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  1. It is of little consequence if they showed up at the soup kitchen or sent a letter or e-mail. I think the stink they made at being turned down or being turned away as potential partners is the story. The fact that the atheist group's stated mission is diametrically opposed to that of the group that was hosting or running this particular feed or event. It boggles my mind that this group was upset about being turned away. What a great publicity grab for this atheist group try to volunteer for this event knowing we would be turned away go to the press and tell our story and lets run with it.
  2. mnn727 I have a question how does not having a lot of money affect the fact that an individual needs to tithe on their annual increase? Have we forgotten the story of the Widow's Mite?My family of 3 survives on just over a thousand dollars of Social Security Disability a month which I gladly pay my tithing on, with the knowledge that if I need the help I can ask and it will be there.
  3. We have a family in our ward that fit the model of being caught in the trap of volunteering for every project. It used to bother me, until I heard the Father say one Sunday "It happens all the time I see plate after plate of cookies go out the door, but do I ever get any?" Now when the Whatchamcallem boys are the only ones to volunteer for a service project, or anything else that needs to get done, I stop and think when was the last time we did something for their family.
  4. My dear wife is currently in an inpatient rehab unit in a local hospital. As I was leaving on Saturday evening I was struck with a very strong impression to stop turn around and give her s blessing of comfort and strength. I dropped the cooler bag the leash for her service dog walked up to her laid my hands on her, shared with her some very sacred promises and words of blessing and encouragement from our father in heaven, we shared many tears of joy and love not many words after words. Once I returned home still filling inspired I called my Bishop to see If we could some how make arrangements to get the sacrament brought in for her. Well he approached me and suggested that my son and I go ahead and take it in for her today. After holding the priesthood for 30 plus years this was the 1st time I had the honor of administering the Lords sacrament in this type of setting and then for it to be with my son and for it be for my lovely spouse. I can not but marvel at how the need was seen and how I was allowed to serve my family by exercising my priesthood. Our Heavenly indeed knows us looks out for us and provides for our needs. I am thankful I was sensitive enough to listen to the spirit and was able to serve my family. The last thing Kathy said to me tonight "Thank you for bringing me the sacrament."
  5. I started this thread talking about how proud I was of my son and his choice to be ordained a Priest. Well today he took 3 of his 2nd tri-mister finals got an 87 on Biology final and an 89 his world history. giving him a b and a c in the two classes great grades when 4 weeks ago the best he had was a d+ in both classes. Lots of stern talking to and encouragement being told he could improve if I wanted to do it. At explaining that if grades equal pay scale HE WOULD BE MAKING MINIUM or below, asking if he wanted to live below minimum standard. Overkill of reminders to do your homework turn it in. pounding in reminders show your work. May have all seemed like nagging if it is presented with love and airs of concern and genuine love they can be effective and aiding the student be successful.
  6. Back on Jan. 6th of this year I had the opportunity to ordain my son to the office of Priest in the priesthood. Today was his first opportunity to officiate as the sacrament was being administered to, watching my son break the bread kneel at the table, later kneel and offer the prayer for all present to be able to renew their baptismal covenants as they partake of the sacramental water. What a neat feeling came over me knowing my son is conducting his life in a manner he is able to hold the priesthood, and exercise it in a manner to allow many too have the chance to renew covenants they have made with their Lord and Savior. This marks a milestone in my son's life I was not ever sure I would be able to see. When he came to live with me I was pretty sure he wanted nothing to do with the Church. The 1st Sunday he went back to visit with his mom I got a call from her stating he refused to go to Church with ever again, I gave her 2 options at that point, bring him back on Saturday evening, so I could take him with me the next morning or drop him off at the meeting house were his (my) ward met before our meetings started, that way he had to attend church. The first time he had a "belly ache" on a Sunday morning he stayed home but so did his step mom to make sure he could not have or do the activities that would replicate fun. He has never had an other " belly Ache" since. He may not have wanted to go to church, but he was not going to stay home either. Now he is often late or missies opening exercises for priesthood, because he is locked in a gospel discussion with his Sunday School Teacher. Cole has a very flexible bedtime, between 8:30 and 10:30 depends on homework load etc. but will always pause and make sure we have family prayer before heading back to his room. Our home is not run perfectly but as we try to what we know what is right we see great changes not only in his life but in ours also.
  7. My Sweet 21 year old Niece was excited when she opened her Mission call back in September, to see she was called to serve in the Santo Domingo East mission, in the Dominican Republic. Her call had her reporting the MTC in Provo, in December she was informed she no longer needed to report to Provo but need report directly to the MTC in the Dominican Republic 3 weeks after her original report date for Provo. Sister Mero flew out of the Detroit Metro Airport on this past Wednesday, after a two hour lay over in Miami, she arrived at the airport in Santo Domingo, only to find no one from the MTC there to met her, after clearing customs and looking around, and a touch of panic starting to set in, she decided she needed to pray for help, as she exited the airport to find a quitter spot to call out and plea for help from above, she was approached by a woman who happened to be a member of the church who was sensitive enough to the spirit to realize this young Sister missionary was in a near panic and needed her help. With the help that was provided they got in touch with the MTC there in the DR, and arranged transportation, after the arrangements had been set up this local sister sat and visited with my niece until the cab arrived to whisk her away to the MTC. A couple of neat side notes Sister Mero, also reported the MTC there in the DR has about 30 Missionaries in training at this time, all the classrooms and dorm type rooms are on the 4th floor of a building near or next to the Temple. I assume it is some type of church administration building, as she mentioned the café/lunchroom was on the 1st floor.
  8. As of 2008 men were required to get a clearance or a cancelation, not exclusively a cancelation as mentioned earlier.
  9. My, son was 14 when he came to live with me, I knew he had doubts about the gospel, I made it a rule he attend Sunday meetings with us, he has. Even on the weekends he has been with his mother he has made it possible to attend meetings in our ward. We have never pushed the "church" on him just required to attend weekly Sunday worship. He came to me a month ago after arranging a series of interviews with the Bishop to prepare himself for his advancement to the office of priest, and to talk about receiving his P.B. We live the gospel in our home but do not force Bruce to participate beyond were he has felt comfortable, tonight as he offered the blessing on dinner it was a bit more awkward, he stated he was tying to get away from just repeating the food blessing his Mom taught him when he was a young kid, we are making small steps but are moving forward. The good and big step is on this coming Sunday I will have the opportunity to ordain him to the office of a Priest. We have had many talks and discussions and he seems ready and willing to accept the new and additional responsibilities with the new position. A lot of the credit goes to his desire to grow, and the desire to please his Father in Heaven. He has an awesome Sunday School teacher who can identify with the "unconventional" teenager the one whose hair maybe a little longer who may not be a scout, the non-cookie cutter teen member which describes my son, who has really helped Bruce understand its ok to be different and still believe. With prayer, fasting, understanding, and lots of patience, consistent love, things will work out in the Lord's time.
  10. This whole thread has me pulled in so many directions, seeing how the unions work today the corruption and what it now has the two tiered pay system new employees paid a much lower wage than those doing the same job with any seniority. Why would a new employee want to pay dues and get a lower wage for the same work as the guy next to them. I then began to remember the stories I have heard regarding my Great Grand Father and his Coalminer organizers in the Blair Mountaint Logan County Union Organizers. Not to rehash a lot of history, in the end my Great Grand Father was Killed by Company Guard for his Union activities he was ran into accompany building by a company car driven by company guard. My Family has a long history with being pro union, when unions were young, I understand and appreciate their selfless gifts for the causes. I have been pro union for most of my life. Now as the unions struggle with it should be able to represent their membership strongly and each member equally it should not matter if they are retiree, a member with 20 years on the job a new hired employee. All these employee should be given the same receive the same benifets from their union membership.
  11. Union dues not only being used to back candidates whom we do not personally back, support for ballot proposals we do not agree with, used to pay lobbyist who lobby for laws to passed that go against our beliefs. Now that's what I call wise use of our hard earned wages.
  12. All this union talk, has reminded me of a patient who came to the Hearing Aid office, I worked in as a patient consultant helping them adjust to the use and care of hearing instruments. After he was tested and we evaluated his results he needed amplification. As we explained this to him he made it clear that he was a local union president and had so power and influence over the membership that we should fit with our best set of Hearing Aids at no charge and he would make sure that his membership would patronize our office. We thanked him and sent on his way.
  13. I have to wonder find more important a piece of material hanging from the neck, or a chance to for a young man who maybe struggling to hold on to his testimony to have the chance to pass the sacrament? At 15 mere weeks from 16, he is responsible for keeping track of his own clothing, if he can't find his tie or other articles he will go without until he finds them. I can and do suggest ways and methods to store and keep track of and store his belongings he is free to follow them or not.
  14. Our Stake seems to have a large number of members completing their medical education, I often see them being stopped and being quizzed about medical issues that should really be addressed in a medical setting not in a church hallway. I know these brethren ,(currently have no knowledge of any sisters in this position), are more than generous with their knowledge, It does take them away from their worship time or their limited time with their families.