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  1. One thing i've learned is that "our time" and "Our Heavenly Fathers time" is different...Not that there is a delay in when prayers are just might not be the time for them to be answered. He knows each and every one of us, what we are going through, He will never allow us to be tested more than what we can withstand and because of that our prayers are answered at the specific time that he deems them necessary to be answered. Also, remember that sometimes our prayers arent answered until "After the trial of our Faith" Maybe our prayers are going to be answered on day 20 and we loose our Faith or give up on day 19?
  2. I like the original version more YouTube - Historia de un letrero, The Story of a Sign (original video)
  3. 18 LDS missionaries sing the National Anthem Spurs pre game against the Jazz (irony?) Love them Spurs
  4. Whatever you guys do....don't let this get to your 9 year old daughters will highly regret it
  5. What do you call it when you delay your repentence on purpose or you decide to sin today and repent in 6 months..kinda like premeditating your repentance so that you can sin today... Trying to find some talks or scriptures about it... Thanks
  6. I know this an old topic...but if someone can answer this question for me..... from what i have read, If someone is Excommunicated due to adultery ... but repents and gets baptized again..he keeps his original baptism date, same thing with his sealing date etc.... if that person does not repent of adulterty ...gets excomunicated then many years later repents ...gets rebaptized ..this time around does he get new baptismal dates...and he does he have to be resealed to his parents or family again right....?
  7. I have a question that came up during a home teaching... As LDS we are sealed to our children and have the blessing of being able to be with after this life for in Eternity. We know that if the children take their own path and go down the incorrect one its possible that we dont get to see one of them because of their acts. What about parents? What if one of the couple falls (adultery) then tries to repent but ends up leaving the family to be with the person that he/she transgressed with? Will he/she loose the blessing of seing his/her children theirs because he/she never repented of the sin of adultery? Scriptures or talks would help. Thank you for your input
  8. Was this done only as a sign? The Lord stopped time in other ocasions but there were also huge disruptions to the Earth. Was there another reason for this or was it only just as a sign.... Curious. Please provide input. Thanks
  9. LOL yea man i thought i was listening to a Paul McCartney song... He's good.
  10. This guy is in the wrong church He ROX
  11. A trojan is malicious software that can be detected by a virus scanner and deleted. A legit program like Spector soft or realspy monitor. that can go undetected. Anyways, i'm not here to argue anything just giving my 2 cents about what to do and how to go about doing it :)
  12. I chimed in late on this but if my 2 cents can still help. I only read a few post and ppl are talking about trojans...You do not necesarily have to install a "Trojan to accomplish what this guy is doing. Since initially this guy had access to the computer he could've installed a software that runs in stealth mode and it captures every keystroke that is done on that PC, then it emails him a log of everything she has typed...passwords, emails, everything. Best thing to do is to take this in to somoene that can completely wipe out the hard drive and reinstall the OS. Unless the person that you take the PC knows how to remove the keylogging program. for more infor on that type of software google spectorsoft...the website will tell you everything that the software can do. If you need any more help let me know.
  13. I saw this trailer at the movies this past weekend. Then i went home and found it on youtube. It's sad to read the comments of the people on there " This will never happen" Wake up people its just a movie" It hurts to see that satan has done well in blinding soo many people to believe that this will never happen in our time.
  14. Something I forgot to mention. After his disciplinary counsel a few months later she also had an affair and went through a disciplinary counsel herself. I understand that I need to pray and just help them this way but I feel that this case is different because both have asked me to help them. She does not want to talk to the Bishop or anyone else but they do accept my advise as a home teacher. The Bishop is also ok with me helping them, since she doesnt want to speak to anyone right now.
  15. Ogre, I agree with you but that still doesnt help me :) Oh by the way, I asked my wife and it's going on 3 years since that happened not 1 1/2. I personally think that after all that time, and if he is doing everything he is suppose to, then she needs to start to really forgive him. She also needs to start to change because now she is the one that is limiting the progress of the family. But i cant tell her that because she will think i am siding with him.