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    Spirit of the law vs. letter of the law

    Vort, I really appreciate the time you gave to your response to my question. I have never really thought of it that way and have always just assumed that she was least for the moment unless/until she transgressed again.
  2. bytor2112

    Spirit of the law vs. letter of the law

    Yes, but do you think as President Monson suggests, that Christ forgave her?
  3. bytor2112

    Spirit of the law vs. letter of the law

    Not to quibble.....but, what do you suppose HE meant. A quick search for talks using this story as an example yielded one from President Monson in which he begins the story with "One of the most touching examples of mercy and forgiveness is the well-remembered experience in the life of Jesus, when he “went unto the mount of Olives........
  4. bytor2112

    Book recommendation

    My youngest son has been hot/cold on the church for the past several years. He had a not so good youth experience and though he would never admit had a negative effect on him. He attends BYU in Provo and attends church every Sunday and has talked about serving a mission. He recently had his braces off and now has the "all clear" to serve.....if he chooses. He is really bright and a very logical/science minded young man. He is currently a Physics major and really loves astronomy. So....... I need recommendations for scientific /gospel reads that he might find interesting and of course that are written to help others with conversion. I know he has a testimony, but, I think it needs some serious reinforcement. I was thinking of something by President Eyring's father and any other recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thanks-Bytor
  5. bytor2112

    What's the last book you read?

    Basically....odd titles to be sure. I read Killing Lincoln as well. Both were gifts from mother in law....pretty quick reads.
  6. bytor2112

    What's the last book you read?

    Killing Patton.....Bill O'reilly. It was a gift and surprisingly good.
  7. bytor2112

    DH's internet worried should I be?

    I would agree that what I learned after my post would need the Bishop's attention. That said, I do not believe that looking at "racy" pics, bikinis pics, etc require Priesthood authority to resolve. Masturbation + racy pics....without a doubt.
  8. bytor2112

    DH's internet worried should I be?

    Not to diminish his actions, they are certainly unworthy but not sure Priesthood authority is required to resolve this issue. I do understand that you desire him to change and put away these things and if your husband agrees with you that "racy" sites are wrong and unworthy and resolves to steer clear and change, then he should be able to choose to resolve that with Heavenly Father. That said, Bishop is always an option regardless of the need for Priesthood authority or not. But that should be his choice and not a condition of your forgiveness.
  9. bytor2112

    12 Years A Slave

    I have seen it...twice. It was a really great movie and though it was a very heart wrenching story, you should definitely watch it.
  10. bytor2112

    Atheists question

    A friend and atheist emailed the following: I have a Christmas related bible question. If Jesus is the son of God and not Joseph, why does the bible make a big deal out of tracing Joseph's lineage back to Abraham instead of Mary's? Looking for easily understood doctrinal explanations without writing a book... Thanks.
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    Mass Shootings Up Under Obama

    President Obama often refers to himself as .....Obama.
  12. bytor2112

    Do you love the temple?

    I always struggled a bit with the Temple.....So, I became an ordinance worker. Now I look forward to traveling to the Temple each month for my two shifts more than anything else.
  13. bytor2112

    Words that drive you crazy...

    Global warming, climate change, green, democrat, hillary...............
  14. bytor2112

    BYU Expulsion Policy

    Of course non members attend and are welcome at BYU....
  15. bytor2112

    Memorable de-friendings

    I have unfriended three people and unfollowed many due to unsavory posts. Two of which were my former bishop and his wife and another cringe worthy member that I recently accepted a friend request from....she is living on borrowed time though.
  16. bytor2112

    The public school teacher salary thread

    Lot's of interesting opinions about our public education system, some good, some ....just arrogantly ignorant and insulting to a noble calling. My wife has been in education on some level for her entire adult life (about 27 years) and I think it would be incredibly difficult to find many that are her equal with regard to passion and work ethic. She began her career as a high school math teacher earning $19,500 and now as a Principle of a high school (working 60 hours a week) earns $75,000. She works year round, no summers off..... She has also been an education consultant and author of about a dozen algebra text books earning a healthy six figure income, but, loves kids and wants to be involved with them and is passionately committed to developing educators into the best educators the flawed system we have will allow. There are many excellent educators and some that should seek employment elsewhere....just like most professions. The obvious difference is the future of our nations children. My wife could easily stay home and not work if she chose to do so due to my income could many teachers. Oh, and she could have easily been an "engineer" or pretty much anything else as she is far beyond "average". Like the church manual....Teaching, no greater calling. If we want the education system to change, we need to get the political correct lunacy in check and keep the federal government away from our children. Mean while, let's try and honor teachers for their willingness to serve.
  17. bytor2112

    What will post-resurrection life be like?

    Manna for breakfast, manna for lunch.....manna for
  18. I have heard some say this will cause a mass exodus from the church? I would think that any that left were searching for a reason already. I am thankful for many things in life, among those is that I do not have same sex attraction. I think President Kimball was absolutely correct when he stated that it could only be overcome by a "deep and abiding repentance." I do have empathy for those who are afflicted with it and truly are in a battle to overcome it. But, while I have empathy, I also have resolve to sustain our Living Prophet and am thankful for clarity in a world of moral relativism. Who is on the Lord's side? I am..... Who's on the Lord's side? Who?Now is the time to show.We ask it fearlessly:Who's on the Lord's side? Who?We wage no common war,Cope with no common foe.The enemy's awake;Who's on the Lord's side? Who?
  19. Mormons don't believe in the Jesus of the Bible...they worship a different one.
  20. bytor2112

    Crucifixion timeline

    I have been pondering a bit lately about when the crucifixion occurred and was hoping for some insights from others. In III Nephi we read, Ch. 8, v.5: And it came to pass in the thirty and fourth year, in the first month, on the fourth day of the month, there arose a great storm, such an one as never had been known in all the land. And we know that Christ's visit to the Nephites occurred toward the end of the year from Ch. 10, v.18. I had assumed that the destruction and three days of darkness occurred at the time of the crucifixion? So, my questions is do we know how the Nephite calendar compares to our modern calendar? Ch. 8, v. 5 states that this occurred in the 1st month on the fourth day. Any thoughts?
  21. bytor2112

    Crucifixion timeline

    Not sure really, just caught my attention and wondered what calendar they were using since I would never think the crucifixion occurred on Jan. 4
  22. bytor2112

    Crucifixion timeline

    So...March 4th?
  23. bytor2112

    A reactionary victory! (Not really)

    I have shook hands with Elder Anderson and he did not appear martian at all to me.....least not like any martians I had previously met?
  24. Not one to call names...but one does come to mind. S_ _m B_g.....
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    Really bad taste.....just saying.