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  1. Will she go if she gets to stay with you in Sunday School and Relief Society? I had no friends at church in my youth. People do not have to actively talk about you to make you feel excluded. They may not be talking about her all the time, but she probably really and truly does not feel welcome by her *peers*. It does not mean much if the leaders care. If you do allow her to stay home someone needs to be with her because she cuts. Allow her to wear pants to church if clothing is ever a fight. Clothes are not worth fighting over.
  2. I would want to know and I would be mad as hell at you if I found out later that you knew something and didn't tell me. Supporting documentation would be good if you can get it, otherwise, tell them in a similar way you told us. I would also tell the man's wife too, because it could be that she has no idea. She, too, probably got a light version of events the way the Bishop did. Maybe even call CPS to spark an investigation to protect his seven year old daughter.
  3. Maureen, you said "OK, but if a person who remained single in this life were to get sealed during the millennium, he/she would not be single anymore. Likewise, if a mix-faith couple were to be sealed during the millennium, they would no longer be mix-faith. And what would make a gay person choose to be sealed during the millennium if he/she chose not to be sealed during this life?" Right. It's the "in this life" in this mortal coil that I am referring to. A homosexual who lived a celibate life and is otherwise worthy of being sealed to someone would probably want to be sealed to someone during the Millennium. Traveler, I hope you were being facetious with the Down's Syndrome comment. Also you said, "One would not think of themselves as bisexual if they had never chosen to be involved in bisexual behavior" That's an illogical statement. I don't have to engage in heterosexual behavior in order to be a heterosexual. Bytor, homosexuality by definition is same-sex attraction. Bytor, One choice and BAM I'm locked out of the Celestial Kingdom forever? Assuming you are right, and I got a false positive when I prayed about marrying my husband who is not Mormon, does the Atonement suddenly not apply to me anymore? Can I not repent of it? And even if I do such a thing, what would you have me do? Rip our family apart in a divorce and psychologically harm our daughter in doing so? However, I did NOT get a false positive. I used to wonder if I tricked myself into that answer, but when my husband and I were separating at his behest, I was on my knees every day seeking guidance from our Heavenly Father. The Spirit said that I was to do all I could to repair our marriage, and I followed that guidance which is why we are still together. It would have been much easier to let our relationship fall apart and then find someone to marry in the Temple, but that is not what God had me do. I have had multiple spiritual experiences that have reaffirmed that I had made the right decision that first time about marrying him. I have had spiritual experiences that have shed light as to why God would say yes. I know that I am with the man I am supposed to be with right now. I hope to be able to have him forever, but that choice is not mine to make. It is his. I have been endowed in the Temple. I still retain the promise and the anointment of becoming a Queen and Priestess. You ought not to speak presumptuously about another's spiritual experience. Tread lightly. You can too easily trample someone else's spiritual growth when planting such judgmental seeds of doubt. You do not know them or their circumstances. You are not God and do not see the entirety of the tapestry of our universe.
  4. Lots of sealings happen after this life. God told me to marry my husband who is not a member which surprised me because I expected a no answer. Maybe my husband will change his mind about the church, maybe he won't, but I can either be sealed to him or to someone else during the millennium. Same with singles and homosexuals.
  5. So, there are a few things I have taken for granted because I grew up believing them, and hearing about them and so would like a little help with source finding. Here's a bit of context, this is what I said: We know that single people, and those in mix-faith marriages, can make it to the highest levels of the celestial kingdom. We also know that people who have never been Mormon in this life can also get there. There's also the character of Christ to consider. He did not invite all of the human species to come unto him out of a sense of polite civility. He did it because he loves every single one of us and has made it possible for us to simply start from wherever we are in our life (and not from some special vantage point) on the path of perfected in him, or in other words becoming our best selves. It's also the path to becoming joint-heirs with Christ, to have all that he has, which is the highest levels of the celestial kingdom. Thus, of course it is possible for homosexuals to make it to the highest level of the celestial kingdom. These are things that every Mormon should know. (If some don't then they're either ill informed or conveniently looking at things through a very narrow view to support their bigotry.) So, someone has requested reading material, (because that first paragraph was something this person never heard of before despite growing up in the church), which means it's not good enough for me to just explain why we believe what we believe, but I need more than that. I have a few scriptures but a little help with source finding would be nice.
  6. To the OP, yes, the missionaries do just want to baptize him, that's their job. He's probably thinking they don't actually care about him but just want to score another baptism. Perfectly understandable viewpoint because he's partially right. Here's a blog post about this particular subject that I found helpful: Pure Mormonism: Why Don’t They Like Us? I'm married to a nonmember as well, and I have to just love my husband anyway, and never expect him to get baptized. I have to rely on the Lord all the time, every day, so I don't ever put undue pressure on him. Before we married he even offered to get baptized that he'd pretend to believe and eventually he'll believe his own lie and believe it. I told him no. That he would be living a lie, lying to me, and worse lying to God. That is not what are to do. So, allow him to have his spiritual path. There are some issues with our religion that may crop up, and just love him and listen to him about those issues. This hour long video may be of help to you. It is done by a faithful member of the church. HOWEVER, it lists some hard things in it that may shake you up and may cause you to doubt you faith, but if you look at is as a refiners fire it'll be okay. There are some issues here that are things my own husband has problems with and it's only relatively recently that I've been of a mind to explore such things. I have been slow in understanding his viewpoint. But now that I am understanding it better I feel that I have become more spiritually fulfilled.
  7. Oh, that incident with my husband happened before we were parents. Later he heard a toddler get hurt in a restaurant after having our daughter and he had sympathy for the kiddo instead of being annoyed.
  8. Parenting is the most important job we will ever have yet it does not come with a manual. What most parents do not understand is that you need to tell your children specifically what to do, not shhh, or behave or even be reverent. What does that even mean? Say, "put on your listening ears" or "color quietly". Skippy's comment about not liking constant noises, I remember going to a restaurant with my husband and inlaws. This little toddler squealed in delight at something while we were walking to our table. My husband said, those parents need to keep their kid quiet. The parents of course heard him because he said it loud enough for them to hear. I dunno if they heard my retort or not but I told my husband, you shouldn't've said that. The little girl was squealing in delight and now if she does it again or anything like it their going to try to keep her quiet and it'll make her cry. My husband shrugged it off and sure enough, that is EXACTLY what happened. Why did it make the child cry? Because she was essentially being told that she was WRONG for expressing happiness. Not exactly the lesson we ought to be teaching our kids eh? To the OP, I do not know if you are exaggerating. Sometimes kids with walk up the aisle, or want to be with the parent while bearing a testimony or giving a talk. However, usually this is done relatively quietly. Sometimes a parent knows it's better to allow a child to walk up and down the aisle quietly than to force them to sit quietly because the latter part wouldn't last long. Sometimes a child will become loud or cry and the parent knows it won't take long to quiet or comfort the child. If it is as bad as you are making it out to be, perhaps you can suggest parenting lessons be taught during Sunday School. We have done this in the past, and the Bishop and Relief Society can really promote it. Even then though it won't be perfect. And even if the seats are "claimed" no seat is claimed forever. Get there early and sit in the front pew. If anyone bothers you about it later, you can laugh because the pew belongs to the Lord not them.
  9. Derp. Connie, I feel like a dork. How'd I miss that? >_< Hazel just sang "Hallelujah" in response to this new information too. Anatess you did not derail the thread. That's how our approach has been but the Gospel topics my daughter and I have been largely discussing don't match up because she doesn't have issues with those things, it's clear and done. So, we have to do something extra to get the award, but that's okay. Thank you all so much for your help. <3
  10. Connie, I thought the Faith in God program was a 5 year program, which means two activities per year in each section, and that the preparing for Young Women's was extra stuff you had to do in your 5th year.
  11. We'll pray about asking him and talk to the primary president this Sunday about it.
  12. We can ask, but I don't think it'll go well. This past year was the first year he went to the primary program despite being asked every year. Hazel told me last night that she's concerned that if she has to do it in FHE in order for the activity to count that it'll ruin the spirit of the activity. It's a valid concern. She does not want to just teach me, it feels contrived since I'm her spiritual mentor and we have spiritual discussions all the time. She has no siblings.
  13. It sounds like you are a-ok then. :)
  14. Besides, you will probably know the Bible better than your companion. Seems like the two of you would be complimentary to me.