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    Some members of this forum already know that between January 2015 - July 2019, my wife and I fostered and eventually came to adopt seven children. My amazing wife, in addition to the never ending task of being a mother of seven, made time to dedicate herself to writing a book in order to share her side of our story with the world. I am eternally grateful and proud of my awe-inspiring wife. I love her and my children with all my heart. Our story is nothing short of miraculous and we will ever be grateful for the trials and blessings God has placed in our path. Here is a link to the book, and a picture of my amazing family. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KZ23NKM
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    This could turn into a discussion about history and interpretation. However, given the church doctrine of the Great Apostasy, suffice to say that the question of how much the Holy Spirit guided a broken, sin-filled humanity (yes, including church leadership) is something we would answer based on whether we accept that teaching or not. No Protestant, and very few Catholics, would argue that the post-apostolic bishops and cardinals were without sin. Very few deny that some terrible actions were carried out in the name of God. Yet, just as we oppose those who want to define our nation (USA) based primarily on slavery and racial/gender oppression, so we traditionalists would reject church history interpretations that focused primarily on the sins of leadership.
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    When "a quick glance at an underage girl's breast" is not considered nudity, then what is? Young girls dancing to provocative music in skimpy clothes while cupping their breasts, twerking, slamming their hips into the ground, and moaning = PORN. This film, those who made it, and those who put their children in it are corrupt and evil. This garbage will only progress from here. In a few years full topless and bare bottom shots will be considered okay because the kids and their so called "parents" will consent to it. Film studios and those individuals who are progressive and enlightened, will tell us that pornography is only the actual engagement in sex, not just seeing a naked body. "Those who try to censor this type of storytelling and art are bigots, and are trying to prevent true freedom". If anyone (whether on this forum or not) still has doubts, you need to wake the heck up. This film is pornography; child porn, period. Satan is working in broad daylight. The line in the sand has been drawn and gets clearer every day. Everyone needs to get their rears in gear and choose which side they are on...you cannot serve both God and mammon.
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    From that article: first paragraph. Self-contradictory. That is nudity.
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    Came across this and thought it went along with your sentiment:
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    Update: Netflix has been indicted by grand jury in Texas. Not sure how the legal system works here, but Yay! Pro tip: If you're gonna run a streaming service, try not to stream "visual material which depcits the lewd exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of clothed or partially clothed children".
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    Emmanuel Goldstein

    Hypocritical Senators

    During the lunch break today. Amy Kobuchar sat working without a mask, interacting with staffers and handing them stuff and having stuff handed to her. As soon as lunch ended she joked for about 30 seconds. She did not put it back on at all. She then proceeded to complain that they should not be there because there is a pandemic. What a freaking bunch of hypocrites. America needs to wake up.
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    Confirming an New Supreme Court Judge

    False equivalency. Yes, the Republicans are corrupt and many of their works are evil. They do not hold even a dim candle to the Democrats, however. The manifest (and manifold) deficiencies of the Republican Party and its members should not be excuse to equate it and them to the Democratic Party and its adherents.
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    I had not heard this POV before. Thank you. You take the general idea of "God's time is not our time," and offer some historic referencing and interpretation. This does help me understand better.
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    That is where I was going to go with it. The night without darkness is hard to explain scientifically because we lack any kind of evidence (except for the testimony of the Book of Mormon itself) Where as the wise men also saw the sign in the Heavens of Christ's birth and acted on it. This seemed to be a sign that was clear to those watching but otherwise not remarkable... It is natural to assume they were one and the same but they seem very different, and I am not even sure they are the same mechanism.
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    A little story about the United Order. While I was in college I made a friend with a fellow in one of my classes - we often would study together. He was about a year and a half a head of me and just prior to his graduation we were talking and he produced the blue prints of the house he planed for him and his new bride. I went over the plans and the house was what I thought was way beyond what a new grad could afford to build. But he told me that the house would be built as soon as he graduated. He said that it would be built by his family. I was impressed and sought more information and his family story unfolded. There were in history several places that were quite successful with the United Order. I believe that it was near Snowflake Arizona that a successful United Order maintained a cattle ranch. But the Church decided to sell off all the United Order and divest itself. My friends great grandfather arranged to purchase the cattle ranch and decided to run the ranch within the family as it had previously been ran by the church. Over the years the enterprise expanded and the family business moved into other enterprises. They included a construction company, building supplies store, a bank, a grocery store, a doctor's office, a dentist and a few other enterprises. After high school my friend met with the family board of directors and was offered a position within the organization as an engineer. The business would pay for his education and he would work within the company upon his graduation. His pay would not be very good but the benefits were amazing. The company would provide all the building supplies for his house at cost and his the family would provide the labor free to build his home. In addition the family bank would provide the mortgage at a very low rate (I believe it was 2% and the stand rates at the time were between 12 and 18%. Medical and dental care would be provided by the company's enterprises and he would purchase food ad cost from the family store. I lost track of my friend after his graduation but I found the story interesting. There are a number of "family businesses" - some less successful but never the less still in operation. I seriously considered starting a "family business" but none of my children were interested in my consulting business and as truth be known have gone through time of their lives when they were not interested in religious things. But times have changed and now I have a son that is putting together a family business. I have invested in his enterprises - we will see how things turn out. The Traveler
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    I heard it described in even more simple terms. I like the below definitions. The spirit of socialism: We are going to take. The spirit of capitalism: I am going to take care of myself. The spirit of Consecration: We are going to give.
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    Unwise and possibly a sacrilege. My position has always been thus: The difference between Communism and the Law of Consecration is declaring whose property it is. Capitalism says everything belongs to the individual. administered by the individual accountable to market forces Communism says everything belongs to the collective. administered by men who usually crave power accountable to no one but themselves The Law of Consecration says everything belongs to the Lord. administered by the individuals having stewardship and men who are called of God. accountable to the Lord and the people within the system Now look at the hypothetical you offer. Everything belongs to the Lord. administered by people just winging it. accountable to people just winging it. Where is the Lord in that? Alternative: Individuals wishing to live the principles of the LoC without a formal structure. Everything "I own" actually belongs to the Lord. I'm a steward over HIS stuff. I'm accountable to Him for how I administer it. I fear that when "people get together" without the Lord's blessing on the system, they're doomed for failure. And if they take it upon themselves to believe that the Lord wanted them to do this, it potentially leads to apostasy and cultish behavior.
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    Well people are already saying that. Someone said that on this forum.
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    It is time...

    Dude! How did you get a picture of me when I wake up in the morning?