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    Anti-LDS sites

    Prison Chaplain- You are very right. They are very skeptical. Ironically they speak about the Spirit often but seem to have little understanding about the Spirit. My wife's Grandmother is Pentacostal. She is awesome and a women of great faith. I hope that one day I can have that kind of Faith. Sandra Tanner is a well known Anti LDS author and has a website. I will not post the address, because I don't want others to be tempted by the deceit that is found their. She has an axe to grind.... claims to have been deceived by the church. As you know we (LDS) believe that it is by the power of the Holy Ghost that we may know if the church is true. That is why I asked her about this, because she was a long time member and a direct descendant of Brigham Young. Her last response to me was to offer to sell me a book about not trusting our feelings. But she was very polite though.........
  2. bytor2112

    Anti-LDS sites

    I do believe that she is sincere in her beliefs and that members of other faiths are as well. As a convert myself, formerly Southern Baptist, I completely understand misgivings regarding the LDS faith. Particularly as a Baptist. They are very outspoken in their criticism of the LDS church and have classes for their members specifically about the dangers of the LDS doctrine. I am always suspicious of those claiming to have been a very active member of the church and then decide to not only leave the faith but try to tear the faith down as well. Her web site and books are designed to point out how wrong we are instead of promoting her own Christian beliefs. I think the question is a fair one, regarding the Holy Spirit, especially in the context of the conversation she and I were having. But again her response is typically a non response as are most other anti's on this issue. If she felt as you described, fair enough, but she has written enough that she could surely address the subject or just say "no" she never had that experience.
  3. bytor2112

    Letter or spirit?

    My neighbor and good friend is a Stake President and often remarks that in dealing with transgressors who have obviously cleaned up their lives that they often rely on the Spirit of the law when helping people through repentance.... where possible.
  4. bytor2112

    Anti-LDS sites

    I actually read one site that gave advice on how to witness to Mormons. Among the advice were such silliness as: Never let them offer prayer because it is to a different God??? If they bare their testimony, drop a book or something because they are going into a mind controlled trance and the best one is: never witness to a Mormon alone because they may convert you. My mom is a recent convert and has a very weak testimony and I has stopped going to church recently. By her remarks I can tell she has been on these sites...... really burns me up and makes me very sad.
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    my patriarchal blessing is rehearsed

    Maybe it's because you are siblings and have similar experiences and similar futures. My blessing is so specific about events that have happened and also addresses concerns that I have had. My wife's blessing is the same.
  6. bytor2112

    Foreordained to be Ministers of Christ

    I agree. I read some comments from, I think, Joseph Fielding Smith, that seemed to indicate that their were those who were less valiant in the pre-existence. They didn't follow Lucifer, but were not so keen on being a noble one in this life. I often wonder why so few people seem to be willing to accept the Restored Gospel but are willing to accept a "watered" down version or a 'doctrines of man mingled with scripture."
  7. I have been active in Church for just over three years. I struggled with the whole concept of God and wasn't sure what I believed. When I started going to church, which was not something I had planned on doing, I felt the Spirit and decided that even though my faith was very small that I would completely "sell" out to the Gospel. If God was real and this was his church I would find out by doing all that the Lord asks us to do. I cleaned up my life, met with the Bishop and SP, started paying tithes and attending all three hours, home teaching, prayer, scripture study,etc. Brother if you will submit to the will of our Heavenly Father and come unto Christ- I promise, you will know for yourself and never again doubt. Surrender is the key. "You can surrender without a prayer, but never really pray, pray without surrender" (song lyric) It has been a wonderful journey and it is a journey-an Eternal One!
  8. bytor2112

    when you prayed over the BoM...

    The witness of the Holy Spirit is awesome and is a very "tangible" feeling. A Holy presence that one can literally feel. Sometimes it makes me weep with joy, other times it feels like a warm blanket being draped over me. Always, it makes me want to be better and is very familiar and comforting. I experienced this when learning about the Church, long before I ever read the Book of Mormon cover to cover. I knew the Church is true and it logically follows that the BOM is true as well. I have these same experiences and others as I study the scriptures or tell someone else about the BOM or church. Sharing your testimony can help bring the Spirit and will also to know that the BOM is true!
  9. bytor2112

    Court of Love Lawyer?

    Disciplinary Courts are usually held by the Stake President and High Council. Excommunication is not always the outcome, sometimes a member may be dis fellowshipped or no action at all may occur. It really depends on the circumstances surrounding the transgression. Ultimately, the SP makes the final decision with the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Finally, the sole purpose is to help the transgressor repent and make their way back to full fellowship in the church and on to Eternal Life.
  10. bytor2112

    Am I Clean?

    I joined the Church at the urging of a friend when I was a teen. He left for a mission and I didn't have a testimony and left the church after just a few visits. Fast forward 20 + years and my life was wreck. I returned or began activity just a few years ago. I will post my testimony sometime, it is really an incredible story. After a few months, the Bishop finally cornered me and wanted to interview me. I was nervous but the Spirit was so strong, it just felt right. I confessed a lifetime of sin. Not every instance of sin, but every major sin. Adultry, fornication, masturbation, pornography,lying, cheating, stealing, alcoholism,drug use and paying for an abortion. What a rotten person I had become ( most of the sins were over ten years old)! He recommended that I see my Stake President. He said I didn't have to see him, but I went anyways. I expected to confess the same way to him. Instead he asked me questions. Like have you ever committed this sin or that sin. I answered truthfully. At the conclusion of our meeting, he told me that the Lord had accepted my repentance. I still feel bad about my past and wonder if I he was right? Should I have confessed to him the way I did with the Bishop? He (the SP) covered every sin that I had confessed to the Bishop. But I just had to answer yes or no. Also, I didn't really give a lot of detail and they didn't ask for any-okay? My friend( former SP) says its because I wasn't really a member of the church and the sins were really old and I wasn't endowed at the time. I am now!! I have thought about talking to the new SP about it, but don't really want to dredge up shameful events. Former Sp said to move on. What do you think?
  11. bytor2112

    Am I Clean?

    As I have grown spiritually, I often wish I would have confessed differently or expressed things differently. I covered every sin, but its easy to second guess. I really felt different when I left the SP's office-relieved! This site is an answered prayer. I often just want to talk and get feedback. And ditto- I wish I could wake up and not remember also.
  12. bytor2112

    Am I Clean?

    I am a bit obsessive! I am so not the person I once was and desperately hope the Lord see's that. My friends and family see it and I see it. I am so grateful for the atonement and just want to be clean. I have a lot of regret-thanks foir the kind advice.