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  1. Toady

    Happiness and Danes

    I believe most people pay 68% income tax there. However the standard of living is excellent, the place is really clean, state benefits are excellent and their retirement pensions are more than I earn just now.
  2. I haven't had an Ensign sub since they started putting it online. Reading online solves storage probs for me and is also a greener alternative, plus I'd already read it online anyway by the time our paper copies arrived- we're lucky if we get it here before the third week of the month.
  3. Toady

    Happiness and Danes

    interesting question, about contentment. One of our Cabinet Ministers got into hot water last week for asking on his blog why everyone in our country was so miserable. It was an interesting post, but given the current credit crunch/political situation, he got a lot of flak for it and for his timing. Anyhow, reading the responses in the national media made me wonder what in my life made me happy/content, what didn't, and what could I do to change that? So I'm currently in the process of drawing up lists (I swear by lists, but expect this one to take a few weeks). Then, when I've got it all sorted out in my own mind, it's a case of what can I do to eliminate the things that lead to discontentment, and allot more time to the things on the 'make me happy' list. Anyhow, that's the plan.
  4. Toady

    Happiness and Danes

    I've been to Denmark and liked it very much, I'd happily move there. When I saw this survey and the others published previously which say the same thing, I'd suggest it should read that the Danes are the most content- slightly different from happy, but they certainly seem content.
  5. Toady

    I'm feeling kind of lost and unsure of what to do...

    I do think you should talk to your Bishop about getting some counselling help from LDS social services for yourself, and your marriage. You've done the hardest part by facing up to what has been going on. The immediate problem with the friend has calmed down, but your wife still needs to know you are willing to do whatever it takes to get things on an even keel again, to be ready for the next time.
  6. Toady

    Tithing breakdown bottom to top

    I have seen it advocated on other forums that members should pay the amount of tithing commesurate with the income they would like to earn..and sit back and wait for the financial blessings to roll in. I would never do it, but it just goes to show the type of odd thought that is out there.
  7. imho, the biggest point here is that these poor kiddies are deprived of their agency by being raised in a closed community where they are groomed aka brainwashed to believe that being married to an old man at a young age is their raison d'etre. At least teens who are having sex in the 'real world' are (for the most part, obvious situations aside) exercising their agency, although we may not agree with the choices they make.
  8. Toady

    New Family Search program

    We got the email yesterday to say new fs will be going live in our temple distriict (Preston) in 4 months time. I haven't yet been onto the site to have a look, though. I've been researching my genealogy seriously for 30 years (actually I started aged 8, but that's another story) and at Christmas my kids bought me an ancestry subecription. it has been amazing, I have to say, I have found so much through searching the census records, although I was deeply cynical at first. beware genes reunited though. I know some who have had great results with it, but others on it on my lines are peddling trees I was working on many years ago which seem to have been passed from pillar to post ever since- and I know now contain many errors. However no-one seems to be bothered about that, just how many names they can get and how far back they can go.
  9. Toady

    hello everyone

    thanks, everyone!
  10. Toady

    Scottish Clans

    I'm always surprised/baffled/ unsure of how Americans who trace their Scottish lines back always, always end up descended from kings or lairds, but the ordinary members I work with here are all descended from crofters and Irish immigrants :)
  11. Toady

    Why age limits?

    just read this whole thread, and it's so interesting. Specially so to see the different challenges we face in different parts of the world. Here we don't have such things as singles wards (there's on YSA ward in london) and the numbers are so few, to be honest, so called family wards would fold without the service they get from singles. I have a visitor from the US staying with me, and at church yesterday she couldn't believe the number of single mums in our ward. I couldn't believe we had a YMan passing the Sacrament- he was visiting too. that's the first Aaronic priesthood holder we've had in our ward for over a year. Challenges are different for us all. I've always been anti age limits, but I see why they have them. My take is: if we mixed and socialised in the pre-existence on the basis of like mindedness, and if age won't exist in the eternities, why do we judge so much on the basis of age here? Who's to say my eternal companion and I didn't get separated in the wait in the queue down here (or maybe he was late or went to help someone or something?!) I have faith all will be sorted eventually, but sometimes I wonder if man (citing convenience) makes it harder for us.
  12. Toady

    Good LDS Men

    to the OP: why are you waiting for your door to be beaten down? shouldn't you be out there doing the looking? I hear this a lot from male friends in the US. I recently attended a convention where there were 75 women and 15 men. maybe you should consider a holiday?!
  13. Toady


    I can't speak for other countries, but most certainly here it used to be Sabbath observance. Although in the islands of Scotland, where the 'Wee free' Kirk still hold sway, things haven't changed. They were in the papers recently as they pulled their children out of a football (yes, I mean football, not soccer:) ) tournament because due to a fixture list pile up, the children would have to play ona Sunday.
  14. Toady


    this is an interesting discussion. when I was a child, in London, I remember one Sunday my mother had forgotten the frozen peas for Sunday lunch, so she sent me out to a local shop in the two hour Sunday morning opening timeslot. It took me two hours to find a shop that was open and would sell me peas. Today, I'd just have to walk across the road and buy them. I think the change in our Sabbath from quiet, family time when everyone stayed home because there was nothing else to do, is a sad and damaging one. I miss the quiet Sundays.
  15. Toady

    hello everyone

    Hi just peeping in! I'm 47, divorced, live in the UK. A convert of 31 years'. My kids are grown adults, so i live in hope of getting "me time" back again :) Apart from working to keep a roof over my head, serving,and working on my family history, I enjoy reading, sport, politics and thoughtful debate. I enjoy travelling, and hope to do much more. Looking forward to getting to 'know' some of you.