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  1. aravis

    "Embraced By The Light"

    Yes, it was said in the book. Actually, a lot of insights there make sense. After all, evil begets evil and good begets good. We cannot say that just because other people belong to different religions, then they are doomed to hell. Most of them are also engaged in good causes and that makes them Christians as well.
  2. aravis

    "Embraced By The Light"

    I'm currently reading this book. I found it on booksale last weekend. There were lots of things written there which are coherent with LDS beliefs, but there are also some few details which I think are not. Just this morning, I tried to google about the book and I found that there are webpages saying that Betty Eadie is an LDS. I find this book interesting because it contains views on the plan of salvation taken in a different angle. It also makes me contemplate on the details of the plan of salvation as discussed in the scriptures.
  3. aravis

    pinoy, noypi.. about the philippines

    yes, amber is an lds. she used to attend in my friend's ward here in the philippines.
  4. aravis


    welcome kababayan! :wave:
  5. aravis

    pinoy, noypi.. about the philippines

    Yes. Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is a Filipino. He's from General Santos, in Mindanao.
  6. aravis

    pinoy, noypi.. about the philippines

    i ate a lot of mangoes last summer because my uncle has a mango tree in his backyard. last night, a balut vendor passed by our house shouting "baaalllluuuutttt!!!! pennoooy!!!" but im still not yet ready to take the balut challenge. hehehe.
  7. aravis

    Do U Date?

    16. Because by that age, I was away from home and attending college. Freedom. hahaha.
  8. aravis

    pinoy, noypi.. about the philippines

    ok, i'll qualify my statement. I haven't eaten the entire thing yet. i cannot stand the sight, and much more, the texture of the baby duck that's why it's impossible for me to get to swallow it. i've eaten a portion of balut. but it was a long time ago. i've had a bite of the yellow thing (don't know how i'd describe it, hehe) one day, i'll challenge myself to eat balut without throwing away the poor baby duck.
  9. aravis

    pinoy, noypi.. about the philippines

    i'm from rizal province. i attend church there but i might move to manila stake this semester. :) you'll be having a temple there in cebu soon! i've never been to cebu but i hope i can come visit the temple there after its construction. :)
  10. aravis

    pinoy, noypi.. about the philippines

    im a filipina living in the philippines! i don't eat balut either, though my father always tells me it's healthy. pancit is a must for all occasions and gatherings. i always prefer pancit bihon (thinner noodles) from pancit canton. and yes, jollibee. i eat there at least once a week. haha! don't forget philippine mangoes! a must try if you'll come visit the country!
  11. Yeah, SMG, that's one way way to deal with it. But it also makes her feel sorry for me and get to thinking that I've gone way too far that I'm making it hard for guys to level up with me, considering my level of education. It's like, some people, like my mom, see an issue with that when there is really none. Besides, I'm totally convinced that there is nothing wrong in improving oneself in the meantime while waiting for opportunity to be married in the temple.
  12. i, too have lots of conversations like that with my mom. everytime she hears that my friends are getting married, she asks me the question why im in a different track (i'm quite busy pursuing post-college studies). sometimes, hearing the question annoys and irritates me. it's not that i don't want to be married someday (or at least get into a relationship), it's just that i haven't found the right person yet and im not willing to lower my standards. at times, i feel sick and tired of explaining this to other people, especially my mom.
  13. aravis

    Good Books

    chronicles of narnia, the problem of pain and mere christianity- by c. s. lewis solitaire mystery by jostein gaarder illusions by richard bach :) and of course, the classic, the little prince by antoine saint de exupery
  14. aravis

    newbie here

    Thanks for the warm welcome!
  15. aravis

    pinoy, noypi.. about the philippines

    pinoy is a slang term for "filipino". Filipino-one who is a native/citizen in the Philippines noypi is just a variation of "pinoy"