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    The Folk Prophet


    For those of you who asked for the update, we're having a little boy.
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    So I sat with my kids this afternoon and we played Life. For those who haven't heard of it (all 3 of you) it's the boardgame where you go through "life" with a job, income, kids, buying a house, etc. The object of the game is to retire with the highest amount of money. So my daughter ended he game with almost $2M and 1 kid. She won. I ended the game with... less money than that and also had 1 kid. My son also had less money, and he had 6 (count 'em) 6 kids. He had so many kids he needed a second car game piece to tote them all around. So my daughter announced that she had won. (Which is true, by the game rules.) But then a thought occurred to me, which I shared with them. Her in-game persona will end the game of life with just one child to say farewell. The same went for me. But my son... his in-game self would pass on with an entire room full of people who love him. I think the game rules have the wrong victory conditions.
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    I like your post raven, and surely there are some who fall in that camp. I'm struggling, not because it challenges my political viewpoints, but because it seems counterintuitive to various realities I've come to understand. Like how a gun free zone only disarms good guys. And how once someone has decided to start killing until something stops him, he'll keep killing until someone stops him. And how when you compare every single demographic, to the conceal-carry members in that demographic, you find the permit holders have lower rates of violent crime. But absolutely, the people using the "p" word are prophets and apostles, serious folks who do their homework and their knee work before just willy-nilly doubling down on a controversial policy. I'd be foolish to dismiss that out of hand.
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    All the data and research (on either side) doesn’t change the church’s position for the members to not carry weapons at church. It’s simple, they are prohibited. After praying I felt the spirit confirm that this is how God wants it at this time in his houses of worship. For me this is no different than many other church statement or handbook rules. There are many things in the church that I can point to research done by man to support or not support a church doctrine or position. I think many members (not all) are struggling with this because it challenges their political viewpoint on gun rights. Just like I have seen many members struggle with the statements made by the church leadership on abortion, immigration, same sex attraction, etc. I have tried to step back and ask myself the following. Are my political views first and my religious beliefs second or are my religious beliefs first and my political viewpoint subservient to those beliefs. God is not a conservative, liberal, libertarian, etc. These are things of man.
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    Atonement (A Gift for my Wife)

    So when my wife and I got sealed this year, I gave her this gift, which I'd been working on assembling and painting for about a year prior. It's about 12" high total. Just finally got around to adding the shrunk down copy of our sealing certificate to the base. Just thought I'd share, since you guys know what a big deal getting sealed is...
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    According to my daughter the last time we played (was somewhere around 2016), the goal was to cram absolutely as many children into the car as possible, and make husband sit in the back and cry.
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    I agree completely. Politics naturally makes us go into an intense tunnel vision mode where either your for us or against us. Any challenge or comment that questions a particular political movement’s status quo is immediately met with hostility. In this case, you either think all guns need to be confiscated or that we all need to have mounted mini guns on all our roofs. The idea of a middle ground is just absurd. So when the church says “no guns at church”, members go into political panic mode. I’ve actually forced my self to stop watching political news on YouTube because I found myself on occasion slipping down that road.
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    Thanks for the response. I am trying to get to a point that I trust Heavenly Father more than my own knowledge or concerns. (Still lots to learn on this.) Of course this idea is nothing new with the followers of Heavenly Father throughout the generations of humanity or even our pre earth life as well. 1/3 of all of our brothers and sisters didn’t trust him enough out of fear, pride, etc to even make it to mortal life.
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    Many, many defensive firearm uses do not involve a trigger pull. Many.
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    What's a weak background check?
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    So you think your health records should be public?
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    We need a saint version this game!
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    Atonement (A Gift for my Wife)

    Massive congratulations! Also very cool gift!
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    Midwest LDS

    Atonement (A Gift for my Wife)

    That's awesome! What a great way to commemorate your sealing.
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    The future

    I'm curious as to what the Washington Post defines as "right wing/ left wing terrorism". Don't get me wrong ,WaPo is a great paper, I used to read it all the time. So I'm not challenging you, I'm honestly curious.
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    My niece has a new job!

    You would be amazed at what you can detach yourself from in a professional context/setting.
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    Maybe I was not clear... The most likely reason the bishop asked her about her pants being a sign of rebellion is because of the "Wear Pants to Church" movement founded by apostates... (Which is a perfectly valid reason in my mind). Thus the movement becomes directly responsible for the behavior it claims it is trying to change. The author of the article instead of critically thinking about "why " the bishop asked the question. Instead she jumps to her own conclusion. So the irony is the movement causing the behavior they are say they are against. And the irony of some one demanding people not to make assumptions of her behavior and actions while clearly making her own assumptions about the actions and behavior of others.
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    I get your reasons and your decision. Imma stick around and be a thorn in the side of those who would destroy the church from within. I figure when it comes to MGF authors, they are acting out of the usual idealistic clueless ignorance that goes with being a college student learning about English and journalism. And I figure their notions are best addressed out in the open, with them writing articles, and folks responding. If I ever think the folks who pay for/run/own this place have nefarious goals, I'll change my tactics. But for now, silencing my voice isn't what I think is in the best interests of this place.
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    The Folk Prophet


    Dear friends whom with I have now long associated, It is with regret that I have made the difficult decision to abandon this forum. There are a variety of reasons I've made this decision but the primary one is that the More Good Foundation and the progressive, false, mistaken lean of so many of their articles has made me more and more uncomfortable. I am, indeed, deeply uncomfortable with some of them and have considered leaving before accordingly. Deeply, deeply uncomfortable. I have to follow my conscience. I do love the association and the discussion when it is doesn't turn nasty. The times it does turn nasty is the other reason I've made this decision. I've backed way off on my involvement from years past partially because of the nastiness. But part of that, I knew, was my fault, and something I had partial control over. The articles I have no control over. I will check my private messages now and again for a few months. If any of you want to stay in touch otherwise then PM me and we can friend on Facebook or something. But I have simply become too uncomfortable in this particular house to continue dwelling here. And, yes, I am writing this in a snit. I don't expect it will do any good, and many, many more would need to join me in the abandonment before it might do any good -- though I suspect that it might not even then. Apparently the More Good Foundation, without change of leadership, is going to continue down this path. I consider that path highly insidious and destructive. There's been hardly a constructive article written in the past few years. That which isn't harmful tends towards trite and shallow. Because it is difficult for me to leave things hanging and not reply, which would defeat the idea of leaving -- I likely won't read or reply to any comments here in this thread. It is, truly, a difficult thing for me to just walk away. But I feel I need to. And all I can do is that which I feel is right. See you on Facebook if you like. Goodbye, Charles P.S. Those of you who weren't my friends and held no charity or kindness for me -- well...I wish you well too. But regret the parting slightly less, if I'm honest. P.P.S. I'll still be at the get-together at Tucanos and look forward to seeing those of you who are attending.