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    My understanding (I have not read the applicable statutes) is that the bishopric counselor who made the report is a pharmacist by trade, and subject to specific reporting requirements by the regulations/associations that govern his profession. There are folks—including, IIRC, a few members of this forum—who have decried the Church’s policy of instructing bishops who hear disclosures like this seek legal advice before going to the authorities; but this case illustrates why the Church’s hotline to Kirton-McConkie exists. Depending on state law and the day-job of the church leader, the leader might be civilly liable for doing in one state, the exact same thing that he’d be criminally liable for not doing in another.
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    It isn't clear to me that not reporting in this instance would have made the bishop liable. Some jurisdictions require reporting a potential or suspected abuser when evidence indicates abuse, but do not necessarily require reporting when the abuser confesses. From the sound of it, Oregon is one such state. This is the crux of the lawsuit, that the man came forward to confess to the bishop and therefore the bishop(ric) shouldn't have reported him without first advising him that they would not honor the priest-penitent privilege. It's a thornier ethical question than it seems on the surface. The exemption from reporting requirements is intended to encourage people to seek help that might help them reform. If the man had known he would be reported, would he still have come forward of his own volition? Would he still have pursued repentance? (A similar debate is had about pregnant women admitting drug use to health care providers. The industry wants to be exempt from reporting to encourage users to admit their use and receive treatment. Others want admitted users to be reported.) Had the abuse been reported by any person other than himself, this wouldn't be an issue, because at that point, priest-penitent privilege wouldn't apply. I haven't seen the original arrest report, but the reporting I've read isn't clear that it was his daughter. It was a minor "known to him," so perhaps a babysitter, or something of the sort. I don't know that the woman is evil. Quite possibly she is desperate. Her family has likely been stigmatized, it's definitely been torn apart. And I imagine she feels their trust has been violated by those she felt were supposed to help them heal their wounds. If she has struggled the past two years to cope with all of the changes and to keep her family afloat financially, I can understand why she would choose to file this lawsuit. (That isn't to say I agree, but I can sympathize with her)
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    What an evil thing to do from the wife who is behind the lawsuit. Her husband molested the minor and she is pretending like her and her husband are the victims and the Bishop's counselor is the bad guy? It's too bad she can't be charged criminally as a co-conspirator.
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    If the bishop/Church did not report this type of crime the bishop would have been held accountable if it did come to light later on. Anyone who doesn't report this type of abuse is held accountable if it is ever revealed that they knew and did not report. In this case priest-penitent becomes void, because the priest will be held accountable if he did not report it. In some states it is a felony, and others a misdemeanor. Oregon Law: A person who violates the reporting laws commits a class A violation. Prosecution under this law shall be commenced at any time within 18 months after the commission of the offense
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    The others I'm all-in on. However, this statement concerns me. To offer an example of why consider that Muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet of God (Peace Be Upon Him). They do not believe Him to be the Son of God, or God. In LDS teaching on the Plan of Salvation, a sincere Muslim would likely end up in the Terrestial Kingdom--a heavenly realm. His reward would be due to Christ's saving work. Jesus is his savior, whether he knows it or not. (All of this assumes he does not fully embrace the teachings he receives in the life to come). So...would you acknowledge with a Muslim 'our mutual Savior Jesus Christ?'
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    Sadly social media reinforces this behavior.
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    I got my car at 18K miles back in 2010. I was able to catch it on video when the meter rolled to 200K last Saturday on our way to the temple. We celebrated its 200K day with an expensive steak dinner.
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    Repairing the Breach

    This was me two years ago with my three youth daughters.... This is what I did and am doing, it works.
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    I would be really surprised if the courts decided that privilege did not exist for lay clergy. And I struggle to see a framework where thever courts could even justify it. It probably varies by jurisdiction, but I suspect most jurisdictions will extend privilege to the bishop's counselors. I does in my location.
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    I have not expertise in the legalities here, so I will have to take your word for it. You are the first to assert that priest-penitent privilege would be void in this case -- the newspaper columnist and others I have seen comment on it have not made this same assertion. From what I can gather, most states have exceptions to mandatory reporting laws for clergy confessions. In many ways, I think it will be interesting to see how the courts interpret the clergy privilege in this case -- Does it apply to churches with a lay clergy or only professional clergy? Does it apply to the clerics assistants (counselors in a bishopric in this case)?
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    Female v. Male College Ratios

    Agree. Education will only take you so far. You need experience.
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    Anne Sacoolas

    I have heard nothing about this. My guess is that most Americans don't know about this at all, and those who do probably tend to think she should be held accountable for her actions. So the "venting fury" thing is nonsense, as you note.
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    Anne Sacoolas

    Glad you recognize the Fakeness of the pushed perception. There's no "fury" in the US, of course. It's just same-o same-o...
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    Female v. Male College Ratios

    Maybe men are more interested in trade schools over universities. They are less expensive. https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2019/03/choosing-trade-school-over-college/584275/ M.
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    The conditional testimony

    I don't view this as a "conditional testimony" as much as I do the habit members seem to have of speculating. I had to endure a one-sided conversation on why there are dinosaur bones recently. Why try to guess about what the Lord may reveal? Why worry about how you'll react to what's to come? You have instructions. You make covenants. You follow them. Through that, you grow faith. With that faith you'll face what's to come.
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    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    I disagree with this completely. I have an entire society of grandparents that prove this wrong. What I gathered from your post is that you put your hat of respect on the woman having no opportunities for a career. This is the biggest error of the Feminist Movement - the idea that full-time Motherhood is not respectable. The idea that "unless I can do what a man can do we're not equal". Societal traditions in the old days was structured around the lack of technology and opportunities that women have today. In the olden days, women stay home when they have their periods. They didn't have the privilege of tampons. My mother grew up in the 40's and monthly sanitation consisted of something akin to a ginormous cloth diaper. Women stay home when they were pregnant. They didn't have the privilege of ultrasounds and high-tech medical facilities. Women stayed home until the baby is weaned from breastmilk. Feeding babies off formula, gerber, and baby bottles was not a thing. And because women were having to stay home so much, then they do the home things - maintaining a well-organized, clean, and peaceful home while men bust their bums at the factories - and organizing societal things - like community service. These were things women took pride in - the organization of their homes and societies, the discipline of their children, etc. etc. They had a very vital role in life, equally (if not more so) than the factory. Human progress have led to men inventing things so women get all this opportunity to not stay in the house. They don't need to anymore. Even when they have periods, get pregnant, have kids to care for. So now women are clamoring for "equality". They want to be CEOs and Scientists and Presidents... do they clamor to clean ditches and collect trash and work heavy machinery? No. Because that's just not what women like to do. Women like the same things they liked when they were staying home more often - care services, organization services, management. But now, they don't want to do it for their own homes - they want to do it outside the home. Which means - their vital importance in society - that of Motherhood, managing children house and home - is left for other people to do. So now they complain that men aren't doing Motherhood even as men are still cleaning ditches and collecting trash that women don't like doing. But the craziness of all this is that Women also believe Men staying home to do the "Motherhood" job is also unrespectable. Women - even Career Women - want to marry Men who make a lot of money - even more than they make. So now, the responsibility of raising children is left like a hot potato with no takers. So no. Just because there are lesser opportunities for women to be Career Woman back in the day doesn't mean they were disrespected. They held a vital role in society that they are ditching today. Personally, I believe Women ditching the vital and very satisfying role of Mother and putting such as an unrespectable choice has caused great damage to today's society.
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    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    I agree, and wholeheartedly would conclude it as such In contrast, I could not disagree more. The so-called #MeToo movement is a lie, an attempt to use actual violence and evils done to women as a ram to effect political gain by making women (specifically feminists) literally unaccountable for any accusation they care to make.
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    I’ve seen Kwaku debate in the past and it isn’t anything to write home about.
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    DNA testing

    That's not the only thing they can do. Basically, Ancestry now OWNS your DNA sample and can do whatever they want to do with it. For example - and I'm just pulling this off the fringes of my brain - it can use your DNA sample to give to a research outfit that is working on a biological weapon to wipe out your entire family tree. This is most especially a concern to Jews because they have had that specific experience of people trying to wipe them out of the face of the earth. But, in the case of convictions - relative DNA has big DNA marker commonality such that, a relative of yours - including distant ones - that have specifically avoided giving DNA samples can now be identified by your DNA sample. So, you may be free with your closet but that doesn't mean your relative wants his closet opened even if he doesn't have skeletons in it either. Having grown up in a political family, I know for a fact that the lack of skeletons in one's closet doesn't mean it will be skeleton free when someone opens it. There are a lot of reasons somebody would contrive to put a skeleton in there. Especially with what we now know about Fake News and the seedy activities of Intelligence Agencies.
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    Chocolate covered coffee beans are a real thing, and I imagine there are all kinds of matcha tea (green) flavored candies and pastries.
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    Wow, apparently I've been in Utah too long, cuz I didn't even know there were chewable versions of coffee and tea.
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    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    So you went from the temple to the nearby steak center?
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    Golden Globe

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    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    You sure? I thought that baptizing tens of thousands on my mission meant they did have to listen to and believe me.
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    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    That's surprising, I always assumed you were a leader in the radical feminist movement. Robin Morgan and.... @Vort And you are, of course, free to spread your ideology and tell the world. Just know that the world doesn't have to listen to you anymore than you have to listen to the world.