want to do it out of spite, anger or frustration. Otherwise I too would be caught in sin. But yes... if my stake president teaches false doctrine and I can say something and pull up a direct reference from a direct church source, I will. And I will do it both unapologetically and respectfully.
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    Eroding Friendships

    First off, Congrats on being a DM for 30 years. I first started playing (mostly DM'ing in 1981) Gave it up for a while but back to it via the internet (Roll20) with 2 members of my original group (along with others). Good fun! As far as Penny, sounds like you're better off without her, she sounds impossible to please, its either her way or the highway. I find that is more and more the case with extreme people and frankly I remove those type of people from my social circle - don't need or want the drama.
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    Wait... what? What's wrong with other kids? Your kid needs PEERS. It's an integral part of his learning. And you need the support of other parents.
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    So, as @Mores has stated - your kid is not your WHOLE life. Your kid is PART of your life - a VERY IMPORTANT part. Your kid is not the center of your orbit that you revolve around. Rather, you and your kid are parts of a whole revolving around The-Gospel-Centered-Home which is the center of your orbit. So, here's an example of a Lawyer who quit law to stay home with his kids. He is COMPLETELY FASCINATED by figuring out how his kids' minds work! This learning is just as fascinating - if not more so - than going to school for another legal training. But you have to stop looking at your kid as a CHORE.
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    Then you're not LIVING with your kid. You're probably treating your kid as a chore. Chores are boring. LIVING is not boring. If the thing that drives you is intellectual stimulation - man, there's nothing more intellectually stimulating than figuring out the mind of a 20-month old. But yeah, cleaning diapers, getting a 20-month old to eat, watching him run around with his legos is boring... because those are chores.
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    Eroding Friendships

    I am politically moderate but would lean more conservative. Penny is toxic as are all SJW's. I don't know how calling people Nazi's is ever acceptable. I had an old high school friend once who called me a racist on facebook because I wanted to control illegal immigration. I told him to go F off because I had spent more time helping hispanics (via my mission) than he could ever understanding. He apologized and said "I didn't know..." in which I replied of course he didn't know and until he knows he should not throw around such an awful insult endless you have evidence of that claim. We aren't friends anymore because the SJW mindset is toxic and hateful in my experience. I have democratic friends who want to help the dispossessed, however SJW's are a no go. Friends don't call friends Nazi's and racists without facts. I don't have people in my life like that.
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    I will take the less popular opinion here and say that you should speak to him. But what you are offering is not a correction, and her certainly wasn't teaching any false doctrine. What his statements needs is a brief statement of nuance. I have used that same scripture to make the same exact point. However, I always add the caveat, "barring cases of mental health and/or depression, those who find themselves happy in this life are likely to find themselves happy in the next." The important part is to focus on the behavior of doing our best to live the gospel and repent--doing so brings lasting joy through eternity. While I have no doubt that your stake presiden(t/cy person thing) would agree, I believe that words are important. Especially when they can affect some of our most vulnerable saints. Adding that one simple caveat is, I feel, a reasonable protection to keep those with mental health struggles from further despair.
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    Google "Toddler activities in 'your city'". I would hope that doing a google search should give you some ideas. Most libraries have toddler activities. Can you go to a play ground or water park? M.
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    Saying sorry

    I don't understand. They bump into each other and that resulted in a fight? I suppose I'm just weird. This is how it would have gone down for me: Another person and I run into each other Me: OH! I'm sorry! Are you ok? Other Person (OP): Yeah, no harm done. I guess it could have happened this way.... Me: OH! I'm sorry! Are you ok? OP: You stupid @#[email protected]#[email protected]! You need to watch where you are going! You #[email protected]#$!#$%. Me: Uh, okayyyy.... walks away.... I couldn't care less if people call me names. I suppose if someone takes a swing, then things would change. But, it typically wouldn't result in violence unless both parties are being stupid.
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    As a mother of 2 almost adult kids, I'll give you one simple truth about kids: Looking at kids as needing to organize activities is for daycare centers. They don't really need that. What they need is to LIVE LIFE. And that's something that you have mastered being of an age old enough to have your own kids. So, just like @Mores said - LIVE LIFE with your kid. And remember, everything is a teaching opportunity with a 20-month old.
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    Doing time with a 20 month old = running on their schedule. Structured time and planned activities and stuff are fine, but what he gets out of it, and what you want him to get out of it, will often be two different things. Just have a book with you, and get ready to explore the bottom of the kitchen table and stuff. Bonding time doesn't have to be developmentally excellent or any other big words like that.
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    A case of true love. She loves his money and he loves you know what she’s got!
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    The church does not recognize homosexual marriage. The Family: A proclamation to the world is pretty straightforward. Thus any sexual relationship outside of a legal and lawful marriage is considered either fornication or adultery. For example, in my mission, a few years before I arrived a foursome of missionaries paired off after marring each other. Yes the crazy Elders convinced themselves that that had the authority to perform the marriage ceremony as they were branch presidents. They convinced the sister missionaries and consummated their unions. They were all excommunicated as their ‘marriages’ were neither legal nor lawful in the eyes of the Church. Homosexual marriage although considered legal by some governments does not trump the justice and government of God.
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    NEWS FLASH: Man uses his money to attract women NEWS FLASH 2: Women are attracted to man with lots of money I'm just astounded at the revelatory depth of these news flashes. What next?