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    An honest question

    This alludes to something that Joseph Smith said, something along the lines that angels cannot perform baptisms or other ordinances. They may possess keys and once they are given to man, they no longer interfere with men as far as performing ordinances. The idea that angels come and minister but do not perform actual ordinances or participate in the work(as in tracting or other fellowshipping) going on here, I think, is pretty evident. As to John the Revelator and the 3 Nephites, it seems to me that having an immortal body would alter the way they live upon the Earth. Since they are different, it seems they operate the way angels operate to some degree, yet they remain on the earth.
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    We Don't Teach Jesus?

    I personally have felt at times that Christ is not focused enough on. For me, the most important meetings that I have attended were when I was just first in college and we had gospel doctrine teacher that was going through the new testament. She rarely had extra material than the scriptures. She just pulled out the 8x11 1/2 inch scriptures and we read and then asked for our feelings and we would share them, bear testimony, and I was inspired most weeks to go home and study myself. I have never been in a class that was consistently like that one. To me that class was the ideal. The spirit was in that room, and you knew what was talked about was true. We talked of Christ, prophesied of Christ, preached of Christ, for the purpose that we would know the source of the remission of our sins. To me I was mostly motivated to make changes in my life. We talked about Christ and His doctrines, and realizing what He had done I just wanted to be a better person. To me that is more motivating than hearing about various principles and how to apply them. When we read Mosiah 14, can we not but feel a need and an urgency to live better? I have noticed at various times in my life that what fuels my decisions and whether I do what I am supposed to reguarly comes down to a particular decision. Have I chosen to follow Christ? It's simple. Did I make that choice. If I did, then lots of my excuses go away, revelation comes and tells me what I need to do. And when I am told, I am ready to act personally. I still make many mistakes, but I feel I really am doing all that I can do in those times. This choice is not made once. It should be made every day. Did you choose THIS day whom you would serve? It seems a good subject of conversation with Father every morning.
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    Law of Sarah

    As was said, the Law of Moses will not be lived in our dispensation. sacrifice by the shedding of blood ended with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The keys that were had then in that dispensation were the keys of the gathering of Israel from the four parts of the earth, and the leading the ten tribes from the north countries. Those keys have been restored.
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    Law of Sarah

    Hi, I think what I am about to say can be easily understood wrong. The Law of Moses no longer applies as far as specific applications of ordinances, and other performances. However, the principles that come from it continue on. Mosiah 13:30 is one of my favorite verses to teach us this. Their temple experience is very helpful to us to understand what we must do in this life. The law teaches us that there are consequences to our decisions and we must realize that. Especially in our world today when we can do many things and it seems there is no negative consequences. The truth is they are there. The Gospel is truly a higher law because we cannot depend on others, or cultural laws to immediately tell us we are wrong. We must rely on the Spirit and faith. This increases the rapidity of our growth.
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    How did I get here

    The reason I said evaluate your time, it's because satan attacks constantly and when he has you in sin, it is much harder to resist. You can never be free from the sin UNTIL you let Christ take over and protect you. Then Satan has no power. In activities that you might view as menial, or not important, or trivial and satan has you, Then your defenses drop and satan can have at you more and steer you away into more dangerous activities. But if you cut down on these activities that put your mind in drone mode, or idle mode, or zombie mode, then he has much less opportunity to attack you and have success.
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    How did I get here

    Hi, I hope you feel better and find the strength to overcome your temptations! There are many many people who struggle with sexual sins and temptations and though it might seem what you have done is worse than others. I'll tell you to be careful with that thought. Satan would have you feel alone and helpless Make you feel like you are worse human being than others and you are beyond the point of return. This is false. You are a precious child of your Heavenly Father. He loves you! He has a way for you to be free! That way is in Jesus Christ. My biggest recommendation, is to evaluate your time and actions a bit. Any activity, no matter its innocence, if its a distraction then you need to cut it out. Are you dependent on music? Do you need technology time? Do you need a soda every day? Secondly, replace the wasted time with scripture study. The scriptures are full of promises to be healed and receive the Spirit though scripture study. My favorite Jacob 2:8. The word of God does heal. Do you really want healing? If you do, then you will study. President Kimball(I think) used to say(paraphrase) something about people who would say "I really wish I could play the piano."(when no effort was given to practicing and learning to play) He would say no you don't want to play, if you did then you would practice, take lessons, develop yourself from basics until you could play complicated pieces, and so on. I paraphrased that last part badly, but the point is the same. If we want something we drive ourselves to get it. If you want healing, the way is in Christ, and He has given us the scriptures to give us His Spirit and His protection and strength.
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    The world is wrong

    Mental illness seems to be covered by the Atonement. Just like in 2 Nephi 2 I think? Or Mosiah 3?(dont have scriptures handy) Essentially those that their minds are not in a position to hear and understand the Gospel because they can't get out of their heads as you mentioned PC. I think there are many people in our world that suffer from mental stresses and other things that inhibit our ability to make good decisions and so forth. How many times have you snapped at someone because you didn't get enough sleep or eat enough food? And so your body takes a little control because of poor planning or decision making on your part. So I think there are a number of things that we can do to help our mental health be strong. The main problem I see is when we ourselves make excuses for our bad decisions and say I didn't do A because I have this "disorder" which in reality isn't a disorder, it's just you aren't taking care of your mental health. Another excuse line is, "this is the way I am since I was young." I think some of that is I was young and I let my mind go out of control. I didn't DISCIPLINE myself. And now I can't get any control so therefore it must be who I am. satan's lie on that one. People change if they have faith and believe in God, and are always seeking for more knowledge. You might not have the answer today as to why you behave but maybe you learn that you are celiac and that is why your body doesnt function the way it should, or you learn that you are lactose intolerant, and so on and then leave that out of your diet becaise you respect the gift that God has given you. Our world makes too many excuses and try to drop all responsibiility. Now, there are many people who sincerely have mental illness or trials that have been clinically proven. Yes that is a trial that will have to be endured with God's help. And my heart goes out to them. But not to the people who feign illness or try to manipulate and get their way because they are too lazy to accept responsibility. (though I suppose that Christ's heart still reaches out to them and so I should be like that, but I am not that good obviously.)
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    Support and Advice

    I agree with anddenex. Those are your feelings towards God. Then focus on them. Build your relationship with God and your family and business will prosper. Just give it time. As far as voting? Thats up to you. When you raise your hand to sustain him. That is to covenant to support him, and help him as he serves his calling. I can't determine from what I've read what I'd do. Pray and ask God for your decision. See if it is right. If it is then follow that course of action. Follow the direction that you receive.
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    Priesthood for sisters?

    I dont have a definitive view on what finrock said, but as to what skippy was saying about children being born and that there are babies born outside the church. A possible suggestion is that being born in the covenant requires that the mother and father have been sealed in the temple. Priesthood is required to enter into covenants, right? I wouldnt define any act of righteousness a performance of an ordinance. I would more consider that just us fulfilling the covenants. Ordinances are the means of entering or renewing covenants. The way we live enhances the power and effect of these covenants, and thus also makes the ordinances many times more meaningful. Then it becomes very evident that the power of Godliness is indeed manifest in the ordinances.
  10. So I was just reading in D&C 28 and verses 4-7 seem to indicate that this Denver Snuffer would be in keeping with this counsel, IF he is not commanding the prophet or commanding others. I have not read this Denver Snuffer material, so I have no feeling one way or another. But my initial feelings suggest to me that Denver is in keeping with that counsel.
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    Christ wasn't perfect?

    How I read and understand President Snow's qoute there. Jesus Christ was not perfected. To be perfect is to be like God in every way. That is implied with MAT 5:48. And demonstrated when Christ teaches this to the Nephites 12:48.(I think i have the right references). In order for Christ to become like our Father He had to do what all of us have to do here. Come to this earth, receive a body, be obedient to the will of God(Abraham 3:25), die, be resurrected, and receive our inheritance from our Father. Christ did all of these things. The only one on that list, that I gave, which pertains to our agency and choice in this life is choosing to obey the will of the Father. That is what we all do here. In the process of that, President Snow's comment about suffering is an element of that will. It is God's will that we suffer. If we endure faithfully then we will be blessed and have more suffering later. Until the day when we have proven to God that we will suffer all things for Christ. That we have made Abraham's sacrifice. This suffering, as President Snow indicated, sanctifies us. This idea then indicates why we come here to obey. It is to be changed, molded, and become new creatures of God, who are holy, and clean without spot.
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    Reason to worry?

    and has to the thread question, i dont feel it is anything to worry if you work on what ive talked about. Mainly find someone who knows about this stuff and having him work with strengthening your immune system and health.
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    Reason to worry?

    i am no doctor or anything, but my wife recently had an experience where she couldn't see anything and was dizzy and couldn't communiacte and was incoherent. It was a little nerve-racking. She had a similar experience sometime before we got married. Then she went home and did a test to determine any food sensitivities. She is intolerant to gluten and is close to soy intolerance. What this means is that if she continues to eat gluten, and soy. the soy can develop to an intolerance. The gluten can develop to celiac, which could kill her, and at the least cause complications with the immune system and and other system functions. MS is a possible result because of continuing to eat gluten. So after she was diagnosed, she stopped eating gluten and cut most soy out(sad as it is, most everything you eat out there has soy in it which in the usa is GMO). Soy sauce does contain gluten in it. So i work at a restauraunt and there was a dish that she really liked but it had soy sauce in it. I got this dish for her 1-2 times a week. Then a month ago she had another experience. She is in process of doing a hormone test which takes a month to do, and hopefully she will learn more. But the immediate actions she was told to take was to start a diet called "repairvite." The purpose is to clean your system of potential food sensitivities or any foods that cause your immune system trouble. And then more importantly heal the stomach lining in you stomach. It should help make your GI tract stronger, healthier, and will leave you free of trouble until you can figure out some stuff. If you want more information pm me and ill see about getting you in contact with someone that knows about this stuff. Doctors don't usually know about this. My personal experience has been doctors know little. They say we see these symptoms we think it is "A", and then more tests and they realize that "A" was not it so then they say "we think it is 'B'." and so on and so forth. Watch the documentary supersize me and the three health consultants, the doctor doesn't know anything(that is relative haha). The others contributed useful information and exhibit more concern because they forsee serious consequences. In the beginning the two other health professionals gave very educated health projections based off their field of study. The doctor was like, "i dont know." What you described above indicates to me the pattern I just mentioned. They will do more tests, and they will not find anything especially if it relates to your immune system and strengthening it from attacks. Doctors generally prescirbe drugs, which yes may help the symptoms but usually suppress the immune system. They don't understand how the immune system works. Hence their solutions are band-aids when you need gloves(good health and nutrition) to protect you.
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    Guys, where is a good place to get inexpensive suits

    you can get custommade suits for $75+shipping in thailand. ill have to find my contact, but i also got 6 custom shirts made for $6.67 each. However you pay for shipping. I think for the 6 shirts it was around dollars(shipping). its been awhile so i dont remember the exact cost and this was 3 years ago. It seemed like I paid an average of just under 20 dollars or 15 dollars per(including shipping). so that is way cheap for a shirt. And I havent bought any since then. They are great quality!
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    More then faith

    Another point that Joseph Smith explains is that faith is an attribute of God. If God did not have faith, then He would not be God. However, since He does then He is. So we too must develop and cultivate the attribute of faith so that we may be like Him. Even though He knows everything, and we will know everything, we will also possess a faith in its perfectness. It makes most sense to me when understood from explanation that I made above and that Joseph Smith makes. Faith is the moving cause of all action in all intelligent beings. What I believe and know, and thus conform my life to what I know, will move me to act. When I possess this attribute I am moved to act. When this attribute is absent in me, I become a lazy bum.
  16. THIRDpersonviewer

    More then faith

    I am going to probably say some different things, but I feel are accurate. This is largely coming from the lectures on faith. Joseph Smith taught that faith is essentially the cause of all action in all intelligent beings, and that it is a principle of power. He uses the Hebrews 11 explanation of faith to teach us that faith is the "assurance that men have of the existence of things not seen." So we may not see something, but we have an assurance somewhere that says it is there. The evidence of this assurance can be seen when we look at our actions. Why did I study? If I did not have some assurance that I could actually gain knowledge from studying, would I have studied. In other words what we really believe in our heart will move us to act. I want to focus on that aspect. Once you know something, you still possess faith and you still act. In reality you can't have faith at all if you do not have a knowledge of the thing in which you have faith. Joseph Smith later teaches and demonstrates that the world has always had the knowledge of God on the Earth, which allowed them to exercise faith unto salvation. So to the op's question. I don't think we know something is true unless we do have proof. Now we may know something but not necessarily that it is true until we test our faith. The fruits will teach whether our faith was placed in something right or not. And then we have a small proof for ourselves. A knowledge that that principle is true. It may not be perfect yet, but one day it will come.(As andennex and mikbone alluded to) Does that make sense?
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    Lorenzo Snow Couplet

    hi how are you? I think there are some things about our doctrine that misunderstood can lead to confusion. The main thing is who we believe God to be. As you mentioned that God was a man before He became Jesus Christ. I assume that you believe that God and Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Father. Do I understand that belief correct? If so then yes our doctrine would seem very confusing as how can Jesus Christ be a man before He lived here. We believe that God consists of three seperate personages. The Father. The Father of our spirits and of all things as the creator of them. The Son. This is Jesus Christ who is the Son of the Father on this earth that redeems us and gives us grace. The Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. This is the Spirit that teaches and witnesses of the Father and the Son. The Father and Son have bodies that have flesh and bones like mankind. The Spirit is just a spirit so that it can dwell in us and feel the presence of the others in us. That is why with the prior post, the idea was mentioned that Christ is the way to the Father(a teaching prevelant in the Bible). It is through Christ that we learn of the Father. The last point I wanted to make is we do not believe in reincarnation. We will never come back as another form of life whether it is a human, a cat, a rabbit, a snail. We believe we will be resurrected to the bodies that we now have. They will come forth from our graves to have a body forever, and coupled with that will be a happiness and joy that will go on through eternity. Oh and as pertaining to Jesus Christ as the Jehovah of the Old Testament. In the scripture Abraham 3:27, we are taught that Christ was like unto God.(emphasis added). That suggests that Jehovah or Christ had the same nature or perfection that the Father had before He came into this life. The one thing that He lacked was a resurrected body of flesh and bones, which if Jehovah did possess then He would be exactly like the Father. Jehovah now possesses that body as He is now resurrected. So He is exactly like our Father. There was no regression, just a "condescension." That He came down from that special state and capacity to undergo mortal testing and trial. He fulfilled and passed that test by completing the Atonement and our redemption. Therefore He was resurrected to His current position of gloriously exalted person who possesses all the Father possesses and is perfect.
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    "God has **A** plan for you."

    1. I think for me when Ive heard it, it feels and seems like the person is referencing personal individualized plan. 2. I agree there is a plan and that after a period of time this is revealed to us based on faithfulness. however I see it as one receiving their patriarchal blessing, and as time goes on just the major daily life things(ie we should move here, i should leave this job, i should go to this school, etc.) and even smaller things like going and checking on my wife(she ends up needing some help), or the bank account(almost forgot to pay rent), or whatever. I think this fits the idea that in the very moment the Lord will reveal what we should speak(or in these cases what we need or should do). I don't think though that everything is revealed to us obviously. Why do we have this trial, we do we struggle with that? Those questions should be answered through the argument that we are living faithful and now desire to receive the next phase of our plan, therefore we should receive it. That just feels so wrong to me on so many levels. I dont think God has one specific plan either. Otherwise we'd have soulmates right? President Kimball denounced that concept. More likely there are many options out there and based on our choices, we prepare ourselves to receive certain blessings. Oncce received, our continued choices will dictate which options or path/plan that we will receive in the future.
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    Should the Old Testament be treated like the Apocrapha?

    there is a ton of symbolism in the OT that if you read with an open heart and maybe some commentary to help, then you will get more out of it. I'd say yes and no. Yes in that what it says in that verse that you have to have the Spirit to understand. Some parts have more immediate meaning than others. Leviticus at first will seem worthless but, if i recall, it enhances some of the meaning in stories and parables in the new testament such as the woman with the issue of the blood. However you won't learn how to live your life or change it for the better. why? well we dont offer sacrifice obviously. No because Joseph Smith only felt impressed to reveal that Songs of Solomon is the only uninspired scripture in the Bible. That's prophets teaching. From me, I have a testimony that the Old Testament is inspired. It just requires effort, and usually much more effort than is put into understanding the Book of Mormon. Just like anything in life, anything of worth requires a price to be paid.
  20. THIRDpersonviewer

    Struggling On the Inside

    Another thing that might play a role is that he could be worn out and tired. I only say this because when I am worn out I dont take care of keeping the house clean very well. And to my wife, this communicates a lot of love for her. It's not that I dont want to do it, I just feel down and mustering the effort that i dont even feel is overwhelming and thus more stressful. Now I feel the opposite and as was said more men tend to need or desire physical touch. If he is like my wife, then some physical things are good and seems to be enough, but more love is communicated through her love languages. So she does those other things. I do appreciate any of the ways her love is given to me, it makes me feel special. But early on I had to communicate with her and say hey, when i don't receive this, i feel unwanted, or if i am not having this then i feel more apart. That would be my advice is just really communicating with him. You should be able to talk with your spouse about your needs. One other thing that I've found is me being affectionate to her. Often that is really all I'll need. At first she didn't like it much but then I talked to her about my feelings and she didn't like me being affectionate, so she worked on just letting me affectionate. And at first she didnt think about it much, but now it seems to help us connect better. My point is the changes come but you have to talk about it. Can't wait until the pressure builds and then it explodes. You have to discuss it when you need it. just do it lightly, lovingly, but not timidly.
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    John 5:19

    To simply answer that question, The question was asked have we witnessed the Atonement. The question isnt a simple did you see it, or do I have a testimony of it. You mentioned that we possibly witnessed the atonement in the pre-mortal world(i assume thats what you meant by spirit world). I personally don't think we know for sure. No prophet said it (unless someone would like to inform me otherwise). It also depends on what is meant by witness. That could mean to see, have testimony, or to be like something or someone. I don't know if I saw it nor do I think we know the answer to that. I mean we were in heaven working and progressing, not sitting around watching this earth and everything that transpired. Since we would have had a testimony before this life as well as now, that would make the answer yes, but why answer a redundant question. It seems the question was searching for a deeper answer. Now to be like someone. Joseph Smith explained in the very same section of his sermon that Eternal Life is to know the only true and wise God. Joseph expounded that phrase to as "and you have to learn to be Gods yourselves(like us too, not by ourselves)." That phrase is in the D&C, and Bible. The process of becoming like God involves a developing understanding and testimony of the Atonement that guides ones actions to repent and be clean. When you are perfect, you will understand and comprehend all of what the Atonement does and is. The love, the sacrifice, the power thats in the Atonement will be understood and felt as part of who you are. So for the question have you witnessed the Atonement, in the context of doing what Christ did and gaining a full and complete understanding of it. I already answered my view on it.
  22. THIRDpersonviewer

    John 5:19

    I can also see in Joseph Smith's use of the Bible, that he used it so not only could members not have a question about what he is teaching, but people who only use the Bible for their study. I grew up in the south and people there really take the Bible as their authority on scripture. And Joseph Smith is using that authority to teach doctrine. I don't want to talk too much, because this is very sacred text or doctrine being discussed, and a public forum just doesn't seem right on this occasion.
  23. THIRDpersonviewer

    Looking for perspective about inactive spouse

    When my wife is sick, i go myself, and at first it was a little weird, but then it became no big thing. I think its what you make of it. You might wonder at first why everyone else has their families together or whatever similar. I think that might be at first a personal apprehension about the whole thing, but after awhile it should get back to the focus that I am at church to lean and grow. And so all the other stuff wondering what others may say, or why is this happening should go away. Like I said it only goes away if you really focus on the Lord. Then Iget more out of church and i go home and i am able to uplift at home for what my wife missed. I do have the blessing of being able to talk about things, but in your case you can act and practice what you learned or keep learning about it, or maybe even ask your husband if he knows. if he doesnt then let it be and try and call someone up and ask them. I think he would be intrigued by your desire to ask him, or calling someone to really learn. just a thought.
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    John 5:19

    I feel the reason is because there are definitly elements that ring with truth, and open our minds, some of it is so powerful and deep that we dont understand the full importance of everything that Joseph said. This leads to questions that we can't answer, as President Hinckley demonstrates. To Joseph this was simple and clear, as, to me, is evidenced by the matter of fact and bold tone with which he speaks. But what did he mean with these three make one baptism? That isnt clear, whether something was missed in transcribing or Joseph thought it was self-explanatory, its just not clear. It suggests that words here and there may not be communicated clean to us. Possible more questions. Now if you deduce the main point and idea that he teaches, then you get a clearer picture of what is taught. However some specific questions like Joseph saying that Christ did that the Father did(quoting the Bible). The context of the Bible verse suggests, being who the Father is as well. If Christ were not like the person that God is, then how could He do the same works? But Joseph emphasizes the doing aspect. All this to suggest that God was once a man who laid down His life and took it back up again. Then Joseph says something about Christ seeing not just knowing what the Father did but seeing. How did that happen? Was Christ there? Did the Father reveal in vision to Christ? Questions like that come up and some people say, "I dont know, its too much for me, this talk is confusing, it teaches this and that and ive never heard it(when some of that stuff which is taught is generally someone teaching their opinion.)" That is why some people move on and dont study it or ignore its contents because they dont understand by reading it once. In my estimation, take it for what its worth, there is doctrine contained in it, not all of it is understood and therefore cannot(or should not be taught(the parts not understood)). I view it as a personal study that through prayer you may receive a witness of the truth to certain things that are contained in it.
  25. THIRDpersonviewer

    John 5:19

    my understanding is that the KFD was a conference sermon as well as a the funeral sermon of King Follet. To go to the OP's question, im not sure we can answer that. Witnessing the Atonement, whether we were present at the time when Christ suffered for us I doubt that would be revealed to us, and if it was itd be like everyone said, not to be mentioned. If you mean being a witness of its reality and power. We can have strong levels of a testimony, we can have witnesses every day about it, but our witness will never be whole or complete until, im guessing, either a calling and election is made sure or until after this life. I believe I have a witness of the Atonement but only in aspects that pertain to my experiences, as do, as I assume, everyone here who has a testimony. But I don't see myself fully understanding, grasping, and comprehending every part of that great sacrifice until after this life. My prior paragraph suggests to me the only possibility is to live so righteously that your calling and election is made sure.