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    I wish I had a dog
  2. staytrue2faith

    Daughter looking to go to singles ward

    Ask your bishop or you could look it up on ward and stake sites.
  3. staytrue2faith

    Websites for Mormon Chat?
  4. staytrue2faith get together

    What time? My cousin and I want to come put us on the maybe list.
  5. staytrue2faith

    What do Mormons do when they are sad?

    I hold my cat or bunny and cry, always makes me feel better afterwards.
  6. staytrue2faith get together

    That's the day I leave Utah.
  7. staytrue2faith

    Hi from Washington

    Welcome! I'm from the Tri-Cities too.
  8. staytrue2faith

    5 things you wish that existed:

    1. Magic. 2. Painless medication- Takes away any pain in seconds. 3. Another chance at life or getting to live twice. 4. An easy button. 5. Talking animals that speak english please!
  9. staytrue2faith

    Baptismal dresses for girls- yes or no?

    When I was 8 years old I think my grandma made me a baptism dress. Now it just hangs in my closet and I sometimes get a glance of it from time to time and remember myself in it on the day that I was baptised.
  10. 'Future Missionary' with nametag that could be blown up to fit the top of the shirt so it doesnt get confused with a real missionary. 'Forever' or 'Families are forever' with a sketch of the temple in the backround.
  11. staytrue2faith

    How popular is your name?

    My name is very popular, in the 1990's it was ranked #5. It's... Sarah
  12. staytrue2faith

    I write like

    Analyze your paragraph to see who you write like. I put a paragraph from one of my stories and it came out with Stephanie Meyer. :) Link: I Write Like Stephenie Meyer
  13. staytrue2faith

    Saraha's Birthday (staytrue2faith)

    aww thanks. :)
  14. staytrue2faith

    How do you get to the stake dances?

    I just drive there with my sister.
  15. staytrue2faith


    I do homestudy for seminary but I think it is just as hard.
  16. staytrue2faith

    Twilight- On Screen

    Twilight was awesome. I saw it on friday when it came out.
  17. staytrue2faith

    Fast Facts

    The type of name that cats respond most readily to are those that end in an "ee" sound. My cat's name is Ellie.
  18. staytrue2faith

    Animals in heaven

    From the 1982 Friend. - Friend Article - Will Robins Go to Heaven?
  19. staytrue2faith

    Fast Facts

    Did you know cats have three eyelids.
  20. staytrue2faith

    Dearest Dream Girl

    I have this letter in my me mag I love to read it every once in awhile. :)
  21. staytrue2faith


    Does anyone know what Abish wears? I am supposed to dress up as her for mutual.
  22. staytrue2faith

    A Unique & Fun Activity at Mutual

    I like that idea sounds fun. : )