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  1. I'm trying to find information about my grandmother's family. So far, all I've come up with is her death information-NOTHING about her being married to claude (her first husband). How can I find this information? Nothing I find shows her son Vincent's side of the family... and actually, it doesn't show MINE! Help!

  2. You don't have to be from the 60s to love to hug. My whole group of friends is very "huggy" and I wouldn't have it any other way! It kind of catches the new boyfriend/girlfriends of my family members off guard. Well, I'm supposed to treat them like family and I hug my family!

    I feel bad for those that are embarrassed over hugs. Life must be so boring and lonely

  3. Who is participating in National Free Hug Day?! I'm so excited! I got t-shirts made for my friends and myself and we're going to have a huge sign and stand downtown giving out free hugs. Sounds silly, I know, but imagine getting a hug from a stranger when you're having a bad day. Hopefully it will make a lot of people happy!

  4. My best friend who lives in Boston and I have decided that we are sick of being flabby and we are now exercising together (over a webcam to make sure we're actually doing it). We both have exactly 15 pounds to lose but no exercise plans seem right... they all say things like "Lose the fat in 2 weeks" or dumb things like that which I don't believe is healthy. We want to lose the weight by January... Not in a huge hurry, but we want to do it safely and efficiently. For now we do the treadmill Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and weights Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. What worked for you? (Oh, and we don't believe that diets help... We just eat healthy and no more than one serving of junk food per day)

    Oh! And any advice for my mother who is about 60 pounds overweight but doesn't believe she has time to work out with us or has time to make healthy meals would be great!

  5. Haha, 90/90... would have never guessed :)

    That is the exact preliminary test they have you fill out. What they did for me for diagnosis was they had ME fill out a form kind of like that for school activities, chores, leisure time, time with friends, and time with family so that it could show that these symptoms were in ALL areas of my life. I also had to provide at least 3 examples for each. Then, they gave the same forms to my parents for them to fill out, and then to each of my past and present teachers. Then, they had me see a few different psychs who all observed my speech, my restlessness, etc. Then they compared the results (which all showed a high probability of ADHD) and, because of the high level of consistency (they knew I wasn't just making it all up) they decided that I really did have it. The problem with the online test is that you're going to think of things in different areas of your life- like you may forget to do or become distracted during tasks at home, but not at work/school. That's NOT ADHD. It should be present in all areas of your life.

  6. Personally, if a kid needs a stimulant to be focused why not pack a Mountain Dew in his lunch? How about classrooms that don't bore someone to tears? And for once why don't we recognize that small children naturally need to burn energy off and it's not natural for them to sit quietly? Brigham Young condemned mothers who gave their little ones alcohol to quiet them down in church meetings. Wonder how he'd feel today with the drugs being prescribed for kids.

    I have a couple responses here... Soda + ADHD = Most irritating child you've ever met. First of all, the stimulant doesn't actually stop the hyperactivity part-it helps with the inattentiveness. Once you can focus on things, you actually NOTICE when you're twitching, fiddling with things, etc. so you can stop. So, yeah, the hyperactivity might be lessened a tiny bit, but all that sugar is going to make them go haywire. Diet has a LOT to do with the ability to focus so when you drink a soda, the sugar evens out the caffeine and you don't get any benefit (though your dentist likes those checks he gets for filling the rotting teeth!) PLUS if it's a small child, they think that drinking soda causes you to get hyper and this thought alone is enough to make them bounce off the walls. Also, a soda isn't enough for a lot of people. There are different degrees of ADHD. My sister just needs exercise and she's good to go... I on the other hand need LOTS of different kinds of therapy.

    Classrooms are boring, BUT you don't get a choice on what you focus on. Even if it's interesting, I may not be able to pay attention, and the same goes with lessons. Also, any class that requires reading is out of the question. I couldn't read an entire book before medication because I would read a sentence, forget what that sentence said so I'd read it again...and again...and again... until I gave up and just went on.

    Parents shouldn't give their kids medication because they are annoying... This is nothing like giving babies alcohol to quiet them down. Yes, I do take my meds partially because I annoy everyone around me (I can't help it) but it's also for ME. Part of treating ADHD with medication is to make the person with the disorder feel better. Imagine being frustrated every single second of every single day for your entire life because you know that you can't do even the most basic tasks a two-year-old could do. That's why depression and anger disorders usually come along with ADHD. That baby isn't bothered by the fact that he/she's annoying someone, someone with ADHD is very bothered by the fact that they KNOW everyone is annoyed by them and that they can't do anything about it.

  7. I do agree that it is overdiagnosed/overtreated, but I do NOT agree that it isn't a real problem. It is a physical deformation of the frontal lobe of the brain.

    Just because a kid acts up does not mean that he/she is ADHD. For a REAL diagnosis, it has to affect more than one part of your life. A common mistake with ADHD is that everyone thinks that it means the person can't focus at all and runs and jumps all over the place. Yes, that CAN happen, but one thing that is not associated with any other disorder is hyperfocus. With ADHD, you either can't focus at all, or you focus too much (like the other night when I sat down to do a sudoku puzzle and the next time I looked up it was 3 a.m.) and the hyperactivity can range from jumping around to a constant, involuntary shaking of legs or arms, twiddling pencils or rubber bands without realizing it, etc.

    In response to the video game quote- That's hyperfocus. I couldn't carry on a conversation, do simple tasks like empty the dishwasher, or remember to put shoes on (or the days when I can't remember if I put socks on, so I put some on and later realize that I'm wearing two pairs) but I could sit for HOURS taking electronics apart, play music, or clean cages. It's an uncontrollable thing and you don't get to choose what you hyperfocus on... I once hyperfocused on brushing my teeth and half an hour later my gums were raw. That hyperfocus gets us in a lot of trouble because, logically, if we can focus on THAT thing and dont focus on other things, we're obviously just lazy.

    Anyone who says ADHD doesn't exist needs to come meet me. The most common things I hear about it are: "You just choose to be that way." "You're just being immature." "You're just lazy." and my personal favorite: "You're just being rebellious." There are some people (like me... and I swear this has happened on more than one occasion) that it is so severe that they forget to go to the bathroom. I mean, not really "forget" but on the way to the bathroom get distracted with anything and everything so that an hour later you realize "WOW I really have to pee! THAT'S what I was going to do!" That sort of thing is not a choice, that's not immaturity, it's not laziness, and it's not rebellious behavior. It's a DISEASE.

    I DO think that a lot of people use ADHD to rationalize their ill-behaved kids, but it is a real disease that causes a lot of problems for those of us who have it.

  8. they are problematic. for many people they're very effective but unfortunately problematic.

    Yes, they're VERY problematic. You lose your hunger sensation and it speeds up your metabolism (good, right? Not really after you end up 20 pounds underweight because you forget to eat!), acne like you wouldn't believe (down arms, legs, back and stomach) and can't treat with anything normal, the shakes, not being able to sleep at night, etc. They do help a lot with everyday stuff, but for someone recently diagnosed, try other methods first!

  9. if you are not feeling good about it that is the greater concern. there are a lot of theories on how to handle adhd and the like. personaly i think society has messed up in a lot of ways in dealing with adhd and have a completely different theory of my own on what it is or how it should be delt with. however that's neither here nor there we still have to live in the world we are in so some things just have to be accepted.

    i have lived with and worked with add/adhd, etc my whole life. mine isn't that sever and i treat mine with caffeine when necessary. i also treat pms (which makes the add worse) with caffeine rather than other avaliable meds. i chose to use this for several reasons (which i won't bore you with here). but i don't think twice about it when i'm in my recomend interviews. it's what works for me, i feel good about it and i feel like i have god's blessing in it. all that is personal revelation for me, what is right for you is between you and god.

    I know this is slightly off topic but this is my take on that first subject; I think the main "screw-up" is that it isn't diagnosed early enough, especially in girls. I've been medicated now for 5 years and I'm JUST starting to be able to go a few hours without meds AND without driving everyone around me insane. If it was caught when I was little, I would have needed much less medication, learned coping mechanisms earlier, and not had to go through the trouble I got myself into because of it.

    Second subject: Mine is one of the most severe cases they've seen at Mayo-by 8th grade I could barely function normally because my brain was everywhere OTHER than where it was supposed to be. They've wanted to try caffeine to supplement my meds so I can be on lower doses, but I refused because of the "no caffeine" rule. Does it work well for you? I'm glad the Church is OK with prescribed "drugs." When I told the pastor at my family's church, he gave me a huge lecture about it!

    Migu: "Most people knowledgable about the field of mental health (or any other kind of health) will tell you that both taking care of yourself through proper nutrition and exercise, or the use of patent medicine when necessary, are important factors."

    I HAVE to exercise every day or there are actually pretty bad side effects from my medication... Like I wont be able to sleep because I haven't used up enough energy, I wont feel hunger pains and forget to eat (lost 25 pounds that way...). I think that is the BEST form of medication and I'm hoping to one day ONLY need nutrition and exercise prescribed for me!

  10. I just thought of this after reading some posts on Coffee/Caffeine. I have pretty severe ADHD and am on huge doses of Concerta and Ritalin LA (Like, the max. allowed by law). Is that allowed even though it is a drug/stimulant? Yes, I do get headaches and withdrawal symptoms if I don't take it for a few days, but it's not like I get a "high" from taking the medication. What's the Church's position on these kinds of drugs?

  11. Ok, well I've heard that if you don't tithe, you can't get married in the temple or be endowed. Now, I'm not a member yet, but I do plan on becoming one and I do want to get married in the temple, but I have almost no money because I'm in school (and will be for quite a few more years). How does that factor into it? I mean, I probably have $100 spare each month... Is tithing the 10% really worth it at that point?

  12. Hi! My name is Carol and I'm not exactly Mormon... My Grandparents were (along with THEIR parents, etc.) but my Mom decided to take our family out when my sister was 2 and she was pregnant with me. I was raised in an Evangelical Christian Church but I've been interested in the Mormon Church for a very long time and have been reading everything on the beliefs including the Book of Mormon for the last 10 or so years. I'm finally at an age where I can go pick my OWN Church so I'm going to attend my first service next Sunday! (I have to work this Sunday :( )

    So anyways, I wanted to get in touch with some LDS members, get to know everyone.