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  1. Boy, this where you NEED TO BACK OFF and learn the power of discernment than your physical emotions. This is more damaging to see your immaturity in the last part of the post – IT IS MORE SHAME ON YOU. Now, if you feel like belittling me, grow up and use some form of maturity and do it in private message or take the curiosity and NOT POSTING as Pam stated. As judging me, I am convert to the church and a former catholic...
  2. When a couple comes to the gate of heaven, would Michael allow these couple who choose civil marriage or a baptized person outside the authoritated priesthood into the celestial kingdom? I think you already know the answer. Apostle Bruce R. McConkie stated: Among Latter-day Saints the term civil marriage means a marriage performed solely by civil authority as distinguished from an eternal or a celestial marriage, which is performed both by civil authority and by that power which binds on earth and seals eternally in the heavens. Civil marriages are performed by man's authority and last until death or divorce separates the parties; celestial marriages are by God's authority, and the unions endure in time and in eternity. For those who are not qualified and worthy to enter into the Lord's order of matrimony, civil marriages are proper and honorable and there is no sin attached to the relationship that results from them. But for a true saint, one who loves the Lord and has in his heart the hope of eternal life, no marriage will prove satisfactory but one that is eternal. President Joseph F. Smith expressed the feelings of those who believe and know the truth when he said that he would rather go himself to the grave than associate with a woman outside the new and everlasting covenant of marriage. (Mormon Doctrine by Bruce R. McConkie, P.146) The church still performs civil marriages by an authorized bishop or stake president. But, the church only recognize any civil marriage between MAN and WOMAN as it was constituted in the Garden of Eden when it was performed for both Adam and Eve.The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, being concerned with the growth of its members, fosters and encourages marriage, teaching that all individuals who are mentally and physically able to beget sound bodies should enter into the marriage state and become parents. Concerning this the Prophet Joseph received by revelation in March, 1831, the following: "And again, verily I say unto you, that who so forbiddeth to marry is not ordained of God, for marriage is ordained of God unto man. "Wherefore, it is lawful that he should have one wife, and they twain shall be one flesh, and all this that the earth might answer the end of its creation."
  3. It is already provided in the D&C where the Savior will administer too, thus leaving the Holy Ghost to administer to the Telestial glory and its individuals. I am not referring to mortality state. I am referring to glorified states - in answering the OP statement.
  4. "U DA MAN!!!" See, it is not hard at all. Sorry for not delving into the thread from page one.
  5. At a fast and testimony meeting, there was a ten-year old boy who walked up to the podium. Not knowing his age, my first thought when he spoke; he was a dwarf for his age – seeing his testimony resound of someone who was either late teen or in his early twenties. Even when he carried himself, it was not noticeable he was ten. While attending priesthood, I asked the father the boys name and age. After he mentioned he was ten-years old, my mouth just dropped in awe. I asked the father if this boy had a patriarchal blessing and he stated no. I then mentioned the story about David O. McKay receiving his PB at an early age and remark to him, he should do the same. This boy was beyond his age of accountability and the PB would be a great treasure (pearl) to his salvation. This is a rare case where I have met young children and young teens who shame must of us in faith and maturity.
  6. I was going to counter your remark but you made an intelligible statement of (little) research/study first then pray for truth. Let you know, if it is not written or specified to specific individuals, while others receive more detailed way obtaining truths, the person has been on the board long enough to know. This is always the intent of this board and some of its members. You are not alone in this fact. However, what was left out, it actually starts with a “DESIRE” to receive specific truths. It has been pointed out with patterns of past dispensation prophets up to Joseph Smith, the key is “desire” in knowing a specific topic and thus, researching/study, is the key to summarize a question or proposed answer to GOD in order to receive an confirmation by the Holy Ghost. Or, it can be given as instruction by the Godhead or a ministering spirit in person. .
  7. Do you remember the Rubik Cube and how frustating it was to master it? Well... they have a interactive web version for but someone has broke the record with only 20 oves. LINK: God's Number is 20
  8. Sorry...for obvious reasons, we don't have a LAUGH BUTTON.
  9. Hang in there, you parents will always still love you. Even I have a wayward child but never rejcted the church...just don't live the standards for guilty reasons.
  10. He has an addiction. It will be hard to break an addiction without some outside help or aid in this matter. Once you touch for some, it becomes a fetish for them, whether it is physical or thoughts. Now, it has start with a strong desire to repent and to return for the right reasons. Among those desires, he need to seek help spiritually first before physically (cravens maybe a sexual type) kicking the habit. Each day is a new day of kicking the addiction one step at a time. Where to start? It starts to return to sincere prayers. This maybe the drawn out tearful ones in pleading before GOD for mercy and asking for help. Then comes a visit to local Mission President since he was excommunicate and placed on formal probation. Next – comes in returning to daily reading and learning the words of the Savior. Setup a goal type setting for each day, each week, and each month, until it is habitual with another person to monitor him. Monitor everything from TV to internet usage and to see what transpire each day in his life. He needs to be truthful in reporting. Now, if he is doing the obvious (sexual affairs), there are other misguiding mischief’s he is doing that getting him into trouble before leaping into the girls arms or really, her pants. Bystor, this need to be reviewed quickly and shutdown quickly as humanly possible. Remember, his life at first needs monitoring and mentoring to ensure success. There is much more but stick with the basics first before leaping further until it is becomes a ritual for him to do the right and avoid any appearance of evil in his life. Good luck though…
  11. And...only weigh 89-pounds and will require a kiddy soap box to stand the podium.
  12. Awesome to see this level of talent...nice.
  13. I made mentioned yesterday and remember your post...a friend asked, "How is your health lately?" I told her my state of heath and I wish the Savior will allow me to return to Him now. She was appalled. The problem she didn't know, I am ready to cross and have no fear as other members do. Have you notice people reaction when you tell them "I am ready to cross the veil?"
  14. Oh man!!! That had me rolling with laughter.
  15. Don't worry...they will receive their rewards. Reward I am referring is what happens to these people lives afterwards. I have been spending allot of my energy these days, researching the handful of individuals who were directly connected to either taking part or committed the actual murder of both Joseph and Hyrum Smith. What I have recorded so far, through family own journals, statements, and other articles, I have only seen except two individuals who I cannot find anything on what happened after their involvement, the rest had a terrible life or died a horrible death.
  16. "IF" you end up in the Terrestrial kingdom or the Telestial Kingdom, it is not necessary to have any family connection at all. Is this answer you are looking for?
  17. You may have to look in your own wards to see this is a problem: this goes with the statement of insecurities with appearance when it is modified through cosmetic surgery for exhibit only. A few Sundays ago, talking to high councilor at the chapel door before Sacrament, I noticed a pattern of a few women who had it done; showing cleavage (low cut ‘V’ patterns) is a problem. Adding, even stomach tucking or sucking, is another issue where dresses are skin tight at the right old age of 45-60 years old.
  18. Bystor - not yet...but wait until there is no spirit in the world (soon to be removed) and only reserve for those who are righteous before GOD. Then, you begin to see something that make you cringe. Learning how the “Cities of Plain” fell from grace and the Spirit withdrawn would be a good case study.
  19. I wish...I do collect personal journals of the earlier Saints.