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  1. Perhaps I may be wrong, but I believe someone has to be the adult in this situation. That being your Dad. He had the power as an adult to thwart any advances that your young hormonal friend may have. He simply could have said no. He too has the power over the household to ask her to leave. Instead he did neither. While I don't excuse your friends behavior either, she simply needs to leave the home. She violated the sanctity of the home and your family by her behavior. You are assuming that she enticed your father, when it may be that he enticed her. I would suggest meeting with your mom and dad jointly and telling your mom just what is going on and that you believe it is their responsiblity to take the appropriate action with her. Bottom Line Your dad was the adult and had complete control of the situation and could have stopped it long before it happened.
  2. Not to mention that no trees were cut down when sending these alerts.
  3. Bureacracy equates to "no common sense". Have people forgot how to think?
  4. Cast dispersions if you must however we are now on the picket line and signs are everywhere. We now have the backing of AFL CIOor (American Fools and Little Children In Oregon) The top ten signs are. 10. Moderators are like tators - too many eyes 9. Replace Pam with Jam 8. Give us Liberty, or give us Meth. 7. Too many rules, from too many fools 6. Be our friends or be our enemas 5. We shall overcome, by sucking our thumb 4. Down with Mods, Up with Babe Bods 3. Who Needs Supervision? 2. Give us rights or we will fight and finally 1. We may be fools, but we is cools.
  5. YouTube - Kumbaya My Lord - Mamas & Papas I have contacted the NAAMR and requested their assistance with the sit in protest. NAAMR = (No Acceptance of Any Moderators Rules)
  6. Good Idea. I will immediatly hold a séance with Jimmy Hoffa:eek: lilered aka: lilhoffa:D
  7. :QUOTE=pam;423615]I believe in talking donkeys. They post regularly on the threads. dead donkey::deadhorse:[
  8. I have decided to picket LDS Mormon Forum H.Q.s starting tomorrow. At 6:00 am CST I will be walking in front of their H.Q. Bldg. with the following sign. New Rule Change Sucks! (While singing "We shall overcome"
  9. I agree, raise her up properly and then let her make her decisions and/or mistakes. That means being supportive as well as letting her take the responsiblity if something goes amuck. That is the real hard part. It is much easier on us if we try to rush into make things better. If you do then you are really enabling her to continue that behavior without consequence. She learns nothing. Good luck
  10. Yes Pam, I think your right, however I am not sure that God will allow man to destroy the earth completly.
  11. For me there is a larger question? Will God allow man to destroy the earth?
  12. At least that would be better than Richard Hatch wearing nothing!! Gag, Gag,
  13. Romneys creditials are impressive to me, however I have to agree with Beck in that Romney does not come across as him having fire in his belly, nor do I believe he has portrayed himself as being personable, likeable, or understanding of the everyday problems that face most Americans. It seemed to me during his last try, he wasn't very effective at selling himself nor showing a warmer side. I certaintly don't think Beck has hurt the Image of Mormonism, but I am not quite sure I would laud that much praise suffiecently to indicate he single handly has helpedl helped Romney the most.
  14. I want to set the record straight for all you girlie men, that are afraid of your wife. I personally love wearing the pants, that my wife picks out for me.
  15. CnatStrainer.I have posted again for reference: The Church Welfare Plan describes a consecrated person as one who does not seek for worldly riches; who esteems his brother as himself; who, through tithes and offerings, helps to build up the Kingdom of God by caring for the temporal needs of those General Authorities whom God has called into full-time service; who makes his worldly goods available, over and above his family’s necessities, for the Lord’s work; and who, with his time, talents and means, takes care of the temporally and spiritually poor. Quoting the Church Welfare Plan, Bruce R. McConkie wrote, Please note the part about "over and above his family's necessities". The Lord doesn't expect us to foresake our families in lieu of assisting the poor, needy, etc. However, remember the Law of Sacrifice as well as Gods blessings for keeping our covenants. We also can give of our talents, time, etc. to meet requirements of being a Concencrated Person. If you have been through the Temple, think about certain covenants you make. :)