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  1. At the beginning of the pandemic, I finally caved in and bought a year of CBS all access, to keep up with my Star Trek addiction. I'm glad I did it. Picard had a wonderful first season, there were so many ways "old man in space" could have been bad, but they did it well. Discovery's first two seasons are pretty good, I'm jazzed that season 3 hits in October. And I'm getting a huge kick out of Lower Decks - the animated Star Trek comedy! I'm grateful, in a universe where we might have been saddled with some awful Wesley Crusher thing, we got this instead. It's canon, and it's enjoying poking fun at trekkies who take themselves too seriously.
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  2. I just rewatched the Amazon 8-part series entitled UNDONE. It's an excellent story that ultimately explores mental illness. Interestingly, it's done in animation. At 22-minutes per episode, it can easily be binge-watched in 1-2 settings. Highly recommend.
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  3. To the request of my wife, we watched Mulan. you have probably all heard it before, but just take the original Mulan, remove the music, remove the character arc, remove the personality, then include all the climax moments only leave them awkward and poorly executed, water down the ending dialogue between Mulan and her father, and then add unnecessary character and back stories and cram them in essentially the same amount of time. Honestly, the worst parts of the movie were the awkward and poorly executed scenes that tried to give homage to the cartoon. The ending in particularly seemed to cram the 3 resolutions (She saved a China, she really did bring honor to her family, and her fathers love and forgiveness,) into one big dialogue.
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