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  1. Moderation in all things. I will note that now research is showing that sunbathing, or just getting sun exposure, reduces blood clots. Sunlight can also reduce harmful bacteria and fungal growths on your skin.
  2. Does cryptic innuendo come into play here?
  3. I thought the topic was smoking, not mooning.
  4. My wife mentioned this turning the lights off for symbolic reasons a few days ago. I said I would consider it if the kids were in bed early and...well, there was another activity that we could take part in instead.
  5. Not sure how the moderators would react if you placed your pick here. I also could post links to topless obama, Putin and Sarkozi but then that might upset someone.
  6. True, I should have been more clear -- the ones who are to blame are the law enforcement officials, not the average cop. They are the ones who can determine intent or not yet sometimes act out of control if given a little power. Look, people had better be very careful what they want here -- under the laws some on this forum like to say they'd like to nail teens with who take naked pictures of themselves and then, in some cases, send copies to their boy friend or girlfriend you too (at least many of you) could be prosecuted. Do you have pictures of your underage kids naked? Yes, if the law merely says it's illegal to have a picture of a naked under-18 person then watch out. My advice -- take all these pics and burn them now, lest someone with a grudge reports you. Also, I know of kids who sent pics to their cousin, asd she sent pics back, and these 7 year olds were only in underwear (no tops). They thought it was cute but hey, maybe they should be hauled in for making and distributing child porn -- can't start too soon after all. I also know a guy who has naked picks from when he and some friends were 16 and on a nature thing. He is now 21. Technically, if the storm troopers raid his house, he possesses child porn, right? Hey, let's not worry about logic or intent. Remember, this insanity can devolve into the whole satanic ritual abuse hysteria of the 80s if people let it. Arresting a teen for having a picture of themselves naked, which is technically a violation of the law, is downright insane.
  7. Yeh, seems like the cops in Canada have their heads on straight and the cops in the USA have their heads up (self censoring here).
  8. Now if these pervs are given stiff sentences for their promotion of this horrific form of exploitation.
  9. Society determines what is and isn't modest. If you go to a public beach in Brazil and wear a thong bikini that is totally okay but generally toplessness is frowned upon. In Sweden, it is perfectly okay to go topless on a beach but there's an unwritten law, so to speak, that you can lay there topless but it's not kosher to walk around or play a sport topless. In Germany? Well, you get it. So if I talk about the term "modesty" each of these cultures will be more liberal than the USA yet people will still register a concept in their minds of what modesty is. So all cultures have the concept, but the norms built up over many years will determine the interpretation of specifics. Let's just take the piercing thing for instance. Back in the 1970s the only people who would have piercings would be gay guys (can't remember if it's left or right ear lobe), strippers and biker chicks. So in those days if someone said they wanted a piercing people would have associated it with fringe behaviors connected to people involved in these sorts of activities. The practice, for some reason, jumped out of these groups and became popular with the punkers and to a certain degree grungers and then got fashionable with the general, usually young, population. Now you find even older middle age mothers going in with their daughters, or even grand-daughters, and getting a nose, navel or multiple ear peircing (not to mention other places so I won't mention that). So now if someone under (40 or 50) hears that pircings is not modest in their mind's eye they get images of full body tatooed people with starnge piercings -- not the more standard ones. In a couple of decades piercing may be so mainstream that the Church does it's best to ignore it ever said anythng about it or it could be so out of fashion that it gives people shudders to think about it.
  10. Sounds an awful lot like the outfits worn in "A Clockwork Orange".
  11. I am not sure about this. If we are given a doctrine, and we go against it then that may indeed be a sin but if we are given advice, and we do something else, I don't think that is a sin -- or else all the Mormons, and there must have been thousands in California, that voted against Prop. 8 were sinning. I think they were mistaken, but they were not sinning. Just today, a friend of mine asked me if I thought the picture she sent me in my e-mail wold be a good tatoo desingn for her to get. I didn't like the picture so I said I would look around the net and send her some pics that I thought would better reflect her personality. Am I sinning? Now, if by the slim chance she decided to get it, and even asked me to be there when she got it, would I be sinning if I accepted? And I repeat myself here -- if wearing a two piece for a woman, or going shirtless if you are a man, is sinful then why don't male and female LDS models, actors and actresses get into trouble when they appear in photo-shoots shirtless or in a bikini?
  12. In the same vein as "A Modest Proposal" of course I am not seriosly proposing this. MOE invoked cost into the debate and "quality of life" so if that's where we want to take this issue (and ignore moral and religious concerns) then the logical next step may involve what the Spartans did.
  13. So by what criteria can we judge the Spartans who terminated infants who were not fit enough and stong enough to meet their demanding expectations in eugenics? I mean, if we adopted such a system think of all the money our health care system and education system could save.
  14. Strange, I was not aware that neuroscience had even conclusively pinpointed any physiological mechanism responsible for ADD. Guess all the medical and psychological expert who even question the basic premise of ADD just aren't very informed. By the way, you can't be on ritalin and compete in the Olympics becaue it is a banned substance.
  15. For all we know Brown downloads the movies he wants to see.
  16. Anyone take any of the LDS quizes for fun on Facebook? Just took one and scored "Mature Mormon" even though I did choose the "vacation day!" answer for "How do you view stake conference Sunday?" for one of the multiple choise questions. Any other results for this or related quizes?
  17. Edited by moderator: Please try to stay somewhat on topic without disgusting the rest of us. Say what? I was merely making a reference to a very popular TV program which an active LDS actor was featured without a shirt and describing some of the plot. Would it have been different if it were an LDS actress with a bikini? Wasn't one of the Baywatch girls LDS? How about that play with Donny Osmond? If wearing, or not wearing, an outfit on TV or stage is not something that church officials are going to jump on you for then how can wearing a bikini at the beach something you should feel ashamed of as if it were a "sin"? Now I admit that someone should not be punished for wanting to be less revealing either. Swedish swimmer Therese Alshammar was disqualified from a record performance by the International Swimming Federation for wearing suits under her official skin tight competition suit. They claimed it might allow for extra boyancy and that you can wear a bikini bottom underneath (not top) while she claimed the official suits are too thin and she wanted more modesty. I also beleive there was a Muslim woman swimmer somewhere in the USA who wanted to wear a suit covering her whole body but that was also against the rules. Oh well.
  18. With the whole obesity thing in the USA, Mexico and Britain nowadays, and men developing men-breasts (not sure the censors here want the actual term used) shouldn't fat guys also have to cover their breasts?
  19. I think you can program pretty much any DVD player to be region free.
  20. They should be way more concerned about divorce since, if we were to use a morbidity analogy divorce is as dangerous to family life as a head on car wreck without seat belts while porn is more a fender bender resulting in whip lash.
  21. I remember a class in psychology I had in college in which research was presented that found children raised in nudist homes had a much later age of staying virgins than the national average -- I would suspect that these youth spend far less time surfing porn as well. Could there be something to consider in regards to this?
  22. [uote]FWIW, too, Iran is basically sandwiched between two huge American armies right now (in Iraq to the west and Afghanistan to the east). Anyone could be forgiven a little paranoia under those circumstances. The thing WE should be worried about is a state that funds terrorism as well as spreads a form of Islam that preaches world domination and subjugation of all peoples under Sharia law -- that country is Saudi Arabia. The Talibans in Afghanistan and Wazeristan hate the Shia populations of Iraq and Iran. Why do you tink they target suicide bombers against the Shia in Iraq so much? If Afghanistan falls back tothe Taliban Iran has as much to fear as we do.
  23. I have known many Iranians and every one of them hate Jimmy Carter to the core. Of course, they are the ones who got out after Carter undercut the Shah even though the US was responsible for putting him in.
  24. In a society totally pre-occupied with sex it is ironic that so many people are in denial about Freud's observations.
  25. The Iranian government has it's problems but then again the USA has a long and tarnished history in regards to Iran and perhaps they want to see some real change in attitude and laws before they will trust "Mr. Change" any more than they trusted Bush. Iran dismisses US overture as ‘a slogan’ - Times Online